Change Handbags

Change Handbags is a small company run by two moms, Meg and Sara, so they know how to make a bag that’s useful and fabulous.


There’s the super-tough shopping/beach/carryall bags that you can have customized for fundraisers or an organization, or just use for shopping or the gym (made from recycled PET fabric with six outside pockets!)

And then there’s the amazing reversible bags which are soft and gorgeous. Literally two bags in one, which is eco-friendly in itself, these are made from low-impact, vegetable-dyed leather. 10% of profits from the bags go to groups that support women’s issues.

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  1. I have one of these handbags and it’s the best I’ve ever owned, bar none. The material is super-durable (even my kids can’t destroy it!), there’s a ton of storage with six, roomy, outside pockets, plus it’s eco-friendly!

    I use my tote bag as a gym bag/diaper bag. My friend Elaine is a total shopaholic and uses hers to haul her booty from her frequent shopping sprees.

    Anyway, thought I’d chime in with a recommendation.


  2. Emma Sanders says:

    I just saw your ad while I was looking for something else, I would like to know more about you handbag and the cost of them, styles and etc. Please e-mail me and let me know.

    Thanks for your cooperation.


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