Tuesday Science Times Rehash

Tuesday is has two redeeming qualities; it’s not Monday, and the NYTimes Science section comes out. A couple heartwarming stories from the last edition. Genetically modified produce is a flop, for both consumers and crop yields. And apparently, all that opposition to GM foods has really taken the mickey out of the biotech scientists. See, we do make a difference. Though now they’re making GM corn to feed to farm animals. Ew.  

eagle.jpg Bald Eagles are getting closer to being removed from the Endangered Species list.

 windmill2.jpg Investors are finally taking windpower seriously, which is the good news. The bad news is that it’s because General Electric has gotten serious about it. Read why GE is not so great here. (Times article is actually from the business section.)

Thanks to the NYTimes for images. (For stories more than seven weeks old, you will need a NYTimes Select membership to view)

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