Laughing at Spiders

This cracked me up! Enjoy…..

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  1. What a funky, fun, and entertaining blog. Mind if I link?

  2. This ad is offensive on multiple levels. Why are you “Laughing at Spiders”?

    Given the real and persistent problem with vivisection involving drug on nonhuman animals I fail to see what’s so funny. Of course, elsewhere on your site is a rather glib rationalization of animal experimentation on the grounds of assumed human supremacy.

    Nor do I see what is so funny about the obviously bigoted use of anti-Black and anti-Latino stereotypes — represented by the “crack spider.” Blacks and Latinos are disproportionately imprisoned for drug violations, and largely do to stereotypes regarding who uses crack cocaine. According to “Defending Justice: An Activist Resources Kit”:

    *Although crack and cocaine are virtually the same thing, Congress has assigned far harsher penalties to crimes involving crack, a drug primarily associated with people of color.* In 1988, Congress passed a law that created a 100:1 quantity ratio between the amount of crack and powder cocaine needed to produce certain mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking and created mandatory minimum penalties for simple possession. In order to receive a five-year sentence for possession with intent to distribute for powder cocaine, a person must possess 500 grams or more. To receive a five-year sentence with crack cocaine, a person need only have 5 grams in their possession.

    *Crack is the only drug with a mandatory prison sentence for a first offense simple possession.* The *maximum* sentence someone can receive for simple possession of powder cocaine is one year.

    *Stereotypes regarding who uses crack cocaine and who uses powder cocaine make mandatory minimums racist.* Not only are crack and powder cocaine simply different forms of the same drug, but crack is primarily thought of as a drug used in Black, urban areas. Powder cocaine, on the other hand, is far more expensive than crack and is associated with wealthy White users.

    *Even though the majority of crack users are White, most people imprisoned because of crack offenses are Black.* Roughly two-thirds of crack cocaine users are White or Hispanic, but 84.5% of defendants convicted of crack possession in 1994 were Black, while 10.3% were White and 5.2% were Hispanic. The majority of persons charged with crack trafficking offenses in the federal system have also been African American (88.3%).

    *Because of this, a disproportionate number of Blacks are in jail.* In 1998-1999, Black Americans consisted of only 15% of all U.S. drug users, yet they were 36.8% of those arrested for drug violations. In 2000, Blacks were 53% of those convicted by state courts for drug offenses.

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