Under The Canopy Organic Bedding Giveaway

Check it out! Under the Canopy, our favorite ecofashion and organic cotton bath ‘n bedding co. is offering one lucky Eco Chick reader a gorgeous organic cotton bedspread—for free!

Earth Grove in stem (green) and white.

Garden Shadow in white eyelet.

Shimmering Vine in vanilla with gold accent.

Breezy Leaf in vanilla, soft pink and rye.

Brand new from Under the Canopy’s eco-luxury Top of Bed Collection, your duvet is made from 100 percent certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes.

The designs and colors are inspired by nature, including Breezy Leaf in vanilla, soft pink and rye; Earth Grove in stem (green) and white; Shimmering Vine in vanilla with gold accent; and Garden Shadow in white eyelet.

How To Win: Write your favorite style in the comments section below (be sure to fill in your email address when you leave your comment!**) and you’ll be automatically entered into Eco-Chick’s Under the Canopy Free Bedspread Sweepstakes. Winner will receive one of Under the Canopy’s Top of Bed duvets, retailing for $325.00.

**Eco-Chick and Under the Canopy promise not to sell, distribute, or otherwise make your address public. It will be used only for communications from Eco Chick and Under the Canopy. Sweepstakes ends May 31st.

Enter your comment below . . . and good luck!

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  1. I love the shimmering vine duvet! My cat, Tim, recently used my old one as a litter box.

  2. I love the Earth Grove set. I’m working on making my apartment more eco-friendly!

  3. I really like the Earth Grove bedding. Would be perfect in my guest bedroom!

  4. I like the shimmering vine in vanilla with gold accent!

  5. I love Earth Grove.

  6. I think that the Breezy Leaf is so pretty!

  7. Earth Grove looks so calm and peaceful. It would be like sleeping in a (much softer) bed of leaves!

  8. I love the Shimmering Vine in vanilla with gold accent. GO ORGANIC!

  9. Breezy Leaf! Their clothes look comfy too.

  10. Shimmering vine rocks! I like the simple elegant pattern on it. I don’t think I have had a “proper” bed comforter in….whoa, 10 years. eek!

  11. My favorite is Garden Shadow.

  12. Danielle S. says:

    My favorite is the Earth Grove in stem (green) and white. I need a bed and bedding to go with it, and this would be so nice!

  13. Breezy Leaf would be my choice.

  14. Michelle Bradley says:

    I love Earth Grove in stem!! Sooo very pretty!

  15. Rachel G says:

    Garden Shadow is such a beautiful, clean look. I love it!

  16. These are all so beautiful. My absolute favorite is the Earth Grove.

  17. Shimmering Vine in vanilla with gold accent. It’ll go with everything – especially if you like to change up the decorating all the time!

  18. Earth Grove is just stunning!

  19. I love the green of Earth Grove!

  20. Ronda Garnett says:

    I love them all…but Breezy leaf is my fav..Thanks for having the giveaway 🙂

  21. Earth Grove is by far my favorite and matches the colors in my bedroom! Hope I win!

  22. It’s close, but I’d go with Breezy Leaf.

  23. I love the Earth Grove. 🙂

  24. Johannah B says:

    I like the breezy leaf!

  25. Judith G. says:

    I love all of the duvets. The breezy leaf design is my most favorite. Thank you.

  26. My fav is the Shimmering Vine. Thanks!

  27. Dawn Henrichon says:

    I like the Earth Grove. A. I’m not allowed anything white. I’m a very messy woman. B. My family lives in Grove, Oklahoma so the name makes me think of the comfort of family. C. It’s just darn pretty. Thanks for the cool contest.

  28. Kat Bryan says:

    My favorite is Earth Grove. Thanks for having the contest!

  29. I like the Breezy Leaf design the best! They are all beautiful.

  30. It was hard to decide on one, but I do like the Breezy Leaf a whole lot. Thanks for having the contest.

  31. Hm, it’s close, but I’d say Earth Grove wins it for me. Perfect way to start my life as a fab eco-feminist pastor…

  32. The Shimmering Vine is gorgeous!

  33. I’m not sure if Canadians are eligible, but I’d love to enter if I may. My favourite style is definitely Earth Grove.

  34. My favorite style is Earth Grove 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  35. Samantha says:

    Earth Grove! It has a great casually elegant style!

  36. Earth Grove is my favorite, it is gorgeous.

  37. Earth Grove all the way! 🙂

  38. It was a tough choice but the Shimmering Vine is my favorite. So beautiful!

  39. Gotta have that earth grove. Beautiful. My bedroom would be complete with that beautiful bedding!

  40. My favorite is Earth Grove!

  41. I LOVE the Earth Grove.

    My family is in the process of going green – we are implementing a new habit each month. It’s so awesome and so empowering. I “preach” to everyone about the importance!

  42. I love the Earth Grove!

  43. Jennifer H says:

    This giveaway is fantastic! Thank you so much for arranging it! If I were to win (not getting my hopes up, though) then I would love to receive the Breezy Leaf comforter. I’ve meant to look into replacing all of our bedding with organic materials, but never found the time. Maybe this will push me into making it a priority!

