If Trees Could Talk Caption Contest

Trees Caption copy

What’s the funniest caption you can think of for this cartoon? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

I will pick the winner, who will receive a really cool Starter Kit for Change, which contains all sorts of goodies that will motivate and educate, including fair-trade hot chocolate, a really cool tote, a tree seedling, a compact fluorescent lightbulb, and more. The kit would make a great present for anyone who has added being more environmentally aware to their New Year’s resolutions!

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  1. And then Treebeard started throwing rocks, and they broke the dam, and the river knocked out all the Orcs, but the Ents still stood!

  2. Bertha refuses to believe that I really don’t know that woman who was hugging me last night!

  3. Socialpyramid says:

    “Leaf us alone!”


    “The trees from LOTR were robbed of their Oscar!”

  4. “Happy Birthday Arnie, how many rings is that now?”

    Remember when we were just little seedlings? now look at us, all these years… fianlly soemone other than those hikers in Northern Minnesota are really starting to worry about us and how much longer we’ll be around”

  5. If a human falls over from lack of oxygen after we all get chopped down…and nobody was there to hear it…did it make a sound?

  6. can you scratch my back?
    i think someone had carved ‘J hearts M’ on my back and i cant reach it…

  7. Hey, man, after this election, I’m outta here. I got places to go, people to see…

  8. “What’s wrong?” “I’m getting close of getting old. I’m about to die” “But you are only 550 years old!”

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