Ashley Watson Recycled Leather Bags

Ashley Watson Junco Bags

Look at these gorgeous bags!! Ashley Watson designs them from Vancouver, Canada, where they are also produced (no sweatshop labor!). Not only are they pretty, super-soft and fairly made, Watson crafts the bags from old leather jackets (so that’s where all those 80’s style cheesy motorcycle coats went!). Not exactly vegan, but as a vegetarian who tries to avoid animal products, I wouldn’t have a problem carrying one of these. Not only are the bags each stitched by hand, but they come in the most gorgeous colors. Here’s a bag that will last for years to come; as leather wears over time it just looks cooler and cooler.

Ashley Watson Kestral BagAshley Watson Thrush 2Ashley Watson Thrush Bag

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  1. Check out too — she makes purses out of old tires and recycled stuff (truly) and they’re gorgeous and funky looking. I’ve given two as gifts and both were enthusiastically well received…

  2. Using old leather jackets to make new cool bags is a wonderful idea. I enjoy using recycled materials to create bags. It’s very rewarding to make trash or junk into treasures! Check my site to see my work.

  3. Those Ashley Watson bags are lovely. I saw another company also making recycled leather bags–theirs are totally original in the sense that every single handbag is a one-of-a-kind design. If you see one you like, you have to buy it, because she doesn’t create a bunch in one style. Each bag is totally different, based on the lines and details of the original coat. Hers are at They look great. I’m asking my spouse to consider getting me one for Christmas.

  4. Oops. I don’t think that hyperlink I left in the last comment works. Try this one to check out those eco-friendly recycled leather bags that I told you about:

  5. What is a good online course to take about bag designing?

  6. I just bought one of thses bags from a small online store. I don’t even think theyre open yet, but this stuff goes so quickly. I bought it at

    my new year’s resolution is to bring sustainability practices into my obsession with clothes. thanks for this post.


  7. why didn’t the link work?

    I also shop at Beklina when I get a chance. They also sell Ashley Watson.

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  9. I am the buyer for the Kripalu Center for yoga and Health gift shop and would love to purchase your bags for our store. How can we get started.

  10. I really like the idea of using old jackets to make leather bags, this is highly profitable niche.

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