Rumor has it wrong: Edun is not closing

A rumor began spreading on the internet that Ali Hewson’s, Edun, line was closing. This was picked up by the website, Style Dash, who pointed to a press release that now has been removed from the internet. According to sources, Edun is not closing.

On a side note, creating a fashion label, let alone, a sustainable fashion label, takes an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, and ingenuity. Most of the time, starting off independently means sticking with it for quite some time before turning any substantial profit. Working in areas that are marginalized increases the challenges of making that label successful, profit-wise. That’s the reality. If Edun did close, (like Project Alabama) has done, it is not necessarily a hard-bottom blow to the ethical-fashion industry, but a harsh reality of the changing times of the apparel industry in general. It gives us a new set of challenges to work through and each label that comes along feeds our appetites on “what is and could be possible.” It gives us a reflection – at least for a moment in time – that business is not what it use to be – but can and should be something better.

It’s not going to just take good designers with a good heart, but good consumers, supportive infrastructure, good press, great marketers, buyers who give a damn, and an education campaign that reflects our lives and teaches us how we are affecting others.

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  1. Well said, woman.

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  3. Yikes, makes me realize (again) how important it is to support ecofashion designers….

  4. Aren’t you having a showing in New York….5/22/07…..or thereabouts?
    I need information on it.

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  7. Very well said. It is a very difficult industry to be in. just have to stay and be strong and hopefully people will understand.

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