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The team at Eco-Chick are very excited to have been mentioned in today’s New York Times’ article about Eco Moms!

For those of you new to Eco Chick, you can find all the “Mom” content by browsing the “Categories” section at right and checking the box next to “Green Mom”. There you’ll find a wealth of past articles about being a parent and raising your child in a healthy and sustainable way.

Kim Jordan Allen’s posts on Green toys and Inspirational Green Links for Green Moms are a great place to start.

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Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of Eco-Chick.com and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. Congrats on the mention in NYT. How’d you pull it off?

  2. Well, we’ve been around awhile…you’ll see our archive goes back to October of 2005, and in that time I guess a lot of folks have found their way to the site, including the NYTimes writer! 🙂

  3. Eco Moms? How about a lesson in hypocrisy? Let’s see. We have a microcosm of the entire misguided movement right there in the photo courtesy of the NYT’s (which by the way…laid off another another 100 employees due to the financial strain that occurs when you shape the news towards an ideology and away from the facts).

    We see at least three lamps burning bright (not the least of which is one in another room that appears unoccupied). I don’t believe the various wine labels sitting there on the coffee table are organic or biodynamic wine. At least, I don’t recognize the vintage as one. The participants are sporting myriad different commercial produced apparrel. And, the room in which the meeting is taking place suggests an affluent life style and could very well be one of those evil McMansions.

    Eco Moms? Please. How about just a bunch of lemmings trying to feel relevant by creating an issue that has not been proven…and in fact is less likely to have any merit with every new acquisition of evidence. I find irony in the fact that it has been proven (factually…not just by inuendo) that the ice shelves of Greenland are at their largest in 15 years at this very moment.


  4. Just wanted to let you know about a great product that would be great for moms (and anyone else) who wants to be environmentally smart.

    The product is called AquaJoe and it is an alternative to single serve drink boxes and powder packets. Basically, it is a small, reusable tool that scoops, seals & serves any powder. It works with all drink powders and anything that can hold water (even bottled water if you have to).
    Since it fits easily into a one quart plastic bag it is ideal for carrying infant formula on a plane.

    There is a product video on http://www.aquajoe.com

  5. Congratulations, to the entire Eco-Chick team!

  6. Eco-moms, congrats on the NYT article. You definitely deserve it. Don’t listen to the haters. The fact that you are raising awareness and creating a support structure to change your lifestyles is huge, and should be applauded. Many people don’t realize how far some of us have had to come in adjusting our mentalities that have been pre-programmed since we were young in order to make inroads to reducing our carbon footprints. Though not yet a mom, I think you guys are an inspiration.

    Congratulations on your success, and keep up the good work.

  7. I read with interest the New York Time article. I think it is great that “Moms” get together and assess and recommend products. We are great at screening products and recommending those that work for us. I thought I would recommend a product to your group – Zero Tox All Purpose Cleaner. It is a completely non toxic unscented water based cleaner-degreaser that effectively cuts through even the toughest grease & grime. Hertz thinks so highly of it, they use it to clean all their car rentals. The employees asked Mark Bass the company owner to make it available for them to use at home. It is so safe you can drink it. It is not harmful to those with allergies, pregnant women and fetuses. It is also biodegraable. The owner is so committed to it that he is giving your first bottle to your free if you pay for shipping. It is a great deal and one that women need to be telling each other about. I don’t usually promote cleaning products but I liked this Company’s story and they really seem to care. Check it out. http://www.zerotoxcleaner.com.. Tricia

  8. Wow! Very cool to see you on the front page, raising awareness and spreading the green gospel. Hopefully more folks will see the importance of becoming more aware of what we consume, where it comes from and that it all has consequences on the beautiful blue planet of ours. Let’s also hope the global warming denialists will wake up from drinking their kool-aid and understand that the natural resources on this planet are not infinite and that our future hangs in the balance on doing something now rather than continuing in the status quo fashion..

  9. It’s all good! Whatever we do for good and without harm is all that matters. Don’t worry about the feedback you all get …you are doing something. Keep up the great work. Let’s get mom’s connected and organized!

  10. I am happy to have discovered your site through the NY Times article. I’ve been recycling since the first Earth Day in 1970 and recently found a wonderful, very green company in Australia that make certified organic personal and health care products. I love pampering myself and others while contributing to my health and the health of mother earth.

  11. Great article! Please check out some of the work we’re doing at http://www.secondchancetoys.org to rescue and recycle plastic toys for needy children. Would love help and support to expand what we’re doing. Thoughts and considerations are most appreciated!.

  12. Oh Wow that is great! I just found your blog and love it! Keep up the great work!

  13. Judy Burnett says:

    Just found this website thru the NYT article. I wanted your readers to know about a terrific book, although not strictly a book on ecology it is about healing depression without medication or therapy. What it does tell you is how to live in such a way that depression is healed, permanently. It’s an amazing book, a quick read, and thoroughly enjoyable besides being invaluable.
    I know a lot of you out there have depression or have a friend or family member who suffers from it, because depression is now an epidemic. Give this book a chance. I got it on Amazon, not expensive. I’ve ordered a couple more for friends. Because it is about healing healthfully and naturally, it seems to me to fit in with your mission.
    The book is called “Up Without Meds.”

