Beards Are The New Hotness!

Letterman and Conan are wearing their ‘strike beards’ to show their solidarity with the writers on their shows.

I’ve been seeing it everywhere in New York City; guys with beards now that the cold weather is here. And I’m loving it! It’s sexy, and just a little bit fuzzy too. When I put together a meeting of green bloggers a few weeks back, ALL of the guys had beards, and none of them are hippies, though they are all creative, dynamic men.

Why am I talking about beard trends on an eco-blog? Because not shaving every day is definitely low-impact:

-Less hot water used in the shower or at the sink

-Less or no need for razors or shaving cream (which often comes in those huge unrecyclable containers)

-Hair on your face keeps you just a bit warmer outside- and in. Turning the thermostat down just 1 degree can save you 5% on your heating bill!

Boys with beardsStarre and Ari
Boys with Beards! My friends (L-to-R) Dan Shapely and Brian Howard, editors at The Daily Green, and Muhammed Saleem, top green Digger, and
Me with my friend Ari, who hasn’t worn a beard in years, and is now a convert!

That’s (L to R) Joe Hollis, Botanist, Herbalist, Mentor and Master of Teas, Curtiss Martin, blogger at Scribemedia, and Shea Gunther, blogger and eco-entrepreneur sporting the facial fuzz.

Leo was spotted with a beard recently while being honored at the Marrakesh Film Festival!

But ladies, please DON’T try this at home…. even if you’re as cute as Avril Lavigne!

Do you NEED more cute guys with beards? Check out the New Yorker’s slide show!

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  1. And I thought I was “thinking green” by growing my facial hair in coordination with the seasons: ghotee in spring and autumn, full beard in the winter (trimmed to a length that corresponds with the median temperature adjusted for wind-chill), and clean-shaven in the summer.

  2. I like to think that beards have always been hot, and the trend is coming back around again. 😉

  3. I think changing your beards by the seasons is ecofriendly, keeps things interesting, and makes you more aware and in touch of the Earth’s cycles. Go Joe!

  4. It’s always been a practical decision for me to be honest. Blades are a waste (and expensive) and the act of scraping the face seems so odd. So, trimming with a rechargeable trimmer and using as few blades as possible seemed common sense. There will probably come a time when maintaining a clean shaven face will not only be hot but also impractical, and frowned upon. Recycled blades will be a premium product, and barbers will once again be in demand, shaving with a single edged blade. (The best way to go anyway.) What was old is new again.

  5. Paul Gilroy says:

    Since I could grow facial hair I have had a beard or some scruff. I found shaving wasteful time wise and resource wise. I got a job last year where they asked me to shave it off. I did and was furious when playoff time for the hockey games came around and all of the men in the store were allowed to grow playoff beards. The company supported silly hockey traditions but not one man’s want to save some resources.

  6. People have some interesting preconceived notions about what constitutes a “beard” and what doesn’t. I’m lucky and have a full beard, (which leads back to the reason it exists in the first place) but when I do shave it (usually once a year) and then grow it back, that period of time when it is half grown in, you’d think I was a member of the Manson family from some of the reactions. So, a “scraggly” beard will get less a kind reception than a fully grown beard, and of course, artistic expressions of self (I have to admit, I still don’t get the “soul patch”… it makes me laugh cause it’s what we’d do in college on a dare after an eve of whisky.) are a no no in some circles. You have to be clean shaven or have a full and clean beard. Otherwise, your a beatnik/vagrant/hippie/serial killer. Some social attitudes are difficult to lose it would seem.

    It’s sorta funny how we like to think that we have evolved since the 50’s, but in some ways, not so much. It’s just facial hair after all.

    Conversely, facial hair is seen as an expression of masculinity and virility in many cultures. But, in the west, men feel compelled to shave their entire bodies so they look like new born pups. (Giggle snort.)

    Was watching “Two and a Half Men” briefly on tv, and both stars had no shirt on and were shaved completely of all hair on their faces and their upper body. Not a trace of chest or belly hair. And, it struck me as odd, and also somewhat sad. Such a completely over bearing social movement to eliminate something so natural and simple. There’s a self loathing there of our most natural self that has always struck me as sad.No one is safe from our social restrictions of “self” and what constitutes beauty and what does not.

    Once upon a time, men and women felt compelled to “let their freak flag fly” as a response to this form of social and cultural pressure… and maybe more practical reasons are coming into play as well.

    When blades cost 15 bucks a pack, and are made in sweat shops in Indonesia at pennies a pack… and get used and thrown away… and you go through 300 dollars of them in a year… the reality becomes a bit clearer…

    What type of alternatives are there out there to shaving with blades? Are there green versions available?

  7. I’ve had a beard for the past 8 years and my wife loves it 🙂

    Having to shave every morning is hard on the skin anyways, and a beard actually takes less time to groom than if you would have to scrape your face daily.

  8. TS Ferguson says:

    If they really felt solidarity with the writers then those so-called stars should strike too. I imaging their companies would cave if David Letterman or Conan, or any other big names went on strike as well. Cowards.

  9. Funny but like other topics that are floated on this website I believe that I had heard the beard buzz elsewhere first. Thank goodness that you put your own spin on it or people might think that you don’t have any original idea’s!

    Amanda Brooks may not focus on the green side of it but she clearly dominated the arena of talking about the hipster beard in NYC. She had it on her blog, it ended up all over the place and NPR ran a quick tidbit interview with her last week.

    Good Luck with your content and career, your gonna need it. You cannot piggy back creativity…

  10. Well, please, beards are certainly not a new phenomenon, you’re right about that. Famous beard-wearers from history include Jesus and Moses, and I’m sure there were some ancient Greeks and even before that Egyptians and cavemen who had beards! Thanks for the men’s Vogue link…I hadn’t seen that, since I’m not a guy and I only have time for one Vogue in my life I stick to the women’s version. I didn’t even hear about the cute slideshow on the New Yorker site until one of the bearded guys in the blog post sent it to me. Unfortunately, running a blog takes time away from my being able to see what EVERY media outlet in the world is writing about every subject. I just noticed what my cute blogger friends were doing- that’s great that Ms. Brooks wrote about it too- hopefully now even more guys will take the plunge and go bearded, saving resources and water!

  11. Like my friend told me a year ago: not shaving is the new shaving.

    But he’s gay.

  12. I am glad that the male homosapiens are finally coming to their senses and realizing that it’s not just homeless or “creepy” men who grow beards. I have had facial hair since I could grow them, have never shaved, and don’t ever intend to. I keep my beard well maintained, and to those shallow women who think that beards are ugly…well who cares what you think (at least not me).

  13. I don’t have beard on my chick.I’m 24 years old.What I’ll do?

  14. i dont think beard is suitable for everyone. in my opinion ugly guys looks better with the beard but nice guys shouldnt do them! 🙂 anyway was an interesting article indeed. gud work!

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