Toys R Us Goes Green-ish

This week Toys R Us announced that it is launching a new line of green toys to be released by Earth Day, April 22nd 2008. I tend to be skeptical when bigger companies like this try to hit a marketing sector they may have previously missed. The Forest Stewardship Council has granted certification to the wooden toys, testifying that they are sourced from well-managed forests. There will be organic cotton dolls along with dolls that claim to be “natural.” These “natural” dolls are presumably from non-organic cotton, which is one of the most pesticide-laden products we consume.
It is a beginning for the toy giant. A few natural toys doesn’t really make a dent in the thousands of plastic, PVC, chemically engineered toys that Toys R Us sells, but perhaps moving in this direction will help the company to mend its ways?

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  1. I think at the very least the wooden toys will provide parents with more options. I used to work at a high-end kids store and we sold wooden toys from germany and sweden. Parents were so excited because they want to buy wooden toys but just can’t find them anywhere!

  2. Kim… for what it’s worth, one of our writers called Toys-R-Us to find out about the sourcing of these toys… as we might guess, they’re made in China. I don’t know that this completely undermines T-R-U’s “green” claims, but it doesn’t help them:

  3. Jeff,
    Thanks for the link! Yeah, made in China is not the best thing for many reasons. There are MANY toys that are made domestically that come from quality raw materials. I wonder if the situation with Tibet is going to inspire some to boycott Chinese products altogether, be they “natural” (I love MC’s discussion of the word natural – it is being so played these days for greenwashing) or not. Perhaps. There are certainly plenty of concerns regarding toy safety, product safety, and environmental oversight.

  4. This is so sad – just another example of using green as a gimmick and not really putting any real effort into change or improvement!

  5. exactly C Duran.

    Isn’t it sad that retrogressing toy material now has a marketing niche.

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