Non-Plastic "Tupperware" — It Actually Exists


Like many people, the idea of non-plastic “Tupperware” was until recently— an urban legend to me (much like inexpensive, attractive and comfy shoes). I’d heard of people who owned the fabled goods, but had never actually seen it myself or knew where to buy it.

On a mission to find out, I discovered that although not as ubiquitous as Tupperware, non-plastic food containers do exist! These products will long outlast their plastic counterparts and won’t warp, stain or absorb odors the way conventional plastic containers do. Plus the concerns many people have with plastic leaching into food isn’t an issue.

My favorite glass container set is Pyrex’s “10 Piece Storage Set with Lids”— the lids are really durable (think: no leaking of soup into your work bag) and since they’re Pyrex, they can go in the oven/microwave for reheating (although I’d remove the lids). Plus the set is pretty reasonably priced ($20 for 5 containers w/lids).

My other new non-plastic favorite for transporting leftovers/lunch is’s “Stainless Steel Vacuum Food Jars/Containers” which hold almost 2 cups liquid/food. They’re the perfect size to fit in a bag (less bulky than the glass ones) and keep the contents hot/cold for long periods of time. Plus they’re made of low nickel content stainless steel, which is safe for liquid/food exposure.

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  1. I also found the pyrex containers, but they were way more expensive in the store than you can get them online…5.99 a piece!!

  2. Cool! Can you send me the link to those ones?

  3. Also, (forgot to mention this) I’d stay away from the other Pyrex set with lids— the lids are really poor and don’t fit very well onto the dishes and are more likely to leak/not fit than the set I linked to. Look for the sets with the lids that have a large lip on the side!!

  4. My Mom and Mom Mom used Tupperware for over 50 years and none of the kids every got sick from plastic leaching into the food. All six kids are healthy and grown with kids and grand kids of their own. We all still use Tupperware and will do so until proof that it is harmful to environment or ourselves. By the way, with Tupperware the products pretty much lasts forever, so they are passed down from generation to generation and there is a life time guarantee. Can you say the same for glass ware? Oh, and if you decide to get rid of your Tupperware, you can always sell it on ebay or just recycle it. It can be recyled, unlike many of the other cheap plastic products sold on the market.

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  6. While the actual food exposure to plastic has been known to be bad, what about exposure to the lids? The lids are often made of plastic, even for the stainless vacuum seal ones. They certainly get warm, they certainly have condensation that drips back on the food. Am I being paranoid?

  7. tupperware is the most safe to use ,in our daily life for keeping almost any things if one were to be creative , you do not find any problem at all , just for the information glass making is contain of soda powder ( i think is toxic ) Please try going to this web site BPA plastic .
    YQ and have a good day .

  8. Problem is….. pyrex CANNOT be recycled because it is a mixture of plastic and glass (not 100% either, which makes it not recyclable). This is NOT the most eco friendly choice – You are better off with 100% glass.

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