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I attended the Anna Sova launch last party last weekend in Manhattan. The self-titled line of ‘luxury organics’, which includes aromatherapy sprays, soy candles, sheets, duvets and bedruffles (I call it bedwear), towels and paint is truly gorgeous, and I was thrilled to see that someone finally realizes that just because you’re eco-conscious does not mean you want to live in earth tones. There were deep oriental reds, and bright mustard, green apple and fuschia silk linens, as well as variously colored and textured linens.


Anna Sova herself (the Amazonian blonde on the left) was dressed up for the evening. She said she much prefers to be in jeans and cowboy boots (yup, she’s Texan!) and told me all about how she got to the point where she was able to launch her own luxury organics line- and why.


“The paint was my passion,” said Anna, “My paint smells like food because it IS food!” The paint, which comes in a range of colors, can also be mixed to your specifications and is made of milk casein and food grade emulsifiers and preservatives. Truly, it smelled like cake batter, and you can even scent it with aromatherapy oils (though they’ll only last about 6 months). “If you had a store you could paint your dressing rooms with it, and it would smell great as people change,” suggested Anna.


Ms. Sova has been in business since she was 16, and has designed over 4000 products, so she’s the kind of person who’s perfect to bridge the gap between mainstream and eco. I’ll buy it.

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  1. Did I mention that I got free samples of paint at the party? I will be doing my bathroom in stripes of the cool paint.

  2. I just got Anna Sova sheets a few weeks ago — and love them!

  3. Listen, I know this post is old, but I need to tell someone! I do a lot, and I mean a lot, of shopping online. Anna Sova has the WORST e-commerce experience I have ever encountered. Nothing is ever in stock; just try to order a complete set of anything and dress your bed. Utter frustration! When I finally did put a look together and in the sizes I needed, the web page threw me off and declared and error when attempting to finalize the transaction. Did I buy something or did it not go through? I called “Sean” the only person you can get in touch with and after many attempts to reach him, he finally answered and yes, my order did go through. Great. 4 days later, “Uh, Sean, did my order get shipped? I received no email confirmation about anything.” His response, “It appears it was picked, let me go see if it is sitting in back waiting to go out, I’ll call you back.” 3 days later, “Uh, Sean (again to voice mail agent) it’s me again. Did my order go out? I’m going out of town and will need to know what’s up.” 2 voice mails later, “…yes it was shipped. Here is the tracking number.” Input tracking number into UPS search thingy, “INCORRECT TRACKING NUMBER!!!” I called him yet again, and was emailed the correct number indicating it would now be another 10 days before delivery was expected. This on top of numerous errors on the web-site. Honestly, either offer online shopping or don’t, but DO NOT operate your business like this. I will not do any shopping for Anna Sova again, it is simply to difficult, unprofessional and I have a very bad impression of them.

  4. I was researching organic sheets and decided to buy them from Anna Sova . They arrived in the wrong size and the company is refusing to return or exchange them citing that sale items are nonrefundable.I have them sitting unopened waiting for my credit card company to sort this out. It doesn’t say anywhere on the website or on the order form that sales are final but that’s what they are saying now even though they are still selling the size I ordered to fit my bed. These sheets were over $700 and completely unusable to me. I have never written a negative review but feel that I need to warn readers about this company. Terrible customer service. Beware!!

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