Because Mother Earth is a Woman

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Mother’s Day was born from the corporate strategists at Hallmark, but who wants to be a grinch . . . especially when it comes to your mother, the woman who gave you life and . . . well . . . pretty much most of hers? I say, honor thy mother by honoring nature.

Instead of pesticide-infused flowers or a toxic mani-pedi , pamper her with planet-friendly presents. The options are endless. Here’s a list of my five fave eco-chick Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Radley’s Recycled Plastic Umbrella .
98032_brown open

2. A pesticide-free bouquet from Organic Bouquet.

3. Under the Canopy’s 100 Percent Organic Cotton Robe . . . or why not indulge her with some of their exceptional 100 percent organic cotton bedding .

4. Priti Polish for non-toxic tootsies.

5. A Sigg water bottle . . . in a pretty print of course.

Happy Mother’s Day . . . remember it’s coming up soon, May 11th for you slackers.

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  1. OOOOOOOH. Those robes look soooo comfy. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Besides flowers, native plants are a great way to go for Mother’s Day. Or how about a tree (part of the gift can be planting it!) I love giving trees and bushes as gifts because they’re pretty, often something people won’t buy for themselves, alive, AND they suck Carbon like it’s their job.

  3. It’s soooooo hard to find mom’s a present – let alone eco-friendly. I found a great one that doesn’t necessarily apply to my mom but maybe it does to someone elses – a glass teapot and tea that blooms in the teapot. It’s really pretty looking and supposed to be organic.

  4. Under the Canopy is by far my favorite organic clothing brand… soooo comfortable (and sustainable!)

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