Good Magazine Launch Party: Smashing!

Good 1AI partied like I gave a damn at Good Magazine’s NYC launch party tonight. The party was held at Emergency Arts, a fantastic space that is not only a green building, but is filled with art that responds to “environmental, political, and social crises within New York City and around the globe”.  

It was a packed event, with almost 100 people waiting outside on the street to get in when I left. (It probably didn’t hurt that Grandmaster Flash and Prefuse 73 were DJing.)

EA 3AGood 4A


Good 5A

Rocking the vintage!

Good 8A

Curtis Martin and Jason Kremkau

Good 9A

Good 16AGood 12AGood 2A

A DJ manning one of the two turntable stations

Good 15A

Your faithful Eco Chick

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  1. My heart pines for Prefuse 73! Sounds like a killer event and read-worthy mag.

  2. While you were out on the town with the ecorazzi, I was down in DC holed up for three days inside a Sheraton with room windows you could not open filming interviews with a whole slew of cutting edge energy folks and visionaries… Cool pix Starre, first time I’ve seen Jason smile so wide! ;o)

  3. Whoever invented rooms with windows that don’t open should be SHOT!!!
    And it wasn’t just eco-types at the party, but progressives (and just scenesters) from all over the spectrum.

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