Last month, Starre posted about E Magazine‘s Eco Fashion spread (still on shelves and definitely worth the $!), which highlighted some seriously stylish new threads. Reading about all the hot fashion out there gave this hippie some hope … for years, I’ve been squeezing myself into my fashionista sister’s designer hand-me-downs because I could never bring myself to pay for environmental damage firsthand; I considered myself a savior of those throw-away threads (really, it’s a twisted logic that eased this guilty conscience). So much hope, in fact, that I, for the first time in my life, plunked down my hard-earned cash for a pair of wide-legged organic cotton jeans that looked a hundred times better on my hips than the free skinny jeans my sister was offering me (seriously, these make my massive oaks look like birch trees beneath the dark denim).Del Forte Willow Denim

Afterwards, I felt a little guilty … I mean, I wear my clothes out (patching and sewing and letting out seams, as recommended in The Ecologist’s guide to Slow Fashion), but sometimes, clothes just aren’t worth salvaging anymore. Which is where Del Forte’s got a great idea. Don’t like the style anymore? Too many holes in the knees? Send the jeans back to Del Forte for something called “Project ReJeaneration” and they’ll convert your used threads into something one-of-a-kind and sustainable; they’ll also give you 10% of your next pair of Del Forte’s. So much for throwaway threads…

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  1. Do you know whether organic jeans wear out faster than regular jeans?
    Thanks for the Del Forte link, I love their ReJeaneration Program!

  2. Just wanted Eco-chick know that I featured them in my list of 15 Favorite Green Chicks Blogs . . .

    La Marguerite

  3. hi eco-chick, one of la marguerite’s green chicks – fairly new blogger and very new to this blog. WOW – fascinating blog.

    Best of Mother Earth

  4. Anna – I have to be honest here and say i don’t know if organic cotton jeans wear out more quickly. I have no idea why they would but I tend to wear my pants a lot and for a long time (as in every other day for 3 years) and these are hardly broken in yet (it’s been 3 months). Since these are 100% cotton – no spandex to stretch – I think they’ll last longer than my previous pairs which I stretched like rubber bands to fit over my thighs and which had holes everywhere before I threw them away. I also, though, don’t dry my clothes (never ever, especially not with cotton) so maybe that keeps ’em in shape longer. Sorry I can’t help better.

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