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The indefatiguable Remy Chevalier threw a great party last Thursday night to promote Lü, his high-fashion all-green magazine that we would all love to see in print! A truly gorgeous green fashion mag would change the fashion landscape in no time flat (how about all jeans made from organic cotton? Why not find Ingeo at The Gap?) But so far, publishers have been reticent, causing much consternation among all of us that know that this kind of magazine would be a huge success, bringing together greenies and fashionistas, and eventually, the rest of the world with us.

From Lü Magazine’s website:

Lü magazine (green in Chinese) is a cradle-to-cradle fashion magazine, inspired in 2001 by environmental supermodel and muse Angela Lindvall. A motley crew of New York green fashionistas want to create the magazine with Hachette, the folks who bring you ELLE, wrestle them into doing it, because the planet needs it.

Team leader Remy Chevalier, whose father co-founded ELLE, is also working to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant up the Hudson with Riverkeeper and Clearwater. Remy brought us the Eco-Saloon at the nightclub Wetlands in the 90’s, and currently works full-time on a number of environmental campaigns.

The party was held in the Red Room at The Park, and we enjoyed great drinks and lots of delicious chocolates. Thanks for a great party Remy!

Lu Mag 1

Elisa Jimenez, visionary fashion designer

Lu Mag 6

A Summer Rayne Oakes sandwich, with Earth Tech Products’ Frank Bianco and Chris Pesce

Lu Mag 7

The yummy men! Franz Knipschildt, chocolatier extraordinaire, and Dave Schmeir of Orange V, the best organic vodka on the planet!

Lu Mag 8

The ever-fabulous Patrick McDonald

LuMag 2

Monsieur Chevalier and writer Marianne Macy

LuMag 3

Yours truly (in my new-to-me Hairy Mary’s dress) and my beau, Brian Howard

Not pictured: Celine Ruben-Salama of Pro’tech’d, Brendan Brazier, vegan triathalete and formulator of Vega, Joshua Weise, and Eve Kitten’s Nancy Bacich. It was great to meet and see you all!

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Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. Remy got so thin!!…..not eating right? Old Rem has got to watch that organic vodka and hemp powder intake, it’s youthifying his bones right back to the skeleton of a 12 year old boy!…… (sooo enticing!)

    Ah well, with Beelzebub’s help, he’s obviously going to outlive us all in the end!

    Philosophical Question of the day:

    Why would anyone think that a party, in a bar, with chocolates and picture-taking, is anything but a party in a bar, with chocolates, and picture-taking?
    (I wouldn’t)

    As the famous genius Dr. Sigmund Freud said:

    “Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar!”

    ta ta
    Renzi di Calzoni

  2. Hey, how come the 70 reviews of ‘the Park’ in city search, ARE ALL NEGATIVE?
    (I used the link that YOU provided, above)


    Once upon a time, Park was a good place to frequent. The music was good, the crowd was lively, and the staff was professional. These days, it’s the same space, only it is occupied with rude door staff (the woman in particular who is on her phone the entire time trying to set up her own plans to leave early), overly priced drinks and B/T people from Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut who can’t find anywhere to go. With so many places in New York City, I suggest that you pass on this one for your own sake.

    The Park had its 15 minutes of fame a while back, it was cool to be seen there and no one cared about the food. Now it is no longer a fashionable place, but a tourist/b&t trap with poor service and bad food. If you enjoy raw egg huevos rancheros at brunch, or mushy overcooked duck, dried out beef, carelessly shucked and uninspected oysters and all for a nice hefty sum, then The Park is for you. Otherwise, yuck. But if you are in the neighborhood and you just want a drink or two, the space is very pretty, especially in the warm months and you can smoke in the garden.

    can’t believe I was dragged to the park last weekend. The food and service was disastrous. I ordered a lobster tail and I felt sick the rest of the night. The tiny lobster tasted like shoe leather. When I commented to the server how displeased I was, he gave me a dirty look and mumbled something under his breath. When I approached the manager, he seemed completely spaced out and couldn’t have cared less about my complaint. At one point, I overheard the manager standing around talking about other patrons. Not a very professional atmosphere. The bar was packed with B&T crowd. I ran out of there as soon as I could and I NEVER intend to go back. No one in their right mind would ever be seen there, I’m sorry I ever had to go back. The Park used to be hot, about 4 years ago.

    When you go to the park you can expect long lines at the door regardless of how many people are inside, and intentionally understaffed bars to make it seem like a hip elite scene. However, you will not find a hip crowd, The reality of the matter is that nobody with any real class would ever go to this bar. What you will find is a bunch of MTV-raised recent college grads trying to make their first impression on New York City by foolishly paying outrageous prices for bottle service and VIP treatment.

    Take your next dieting date to this place. The food tastes like it was prepared by culinary students at a community college. But the drinks, decor and annoying fireplace will give you and your calorie counting date more to do than eat their ‘tasteless’ and ‘overpriced’ food! Service has much to be desired too!

    Rather Eat On A Park Bench
    Posted by ggilfedder on 08/22/2003
    This restaurant has the worst service in the city. Go here if you want to spend a lot of money, eat ordinary food, and experience horrific service.
    • Pros: , ,
    • Cons: Poor Service, Attitude, Uninspiring Food
    • Overall user rating: Not Recommended

    The Bowery B Bar guys strike again…..for the bridge & tunnel crowd. This extravagently decorated spot should be a hit, but the over-the-top prices and only almost good food, coupled with a pack of poseurs make the Park less than idyllic….The Park is over.

  3. The Red Room at the Park is a beautiful space… who gives a flying dida twas in and now not… Did Lipp ever go out of style? Maybe all they needed was for us fabuli to swing down, make Park in again… Hey, Mr. Renzi di Calzoni, or whoever the pssstt… you are?

    As for me, I here truly… Thanks Starre for the wonderful post-eclairage… If Calzone only knew, how so few could plot the demise of his precious nu-cu-lar poison… It’s kiss kiss bye bye Indian Point…

    No rest for the wicked… apres vous. Check out the Vlog from the Chocolate Fashion Show, top of:


  4. Hey Rem, since you live up in Connecticut with Mom & Sis, doesn’t that make you the Bridge & Tunnel crowd?

  5. Reveal yourself!

  6. I am Renzi di Calzoni, fifth count of Melungiona.

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