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I’m just on this major shopping spree right now. Boyfriend coming to town, doing a little strategic pick-up with my credit card online. Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am – click here to pay – and Voi’la. Lube at your doorstep two days later.

Happened to cum upon this incredible, in-depth website called Organic Lubricant.  Basically they sold me on the first line:

“Firefly® is a 100% natural moisturizing lubricant from the makers of Nude™, that provides incredible pleasure for men and women who want to have the best sex possible.” $hit man, not that we need any help, but hell, if it’s that good…”

Nude lube is one of the lines sold under Firefly. I was searching for reviews and happened to cum upon clitical. Ha, what a funny name. Anyway, this horny guinea pig of a lady did one really in depth review, literally. So it’d be good to check out the “ups and downs” of this product before purchasing. And hey, if you are one of the lucky ladies (or men) who try out this product or others, definitely post a reply….inquiring loins want to know. ;o)

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  1. Old-School says:

    I am 47 and my wife is 45. We were looking for an all organic personal lube and found Firefly as well. Let me tell you Firefly is a fabulous product. The best comment I can give is that it we don’t think about during our love making. It gives a natural feeling to the act, not too slippery but allowing all the good sensations for both partners. A little bit of Firefly goes along way and doesn’t need to be reapplied – at least for us. The first time we used it was earlier this year just after my vasectomy. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! It does not have any flavor but you will notice it on your tongue and lips.

  2. So, I love lube…its great fun, but my new girlfriend is really sensitive. ANd the few occasions that I have sort of hinted at using lube [which is a REALLY hard topic of conversation to get into] she has bemoaned the fact that she it really sensitive and lube would “cause her a reaction”.

    So my question is…is Nude/Firefly really safe? especially for above average sensitve areas. Would she be able to handle it without getting some terrible yeast infection or anything like that?


  3. I haven’t tried Nude/Firefly yet…always looking for those good organic products. I have used Sylk lubricant before and its all-natural. Its a water-based lube made from extract of New Zealand kiwifruit vine or something. But anyways, its worked really well for me and i thought i would recommend it. I will also be taking Nude for a test drive. Thanks for the info.

  4. I’ve tried both Nude/Firefly and Sylk – Firefly has these weird little beads in them, I got my Sylk from Love Me Naturally, let me see if I can link it. (I just learned) Anyway, Sylk is much cheaper than Firefly too, and all natural, it felt really natural and I got my married friends hooked on it.

  5. Hazel Rogers says:

    I have also tried both Nude/Firefly and Sylk and found that none of them compare to “Yes” Intimate natural lubricants. You can also buy the oil-based and water-based from “Love me Naturally” and their own website “”. If you actually compare ingredients, Yes lube has the most natural and purest of ingredients, Sylk contains Grape Fruit Seed extract which actually is not as nice as it sounds and contains parabens in itself. Personally I would say neither Sylk or O’My is safe. However Yes water-based lubricant is, it feels to wonderfully natural and mimics your own body fluids wonderfully, so much so my husband did not realise I was using it for ages! Fine a little more expensive than the Sylk, BUT is definitely worth it…. I would recommend it to anyone and choose it any day over O’My.

  6. Hello all. My wife and I have been married for just over a year this August. Soon after our wedding, my eczema (which really wasn’t all that bad) started getting worse and spreading to my entire torso including my neck and some on my face. The redness and ithciness were beyond words. Anyways, for the last year or so it’s been kinda up and down….mostly down (meaning not good as opposed to “down” being “eczema’s gone down”). So we narrowed it down pretty quickly to sex. That’s right, I said it. We’re allergic to SEX!! Well, lubricants anyway….and the Nuvaring. For the love of all that’s holy the nuvaring was a bad thing for my eczema. Because of all this and recent activities, I’ve had an outbreak that has kept me from working for over a month. For a 26 year old self employed carpenter who’s used to working out, playing lotsa sports, working with my hands and sweating a lot…..not to mention lotsa sex, this is a bad bad thing.

    Anyways, I just ordered some Firefly lube and might be able to get my hands on a sample of Yes Yes Yes. I guess I’ll let you know either way.

    It takes talent to make a short comment this long 😛

  7. organic glamazon says:

    You can now buy Yes lubricants in the US at I agree with Hazel… it’s AMAZING. Made with plant polymers not petrochemicals, stylish and high performance. Best I’ve ever used – hands down.

  8. sarah twitt says:

    Just want to throw my two cents in. I used to get terrible yeast infections after sex, turns out it was the lube…not the sex! whatever you use, stay away from GLYCERIN and PARABENS, and all those other chems too probably.

    Firefly is pretty good, but I hated the taste! now we use Liquid Goddess, it tastes amazing and works just as well. also a bit cheaper though still kinda pricey with shipping from amazon (9 bucks for 2oz. w shipping). It goes solid below 73 degrees so you have to put it under warm water for a few seconds, but it has no preservatives either, so I will take the trade off. and OMG did I mention it tastes good…

  9. My wife and I were looking for an all natural lubricant because we had unpleasant experiences with several lubricants. We found a few and tried them and of the bunch Amore Personal Lubricant was our favorite. It lasted longer than Yes and had a wonderful aroma – reminds you of Amaretto. They only sell on line at A bit pricey, but the great sex is worth the price!

  10. Jim and Mary says:

    We love Firefly Organics and have never had any sensitivities to it at all and don’t know how anyone could be sensitive to it. It is so natural and pure, compared to some of the other products out there and we have been using it for years and it is silky, buttery and extremely pleasurable!! We love this product!! And highly recommend it to everyone for natural, organic intimacy and love-making!!! The best on the market!!!

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