S4 launches DENIM issue: "Caught with our Pants Down"

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This issue of S4 was an enlightening one to write. Denim is the perfect product to highlight pertinent issues around: There is so much activity happening in the world of denim on the sustainability front + it is such a staple in so many people’s wardrobes. How can you go wrong?

I waited for a long time to get an interview with Micha Peled, who is the director behind China Blue. He and his crew smuggled a camera across China’s border and filmed clandestinely for three years in a denim sweatshop factory. The interview with him was amazing and I literally built the entire newsletter around our Q&A. I worked with him on questions that would help focus on solutions or at least plant seeds into the minds of decision makers on how we can build a sounder social structure in the apparel industry.

The image below are two girls: Li Ping and Jasmine, two of the subjects of Micha’s film. The clothespins on their eyelids are to keep awake so they don’t fall asleep on the job. It really was quite a brilliant, poignant film and an abridged version will be featured on PBS this April 3, 2007. Check for local listings here.


This issue of S4 also takes a look at the brands that are really paving the way towards sustainability as it relates to the denim industry. So much is happening in this space that I had to name 2007, “The Year of the Eco-conscious Blue Jean.” I highlight over 50 brands that are pushing the apparel market to be better stewards.


…Brands like the “Early Adopters” – Loomstate

…and Newcomers like
(Which are coming out with a triple-jean threat all-organic summer line)



And of course the newsletter is also chock full of fashion editorials, featuring brands like Gilded Age, Aoki, and Howies (above), Del Forte, Sling and Stones, and others.


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  1. Wow, what a great issue! I’m wearing my favorite Loomstate jeans right now (I usually am as I practically live in them). But I have to know…who makes the high-waisted denims you’re wearing in the photo above? Are those from Howies?

  2. Aokijeans.com – I loved them so much that I bought a pair!

    High waisted “Traci” with vegetable dyes – all done locally in the U.S.A.

  3. this denim issue was great, read it thoroughly and enjoyed all the tid bits that only an eco person would love… a lot of periodicals have been coming out lately with eco as their cover (current dnr, wwd), but it always seem that they spin it as trend and fad rather than necessity — good job Summer on your issue — hopefully we can all get the point across that environmental sustenance is the key to a lot of the world’s current issues.

  4. oh yeah.. and too bad you couldn’t get our jeans on your model — maybe next time

  5. I love the issue, the jeans look very good on you…..

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