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I love shoes: Boots, booties, pumps, sandals, wedges- as long as it has a heel I will consider it. But as a vegetarian for the last 15 years, I’ve always struggled with the idea of leather. I don’t eat animals, so how can I justify wearing them? At the same time, with so many people consuming cows for meat, the leather has to go somewhere, and tanned hides are extremely durable and can last for many years, which is inherently ecofriendly (I still wear Doc Maarten’s that I bought on my first trip to London 11 years ago). And as I’m currently making the switch to an almost-vegan diet (I will continue to eat free-range eggs from farms I trust), I have to get the animal products out of the rest of my life.

The tipping point for me always was that vegan shoes were seriously ugly, and if I’m not going to wear the designs, then there’s no point in buying them. In the last couple years, all of that has changed. There are great-looking vegan shoes available at all price points, in tons of styles, from conservative (so not my style) to fun, boho, mod, and more, made with faux leather that actually breathes (unlike plasticky and polluting PVC), hemp, wood, organic denim, recycled materials, factory seconds and even peace silk.

And while I’m still wearing leather on my feet (I will don my collection of leather boots until I wear them out!), I now have tons of great options for new vegan footwear; the funky and fabulous Georgette’s from Belgium being the latest.

Keep an eye out on Eco Chick in coming weeks for regular highlights of great vegan footwear, as I navigate the animal-free shoe world. Next up, Natalie Portman’s new line!

Golden booties to brighten up your spring wardrobe. I’d wear these with skinny black jeans and a flowy paisley top.

Who among you doesn’t love a fabulous red shoe?

Ideal for evening….add these shoes to a daytime outfit of jeans and a tank, and you’re ready to dance.

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  1. Hey, just Stumbled upon your website…

    Check out the lovely http://www.mooshoes.com from New York for their gorgeous shoes. I just got myself a pair of the Darcy in burgundy and I am in love! I work for Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton, UK, and we do some cute ladies’ shoes, but nothing as beautiful as Moo Shoes sell!

    Things are so much better for we vegan shoeloving ladies than in the past! Borguoise Boheme also have some pretty styles…


  2. Starre,

    how great indeed are the shoes from georgette! I just received the estelle silver and they are gorgeous…AND comfortable.

    what I love so much about http://www.georgette.be is that their footwear is not alone vegan, but also all made in Italy and Spain: sweatshop-free!

    All that is worth the 100 euros for a pair of gorgeous silver pumps!


  3. Lea Fredrichs says:

    Eggs are very unhealthy and teeming with cholesterol. Even if you find a “farm you trust” not to abuse the chickens or throw away the useless male hatchlings, as is far too often the case, the amount of energy and land and feed grains wasted and the amount of waste produced is rediculous. You don’t need eggs. There is nothing in an egg you can’t get elsewhere. There are many egg replacers for baking and scrambled tofu is a healthier alternative for you and the environment.

  4. It’s about time the fashion world woke up to the fact that vegans don’t always want to wear ugly, canvas shoes. Natalie Portman has launched her new vegan line http://shoeswithsouls.com/inside-natalie-portmans-vegan-show-launch which has garnered a lot of press for vegan fashions. Not everyone can afford to spend $200 plus on a pair of shoes though, so I am looking forward to other price points for great looking vegan shoes.

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