Toggery Collection by Kate D'Arcy

Kate D’Arcy with some of her Fall designs

Designer Kate D’Arcy, 26, is a new up and coming ecofashion designer, and I was lucky enough to get to check out her line in person last week. Kate’s debut line for her label Toggery, is made up of basics with flair, and as you can see from the pictures, tons of color too! All fabrics are super-soft, and for autumn I particularly loved the organic cotton fleece cropped jacket (not shown below) and the soft and comfy cowl-necked dresses. Her designs look great and are flattering to the female figure, yet all the pieces I checked out seemed versatile enough so that I could see wearing them to work and for hanging out on the weekend.

Kate says that she wants to make clothes for people who are from all walks of life, including but not limited to treehuggers and environmentalists. She says that by creating a line of fashions that are both fun, affordable and gorgeous, even non-eco chicks will want to pick up her stuff, just because it looks great. It’s that kind of attitude that is bringing ecofashion out of the ‘green’ corner, and will get lots of people into organic cotton whether they do it on purpose or not!

Kate uses organic cotton and sustainable dyes, and all her fabric is made, dyed and sewn in her home state of Pennsylvania, which I think is super-impressive since fewer resources are used to ship fabric around (reducing Toggery’s carbon footprint). Also, by having her designs sewn in the U.S. D’Arcy is supporting American seastresses, who are paid a fair wage.




Check this page for info on where to buy Toggery near you!

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  1. Olivia Zaleski says:

    WOW! these are absolutely beautiful. I am so excited for this new eco-designer. Kate D’arcy appears to have an intuitive appreciation for simplicity, style, and subtle sexy ease. And the colors are unreal (see the website for the whole palette)

    Love that she models all of her own pieces . . . what a true eco-chick.

    Thanks for exposing this one Starre!

  2. Great post!

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  3. I’m loving all the colors! Looks comfy too, like you could crash out in them after a night out!

  4. Great post…fantastic to see Kate get the recognition she so truly deserves. You guys are on the pulse!

    If you are interested in ecowear, be sure and check out
    Eco-Fashionista Extraordinaire Stacy K’s latest article here:

    Continued Success!


  5. I am looking for contact info of Toggery Collection by Kate D’Arcy. I am a contractor in Paterson NJ and would like the opportunity to speak with the production team.

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