Nice Package!

Rawganique. They sell nice packages….err…organic underwear. I thought I’d put this image up, because aside from being frustrated, Valentine’s Day is nearly a month away. What best to get for your significant other than organic undies? Looks great on! But of course, look far better on the floor. (Speaking first hand knowledge here, ladies…it’s just first hand knowledge that’s been a while…quite honestly though, it’s like riding a bicycle. Hopefully it’s one of those really great state-of the art mountain bikes with a fabulous guarantee, but we’ll take what we can get sometimes…)

Oh yeah…Rawganique has women’s wear too:

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  1. Organic men’s underwear, finally… no’mo’ pesky pesticide residue lurking in your private parts… but they gotta do better than white in the color department, cause that’s the kiss of death in “intimate” situations!

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