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Laurie David is promoting her new book which comes out this month, called Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You– An Activist’s Guide.

I’m setting up an interview with her and I would love to ask her questions from Eco Chick readers. What question do you have for the doyenne of Stop Global Warming?

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  1. Here’s my question (not knowing anything about the content of the book):

    As neither political party has show an strong willingness to address the issue of climate change on a national level (all Dem movement has been purely reactionary, not proactive, and very, very slow/weak/watered down), do you feel it is the responsibility of anyone who is geniuinely serious about this issue to push for a Third Party, one that is focused on the ecological health of our nation?

  2. Good one! I’m going to bring up this page when I talk to her.

  3. And I don’t mean to harsh unduly on all Democrats, as many are motivated, driven and have great ideas. But, as a PARTY, they have been, thus far ineffective. Even the Civil Rights movment wasn’t led by Dems, but by independent people who pushed and pushed and pushed until the Dems had to budge. I am seeing the same thing happen with our movement.

    Thanks, by the way, for the great site. I’ve yet to make it through the backlog of posts, but one day I will!

  4. I dare you…

    “How did it feel to edit the green issue of ELLE, the second largest circulation fashion magazine in the world, and be told that it could only print the special issue on 10% recycled paper, then go right back to business as usual the next?”

    Face it, if the global fashion press can’t climb on the global cooling bandwagon, we’re doomed, as fashion sets the trends, rules the planets and the stars.

  5. I’ll definitely ask that, Remy!

  6. Hey Starre,
    Heres my 2 cents…not having read the book puts me at a disadvantage, but:
    “You have been involved with several projects aimed at elevating environmental awareness and consciousness about the challenges facing us due to our consumption habits. Do you feel that we are doing enough? What do you offer in this book that has not been said before and can inspire new and real solutions to the current challenges we face as a planet?”

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