Eco Chick FINALLY Run on Renewable Energy!

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Since I run Eco Chick from my home office, and since up until last month renewable energy was NOT available from my electricity provider, this blog was run entirely on fossil fuels (how embarassing!). On one hand it was kinda cool; my electric never came from a huge corporation like Con Edison, but instead from a non-profit municipal cooperative (it’s some bizarre New Englandy thing) which is practically socialist! But the downside was that they were slow to catch on to the green energy wave which made green power available to most of my home state of Connecticut years ago (literally, I wrote a cover story when the the program was first introduced for my local Alt. Weekly in the Fall of 2005).

So now my two computers, desk lamp and phone (all you need to run a blog!) are run on: 33% Wind, 34% landfill gas, and 33% small hydro.
Not to mention the rest of my home! I’m very excited.

If you don’t already have clean energy from your electricity provider, check this map to see if you can get it- it’s available almost everywhere now. You still receive electricity the same way as you always have, and get bills from your same utililty, so it’s really easy. It only costs a teensy bit extra- if you’re more vigilant about conservation, you might even be able to make the extra cost a wash.

For more on the how’s and why’s of electricity conservation, see Treehugger’s great guide.

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Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the info, too.

  2. Starre,

    It’s excellent and so important to read about other people’s eco-journeys. Just this morning my friend and I were moaning about Wal-Mart and globalization and corn in everything we eat. But then we both decided that no matter what we do, it’s imperative to a) not overthink ourselves into a tailspin, and also b) to give ourselves a break every once in a while, and a pat on the back too.

    Nice work, sister, and here’s a pat on the back from me…

    Letters from a Small State

  3. starre! I met you last night at papaya thai and it seems that you’re signed up for clean energy through sterling planet! I work for sterling planet 🙂 nice choice my friend – Kat

    p.s. I made it to that concert thanks for helping me with directions

  4. This is great! I also run my site from my home office…and well, I need to be converted into using green energy. I’m glad you got your needs met!

    Oh and by the way…I love the design on your site. I also used eWebscapes, and just had Lisa launch the new design last night. She’s wonderful!

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