Summer Sandals…..

There’s still plenty of summer left……and your feet want to breathe!


Gotta love the very modern design of the Dopie, from the masters of cool eco-shoes, Terra Plana. Made from recycled EVA and foam rubber, the sandal (?) is one piece of molded material. When you get good at walking in these, you can remove the strap. Sounds like a challenge!

El NaturalistaEl Naturalista 2

El Naturalista’s slogan is “caminar por la vida” (walking through life). To help you hit the streets with your feet rather than a car, try these creative hippie sandals. Made from recycled cork footbed and recycled rubber scented with tea tree oil.

Splaff Hipster

Splaff Flopps are made from recycled tires and more:

Splaff Flopps started in a garage in 1997 with a tire, a bike tube, and a shoe knife. The vision was to make comfortable, long lasting, fairly priced sandals from recycled materials. Today Splaff Flopps are hand crafted in California with the same integrity. The soles are made with recycled car tires, the straps are made with used bicycle inner tubes, the footbed covering and strap linings are made with hemp fabric, and the mid sole is made with regupol (a cushioned material made from used tires which have been chipped and pressed into mats). Splaff Flopps are produced in a 100% waste free process in which all left over materials are either re-used or recycled.

Learn how to make your own shoes from tires at this site (via: Great Green Goods)

recycled flops

And if you know how to knit, you can always recycle your old flops like Atomic Rose did!
(Via: FiftyRx3)

Simple Toe FooSimple GT Jane

Simple’s Green Toe line is super-sustainable, and really cute, with fun fabric designs and creative use of materials. I haven’t worn them (yet) but they look super-comfy too! The Toe Foo flip flop (top) is made of jute, a sustainable plant, natural latex, and are held together with non-toxic water-based glues. The GT Jane (bottom) is made of a combination of jute, recycled car tires, and bamboo.
See more of Simple’s Green Toe line at The Daily Green.

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  1. Oh, cute shoes! And the site about making my own shoes is really interesting. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to have to try that.

  2. Starre,
    Eco-Chick has offered some very cute styles for you birds, but can I trouble you for some fashion advice for us cats?
    I gave up eating meat a while ago and would like to phase leather out of my wardrobe. Finding appropriate shoes and belts is proving tough, though: I don’t particularly care to pretend that I’m wearing leather (nor are leather substitutes necessarily very green), and alas, none of my bureaucrat coworkers will get it if I buy something super-hip. I’d love to see some classic designs made from natural materials that don’t require divesting something of its skin. Does anyone offer the guys clothes and accessories made from Earth-friendly materials that I wouldn’t mind wearing to the office?

    -Seeking Sartorial Satisfaction

  3. E.R. Dunhill, My hubby bought a pair of sandals from Moo Shoes ( last year that were made of recycled tires. He loves them, but they aren’t exactly office-friendly, so we’ve been doing the search too (he’s more anti-PVC than anti-leather, despite being vegan). We just found a few pairs of hemp shoes online at ( that are made by adidas and a hemp clog by Patagonia that you might check out, too. Frankly, I think hemp’s the way to go for leather and PVC free, but I’m dying to see a pair in person. There are rumors of an Etnies sneaker made vegan, but I don’t know which or where, or even if sneakers qualify as office-kicks. If I find any more options, though, I’ll definitely post.

  4. E.R. Dunhill. I’m not sure what sort of taste your husband has in footwear,
    but in my opinion, the most innovative, attractive, genuinely eco-sensitive
    footwear and accessories available in the world right now are being made by yellowport –

    Their mens stuff is phenomenal and runs the gamut from trainers to hikers to street or office wear. I’m not vegan, but a huge anti-cruelty and animal rights supporter. As such, I view synthetic leathers and petroleum based fabrics as far more harmful to animals (including human animals btw) and habitats than a lot of vegans care to acknowledge.

    Just my two cents…….

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