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A couple days back I was checking out EcoStreet, where Tracy Stokes had written up a great post about Stuart Haygarth’s amazing recycled plastic bottle chandelier. Haygarth took the bottles from the Stanstead (UK) airport where they were among those confiscated by people who forgot to get rid of them before going through security. Waste from reactionary anti-terrorism can be beautiful too.


The excerpt above is just part of the rainbow from ‘Tide Mark.’ You can see the whole image here.

As I delved further into his work, I realized that the chandalier wasn’t the first time Haygarth has created art (and made a statement) about what we throw out. Haygarth has also taken detritus (that’s trash) from his local seashore on the Dungeness coastline in Kent and made it into this gorgeous intstallation and photographic piece. What better way to recycle?

‘Tide Mark’ (2004) which is both an installation piece and a photographic work. Tide Mark is a collection of primarily plastic objects categorized by colour. Starting with white objects and ending with black, a kind of tide mark through the colour spectrum is produced.

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  1. That plastic-bottle chandelier actually looks amazing 🙂 Apart from being a great conversation piece, it looks like it’s a nice, artistic-looking source of some soft mood lighting.

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