Organic Sake…mmmmmm


What will those green boozehounds think of next? First it was organic wine, then organic vodka, then flavored organic vodka, and now, according to Cocktail Organico, Sake!

Because of labelling standards differing between the U.S. and Japan, it can’t be labelled organic, but Joto Sake (their site exhaustively describes the sake-making process) is going to be bringing the stuff to our shores under the label “high ecological standards.” Their sake is made in the tradional way using the yamahai and kimoto methods, since I know you were curious.


Now I have something to go with my avocado and brown rice rolls!! Sushi and sake party anyone? 

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  1. Don’t forget the cashews in those rolls! Yum. Sake used to be one of my favorite drinks. I love the small cups and the warm sweet taste!

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  3. Find the Momokawa Organic Ginjo (Junmai) and the Organic Nigori. Both are amazing and brewed in the US so their price is much less than the imports. I’d put the Ginjo up against any import. Amazing.

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