Melissa Etheridge's Call to Action

For all y’all who didn’t watch Live Earth, you missed this inspiring speech by Ms. Etheridge made right in the middle of one of her songs. She is definitely an artist who knows how to work a crowd and her passion show right through the crappy YouTube recording. A Must-Watch for all you jaded folks out there.

Go to 4:15 to hear the rocking speech that made me teary-eyed…

Besides seeing Dave Matthews up close (just 8 feet from my lusty hands), Melissa’s speech was my fave part of Live Earth.

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  1. WOW!!!! I was working the night that Live Earth was on, and let me tell you….having just listened to the beautiful, talented, intelligent Melissa Etheridge sing, and say the words she did, I am so dissapointed that I missed it.
    I was serving at a $40,000 wedding…how’s that for irony? Consumerism at its finest.
    I hope we can all take her words to heart….I know I will.

  2. This man was not on the Live Earth bandwagon – I think he makes some interesting points, even if they’re just ideas to bounce more off of:

    Celebrity Earth?

    Celebrity Earth?

    what do you guys think?

  3. I was watching on TV….this speech was amazing, and so was what she said in the middle of her other song….you can find it on YouTube here.

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