See Jane Work (in Green)

Flora Recycled Notebooks
Flora Recycled Notebooks

Colorful Recycled Tabs
Colorful Recycled Tabs

Because I spend so much time at my desk, I feel totally justified buying cool stuff for it. Plus, I like pretty, designey things, not plain.

See Jane Work has lots of fun stuff for the office, but I’m especially excited because they have a whole eco-friendly section, which has recycled paper products that aren’t boring, recycled pencils (suddenly pencils seem like such a great tool, low-impact and erasable!), and fun gadgets like the stapler free stapler. (below)

Staple Free Stapler

It doesn’t use staples at all, producing less waste (and don’t you always run out of staples anyway, then realize that you can’t find any more of that particular size, leading you to buy a whole new stapler)? Sooooo wasteful.

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  1. Why am I such a sucker for office supplies?! I need one of those staplers, though, and maybe a few more for my hubby’s store. 😀

  2. I know, it’s sad….why can’t I just use plain stuff?? I’m so glad they make pretty things that are also enviro now…though I’m still recycling printer paper and pens religiously too.

  3. Actually, I had one of those staplers – it cuts a strip of paper from the sheets and bends it in a way that fastens them together. They’re good in principle, but don’t always work very well, and because they cut the paper, if something goes wrong you have to print everything again – you can’d do like with the wire staples where you just remove the bad one and staple the sheets together again. Also after a couple of months of use, the bit where you press got stuck and the stapler wouldn’t work anymore.

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