Rainforest Action Network gets jiggy at Plumm


Sorry I didn’t tell you guys in time, but I headed over to Plumm last night to see what Whoopi, Chris, and Norah had to say during the Rainforest Action Network benefit. I just wanted to hog Noth all to myself (okay, not really, but…) I had an O.K. time. Norah Jones had a stellar performance. (What a resounding voice from such a tiny little woman.)

Best speech by far was given by RAN Executive Director, Michael Brune. (As a side note for you US Weekly or ecorazzi readers, you’ll be happy to know that the dapper Sex in the City star has been a supporter of RAN for 18 years (RAN’s been in existence for 20 years).

If you are looking for an organization to give too, I fully endorse RAN. They are a highly efficient and effective network of 36 individuals that work directly with shareholder action to pressure corporations to make sweeping environmental shifts in business. AND the most important part, they DO NOT get funded by governmental grants or corporations (unlike our democracy). Can anyone say: Democratic reform?


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