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As a graphic designer (print based), I’m aware of the huge impact commercial printing has on the environment. Luckily there are great eco-friendly printers out there like Greener Printer in Berkeley, CA who can help reduce the impact of printed materials.

The 4 areas Greener Printer focuses on are: 1. Water Conservation, 2. Solid Waste Reduction and Recyling, 3. Energy Conservation and 4. Pollution Prevention. In addition, Greener Printer prints on treeless and recycled content papers, exclusively prints with low VOC soy and other vegetable-based inks, uses energy efficient equipment, and offsets 100% of their energy usage with windpower. They are also a certified Green Business.

To give an idea of what they offer, Greener Printers prints business cards, calendars, brochures, postcards, catalogs, posters and many other print communication items. For non-local clients, printing is super easy— just upload files to their site and get the orders shipped (all jobs are shipped “climate cool“).

In short, if you have materials printed for yourself, your organization or your business, make sure to consider printing with environmentally responsible printers. At this point, the costs for eco-friendly printing are reasonable, the finished products are beautiful and the reduced footprint is considerable. Check here and here for info and tips on printing green.

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  1. I found Green Printer the other day when looking at a directory of green links, and I was so THRILLED because I’m a wedding photographer and I’ve been thinking about having my business cards outsourced, and I found that I could use them, which is awesome.

  2. I was wondering what an eco-chick might think about the concepts at Wonder Earth Partners. I am a chemist that stumbled into Carbon Planet’s blog this morning and couldn’t comment there, so i looked for a friendly blogger to satisfy my desired to post on topic. You can visit the Zone, i hit this topic quite a bit. Thanks for allowing this pass through.

    to Carbon Planet folks : can you address the issues of baseline and additionionality with respect to verification of the offsets. where are the specific matches of new carbon sequestration with carbon consumption. who does the third party verification? If you have made it through those barrier, then there is a lot of merit to the game. Until then, carbon offset is shuffling deck chairs on the Poseidon. – Dr. Lenny

  3. Hi Dr Lenny,

    Sorry about the lack of commenting on our blog – I just got too sick and tired of deleting spam. Anyway I’m happy to address your concerns here (thanks eco-chicks for being more comment friendly than me).

    The forestry credits Carbon Planet retails are NGACs, New South Wales Greenhouse gas Abatement Certificates, created under the NSW government’s NGAS scheme and are independently verified by that scheme. Each NGAC represents one tonne of carbon dioxide stored for at least 100 years. To qualify, the trees have been planted since 1990 and must be native to their regions. The land being reforested must have been cleared prior to 1990.
    Should the trees from which your carbon credits came come to any harm within 100 years of your purchase eg from fire, disease, theft etc; those carbon credits are required to be replaced immediately from another source.

    There is not a specific 1-to-1 relationship between each tree and a carbon credit, rather the credits are generated based on the carbon sequestration of a vast swathe of forest. Hence the trees suck out carbon from the air in parallel and quite quickly.

    See our NGAC FAQ at for more details.

    It’s easy to look at offsets as a form of shell game but it’s not really a very accurate view. Our credits really do remove CO2 from the air and store it on your behalf. There’s a genuine physical tranfer of carbon from the air.

    Let me know if this short response has satisfied your questions. We can continue this discussion via email and save filling up the eco-chick’s comment stream 🙂

    Dave Sag – CEO of Carbon Planet

  4. Hi~ Im new to your blog but absolutely love it! I am a graphic designer in the San Francisco area and have had the opportunity to work with Greener Printer. They are definitley a breath of fresh air when it comes to printing green. I also wanted to share a new product that I came across- paper made from stones-

    Its 100% stones, 100% biodegradable and is completely tree free.

    Thank you again for your incredible blog.


  5. I live in Wyoming (Jackson Hole) and own a contemporary art gallery. I have recently made the commitment to become as green as I can and to contribute to a sustainable community and environment. The first thing that I did was switch to use Greener Printer for all of my invitations. We just sent out the first one…the paper and printing is wonderful! I am thrilled to be connected with them. I am happy to hear that so many others are also using them. I hope to get the other galleries here in town to consider switching.

  6. I just came across your blog and I think it is fantastic. I would like to introduce my company Green Printer. We are excited to offer the latest in sustainable printing practices, assisting companies and organizations all over North America reach their sustainability goals.
    One of our biggest goals is to educate consumers about the paper and printing industry. Many people have no idea how harmful the industry is to the environment. Did you know that the pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial polluter of air, water and land in both Canada and the United States?
    Each month, a medium-sized print shop uses about 20 tons of paper, which produces about 554 kilograms of waterborne waste, 680,741 litres of wastewater (enough to fill about one-and-a-half 25 metre swimming pools), 9,025 kilograms of solid waste, 17,770 kilograms of greenhouse gases, and 299,880 BTUs of energy. When you choose green printing methods you can also eliminate a lot of waste in the printing process, from the choice of non-toxic inks and energy efficient processes to dry offset printing (for no chemical waste).
    At Green Printer, we realized that we could have a huge impact just by switching to all treeless and recycled content papers. When customers order from us our online Green Printer Calculator shows them the number of trees they have saved, the amount of greenhouse gases and wastewater that has been prevented, as well as the amount of energy conserved. Our goal is to save between 750,000 and 1 million trees over the next ten years!

    In addition to offering the latest in green printing technologies, we offer our customers high quality, affordable printing – so they don’t have to compromise to go green. I invite you to visit our website,, to find out more about our company. I am confident your readers would interested in finding out more about the printing industry and our eco-friendly services. Please contact me anytime if you would like more information.
    Alen Rokolj
    Vice President

  7. Hi,

    I hope all is well.. I’m thinking that the best case scenario is to use a local eco-friendly printer for my needs- (I live in nyc)..

    I wanted to use Green Printer, and I really like their calculator, but I wish they included the environmental cost of shipping the product from Cali to NYC- that is where the greenhouse gases would sky rocket, no?

    It seems much easier to be environmentally friendly out West.. 🙂

  8. Greenerprinter is a scam! The shop is far from sustainable let alone green – don’t fall for their marketing.

  9. Thanks Jim, my friend is the publisher of a magazine called A Distinctive Style (geared toward everything Eco and much more), she was looking for bus cards that are made from recycled paper and printed using non-toxic inks.

    And for those of you who want to get a look at the STRICTLY ECO mag visit…


  10. greetings Iya in thee name of thee Imperial Majesty Jah Ras Tafari Mother Menen Sellasie I

    It brings delight to see printing moving forward in a lawfull manner Sellasie i Tafari

    I an I have a booklet to print in honour of thee father and mother sellasie i tafari and wondered if u could assist i an i was pondering on wether your finished products had some kind of stamp to show they are free from un vegan materials Sellasie I Tafari

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