  14. I found your website via the NY Times article. Wow!
    I love it. Great discussion and ideas.
    I wanted to share a great eco-saving idea.
    I just purchased a product that measures the electricity use of any appliance. It calculates in $$ how much my refrig costs every day. Guess what? my old frig was such an electricity hog that I bought a new one that will pay for itself in less than 2 years. Such a good teaching tool for my kids.
    Also, leaving my entertainment center plugged in (but not on) over night cost me $10 per month and is adding to global warming.
    It is so simple to use. I bought it online at http://www.wattsupmeters.com

  15. Mpls Star trib ran thi same article last week. There are so any great mom based organizations here in MN and all over the US. In families women overwhelmingly purchase the products for their family. I have so many women friends here in MN stepping up the learning and practices in being more earth friendly. I recently heard a great topic on sustainability and that it is not just eco, it must onclude social and econoic. There are so many people trying to do the right thing, yet economic insentives are not there. This is the largest response I have seen on one posting. Weather that’s the new york times thing, or the mom thing. I found you 3 years ago and have posted frustration in trying to promote the natural product line I repped. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to promote it because my family needs me to make more money than this good cause did…too many hurdles. Why is that and whaat can ecochic do about it? What can anyone do? Money talks and just like the author of the book “Cures they do not want you to Know about” the evidence is clear that multicorps control the markets and their products are far inferior, cheap and downright unhealthy, but they make many people lots of money. Thanks for providing some outlet for women to connect on this site!

  16. Involved with 2 Eco moms like yourselves that started this business…

    Empowering moms to host “Eco Friendly Birthdays” Echoage. No packaging, and wrapping and cards and envelopes….no driving around searching for an unappreciated gift. Parents host a party and guests pool money by paying online… it gets split between the birthday child and a meaningful cause. Echoage takes a share to cover transaction costs etc.

    There’s cool tools so you can track the RSVP’s, parents emergency contact #’s and any special needs of your guests like allergies etc.


  17. Glad to have found this site. I am an eco-mom turn ecotrepreneur. I have been a stay at home mom exclusively for the last three years but have recently been inspired to join the marketplace (crafted to meet my new mother lifestyle). My new co. called Azul Conservation Products is the US distributor of water conservation goods designed by Ripple Products rippleproducts.com in Australia. These simple goods promote water conservation through digital and sand shower timers and water collection buckets to introduce water recycling. My markets are retailers large and small, hotels, universities, water districts…I am excited about these products because I am not just selling goods, I am selling water conservation. We all know how to be great consumers. To improve our environment we need to meet people where they are at and sell water conservation, energy conservation…thru simple and practical products. I cannot do this venture alone. I am located in California. I am seeking reps. all around the country to sell water conservation through these products. They have done incredibly well in Australia, selling 1 million last year alone.

    As a mother of three young children I can appreciate the importance of a job that fits my specific needs; it must bring me joy, must make a positive difference and MUST allow me to be present with my children. If you are interested in more info please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]. or call me at 805-649-9718.

    I will aso be at the Ripple Products booth (5275) at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim March 13-15. Very exciting. The possibilities are endless.

    Be well,

  18. Great aticles. I am glad to have found this site, as an eco-mother of 2 who is trying to do her part. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness….Thank you!

    I make and sell Reusable Eco-friendly, Affordable lunch items for kids and adults. Reusable all-cloth Sandwich Wraps, Baggies, Snack Bags and of course Fun Reusable cloth napkins. Check me out here: http://www.gnomeclothes.com

  19. Just found this site and am intrigued to find that there is such a group that is collectively trying to find more and better ways to stop polluting. It really doesn’t matter what the cause of our pollution is in terms of global warming or not global warming. What is important is that we as people are not being really good stewards of our environment mostly through lack of knowledge as to the scale of the problems we face.

    Here are some issues that we face:

    – There are seven giant trash votices the size of Texas and 70 feet deep from the trash that gets into our drainage systems.
    – Americans, according to Proctor and Gamble, start 1100 wash loads every second sending chemicals and surfactants into our streams, rivers and eventually the oceans.
    – Our landfills are filling up with caustic waste at an alarming rate.

    These are but a few of the issues that face everyone regardless of what our political beliefs are.

    There are solutions being developed to alleviate these problems but they are needing a paradigm shift to accomplish their end. For example, it is now possible to do all of your laundry without detergent using only cold water. I know. I have been using this system for over three years.

    If everyone changed to this new system it translates to NO pollution being added to the waterways since no detergent is used. It also means that there is no packaging needed that will eventually fill our landfills or end up in an ocean vortex. It will reduce the amount of diesel fuel entering our breathing space since it will need less trucks to transport laundry detergent.

    To learn more about this and other green technology products, visit: http://www.ecohealthandhome.com and click on the “Environmental Purity” link. Or you can email me at [email protected]

  20. My name is Samira. I am a social entrepreneur who has launched several businesses and e-commerce sites that are socially responsible, ethical and promote multiculturalism. I’m also a mom who likes to “live green” for my family, especially my 1-year old. However, buying organic and eco-friendly products isn’t always affordable. So I created Savy Mamas, a new “daily deals” site where moms like me can save money on organic, green, eco-friendly, handmade and socially responsible products and services.

    Savy Mamas also supports a good cause. Savy Mamas will contribute 1% percentage of sales to non-profits and programs that help mothers in the poorest areas of the world, with emphasis on supporting midwife programs, through our “Give to Live” campaign. Unfortunately, millions of women around the world don’t have access proper healthcare and die giving birth and we want to help change that.

    Savy Mamas will launch soon. It will help eco-moms save money and save lives. Please join for free at http://www.savymamas.com and follow us on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Savy-Mamas/221235834555066

    Thanks so much!!

    PS – if you are an eco-friendly/green/organic company who wants to be featured during the launch, shoot us an email at [email protected] for consideration

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