More Green Issues Than You Can Shake a Stick At

After the double-header of the green Elle and Vanity Fair issues, a plethora of mags have shown some planet-consciousness. I’ve been collecting these for the past 2 months or so; all sorts of mags covering green topics from various angles. Here they are, in no particular order:


Innovative Home, Fall 2006: Cover story “How ‘Green’ Design is Impacting Residential Spaces”

Business Week’s Small Biz, Summer 2006: Cover story “Do You Need to Be Green?”


The Futurist, July-August 2006: Cover story “A Plan to Save Our Troubled Planet”

Photo (French), June 2006: Cover story special “A Planet in Danger- The State of Our Place, the Beauty and the Degradation; Earth, Water, Forests, Pollution, Animals, Renewable Energy, Climate Change” (forgive my translation skills)

Garden Design, June-July 2006: Cover story “Best Green Design: The Natural Look + Meadows, Roofs, Pools, Natives, Bionic Plants, More Earth-Friendly Ideas”

The New Republic’s September 4, 2006 issue: Cover story “Apocalypse Now- A Scientist’s Plea for Christian Environmentalism” by E.O. Wilson (a must-read!)


Climbing Magazine is going 100% recycled paper (85% post-consumer recyled) and Urban Climber Magazine‘s October/November issue will be a green-themed issue, and also printed on 100% recycled paper. Via: Treehugger


British Vogue’s October issue will have a 10-page spread on ethical fashion. Read more about it in the Telegraph. Via: RemyC

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  1. Vogue’s latest edition has a good story on the links between infertility and environmental contaminants.

  2. In October 2006, National Geographic published a great article on biomonitoring!

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