Who Says Red Carpet Equals Nonsense?

I’ll admit it, I like the red carpet shows when all the stars come out, but I usually watch them on mute because I’m really only interested in what’s being worn, the hairstyles, and the totally obscene jewelry. The constant chatter about how excited the actors are for the show and who they think will win does not interest me, so I tune it out.

But what a difference a venue makes! While there were plenty of fabulous dresses and gorgeous masks on display at Riverkeeper’s recent “Night of Mischief” masquerade ball, the red carpet interviews were actually interesting and enlightening. Check out Summer Rayne Oakes, Lorraine Bracco, Alex Mathiesson and RFK Jr. talking to Curtiss Martin of ScribeMedia. Lorraine drops some sexy tips about greener living, Summer discusses invasive species, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks up the Waterkeeper Alliance and river protection.

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