The Complete Organic Pregnancy

I just finished reading newly released The Complete Organic Pregnancy (Harper Collins) by Deirdre Dolan and Alexander Zissu and loved it. Since I am currently nineteen weeks pregnant, I have been soaking up a lot of information lately on all things revolving around pregnancy, babies, and organics. There are plenty of baby and pregnancy books that give laundry lists of what could go wrong, what could be wrong, what to do when it goes wrong, etc. It is great to find something straight forward that avoids being alarmist. Also, there are not a lot of books out there that cater to the individual who is looking to live as holistically as possible without getting mired down by doom and gloom or stymied by Western medicine. It’s funny to me that sometimes when we talk about being proactive when it comes to eating whole foods, avoiding toxins, and living mindfully, others claim this approach “negative.” I guess it’s that classic body snatcher thing, wherein the heathen or she who goes against ‘the norm’ must be chastised.

This book does a fantastic job of being informative, well researched, and fun. Sometimes the pregnant, nesting mama can get a bit overwhelmed with the plethora of information out there and these authors do a fantastic job of creating a concise, convenient tome that is easy to read and peruse anytime. It covers everything from those ubiquitous, often toxic beauty products to how to reduce back pain in the third trimester. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about conceiving, already pregnant, or who has kids. Thanks to Alexandra and Deirdre for taking the time to compile this caring and thoughtful work.

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  1. Socialpyramid says:

    I knew this was a Kim post before I even saw the byline! In the book I just finished, There Are No Children Here, a woman in the Chicago projects wanted to stop at four kids. When her and her boyfriend became pregnant with a fifth, the stuggling community college student went to sign up for an abortion. After she learned she could not afford the fee, she ended up having the unwanted child. Something to think about.

  2. I’ve been searching for something organic to help me with my awful heartburn I’ve been experiencing during pregnancy and I finally found it at Walgreens. Its called AloeCure and its amazing. Tastes not so good but its my savior!

  3. I think the obvious benefits of eating organic food during pregnancy is that it will prevent the baby from the exposure of harmful chemicals that conventional foods have. Who’s eating organic food here?


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