ever wonder how much carbon you produce?

I am so excited about this website: http://www.terrapass.com/

You can plug in information on your personal driving, flying, and household habits, numbers are calculated, and equivalent costs and information about how much carbon you have produced is given to you.

Then you have the option to buy a TerraPass that offsets your carbon production by investing in alternative energy facilities. So, you are not actually buying carbon credits and retiring them, like carbon credit trading, but you are investing in alternative energy projects that indirectly help to decrease overall carbon emissions over time.

This idea was developed by a university professor and his class in an effort to help offset our ecological footprint.

This is a cool idea, fun to do, informative, and allows the average kat to participate in the solution by offsetting the problem with economic investment. Even if you don’t have the cash to throw down, it is sobering to calculate your carbon emissions. Check it out!

With all of the air travel I have done, I should invest about $1,500…

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  1. Jen this is fantastic. I plan on buying a terrapass for my vehicle. I have a volvo, which has an ozone destruction catalyst in it that supposedly destroys harmful ground-level ozone as air passes through it – ground level ozone being a primary component in smog. The car is 85% recyclable and is manufactured in a state-of-the-art environmentally clean factory. However, the vehicle is all wheel drive, and much as the ozone technology sounded exciting to us, the engine uses more fuel than a front wheel drive and has made me want to ‘give back’ in some form.
    This is perfect.

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