  44. Green Shadow because it is very pretty and would match my pink bathroom…..

  45. I love the Garden Shadow in white eyelet. From the looks of it, this makes me fairly unique. I think white is classic, romantic & timeless and LOVE the texture the eyelet gives it.

  46. Danielle says:

    I love the Shimmering Vine

  47. Kari Follett says:

    The earth grove matches my bedroom perfectly! Thanks!!

  48. I think the Shimmering vine looks beautiful!
    Count me in your drawing!


  49. Garden Shadow for sure.

    easy, breezy, sustainable — recovergirl!

  50. I love Shimmering Vine!

  51. I absolutely adore the Shimmering Vine!

  52. Earth Grove. Would complete our bedroom!

  53. I love the bright, crisp, clean look of Garden Shadow!

  54. I love the Garden Shadow style. Very classic, very peaceful – beautiful!

  55. the earth grove is gorgeous

  56. I love the Garden Shadow.

    This is an awesome contest. Thanks!

  57. The Shimmering Vine one is really lovely.

  58. I love the Shimmering Vine….how nice to be eco-friendly as well as gorgeous!!!

  59. I love the Garden Shadow in white eyelet. It would be perfect with the simple bedroom decor I hope to put together in my new apartment.. 🙂

  60. Hard choice but I’m going with Earth Grove!

  61. i love the garden shadow.. there’s just something about all white bedding that i cannot get away from <3

  62. I really like the shimmering vine. It’s so luxe!

  63. I love Earth Grove. The color is so pretty!

  64. Oh I love the shimmering vine one! Great contest and great products, too. I love this blog 🙂

  65. I love them all but Earth Grove is my favorite!

    thanks so much I love Under the Canopy and I love Eco-chick!

  66. michelle rosborough says:

    I like the Garden Shadow

  67. Kimberly says:

    Ooo, ooo, Garden Shadow! Thank you Under the Canopy and Eco-chick!

  68. Love Garden Grove. I’m partial to green – the color and the movement 😉

  69. I love the Earth Grove collection! and I love your Web site!!!!

  70. The Earth Grove collection is gorgeous!

  71. I Love the Earth Grove. The entire collection is Beautiful!!

  72. Garden Shadow – I think that would be it. Coming in a close second would be Earth Grove but I can see the Garden Shadow in my bedroom. I painting in a light blue verging on purple tomorrow. I want to dream on organic cotten!

  73. Jessica Scirbona says:

    I love the earth grove. so cute!

  74. Bianca Echeanrd says:

    I love organic products. They are natural and they care for the planet, perfect.

  75. My favorite is Earth Grove!

  76. Kimberly says:

    Earth Grove in green is gorgeous!

  77. I love shimmering vine. Very elegant.

  78. Eliza Sumner says:

    Love the Earth Grove. Clean, simple, and would look lovely in my bedroom!

  79. The Shimmering Vine with gold accent rocks!!

  80. I like the shimmering vine! They are all great though.

  81. Ashley Robinson says:

    Hi there- beautiful collection 🙂 – I like the Earth Grove one the best, with Shimmering Vine a close second!

  82. Hello,

    Thanks for having this great contest!

    I am a huge proponent of organic agriculture and manufacturing. I have organic clothing, sheets, towels, and I eat organic foods, but I have yet to purchase an organic cotton bedspread. When I do it will definitely be from Under the Canopy, unless I one win here first!;) I love their products.

    All of the bedspreads shown above are beautiful, but the one that I like the most is Garden Shadow in white eyelet. It is gorgeous and would look great in our bedroom!

    Thanks again,

  83. Hey there!

    I love the Breezy Leaf in vanilla, soft pink and rye. It goes well with my island-style motif.


  84. Shimmering vine, hands down!

  85. Love the Earth Grove!! And of course this blog!

  86. I love the Earth Grove in Stem Green and White. It puts me into another world of fresh and fragrant air, cool breezes and warm sun. It’s so perfect for a condo grandmother, missing the sun and the stars. I’ll be watching this source for grand gifts as the year goes on – with so many daughters and grand daughters, sisters and friends, maybe I should buy stock. Thanks for the opportunity.

  87. I love Earth Green.

  88. Ack! I mean Earth Grove!!

  89. Amanda Caskey says:

    I absolutely love the Earth Grove. And I appreciate beyond anything the offer of beautiful organic bedding!

  90. Kristen Petty says:

    My favorite bedding set is the Earth Groove in stem green and white. I am a college student about to move into my first apartment and want to have all of my purchases be environmentally friendly. I love the color and the design but the 100 percent certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes are the best part!

  91. My favorite is the shimmering wine duvet. It is so beautiful, and these all just look so snuggly and inviting!

  92. kat dunford says:

    I love the Earth Grove in stem and white. Absolutely beautiful!

  93. the garden shadow is so clean and simple. I love it.

  94. The Shimmering Vine is wonderful!

  95. Quintin Bendixen says:

    Shimmering Vine has a nice classic look to it!

  96. I love the Earth Grove duvet in stem and white. This green color is so super chic right now, earthy and hip just like me!

  97. The Earth Grove bedding set is definately my favorite. I love greens and whites together makes things feel fresh. Just finished painting the laundry room a light green (mint hint) and adding white cabinets. That room always brightens my spirits.

  98. I think all four sets look really fabulous. The Earth Grove would go swimmingly in my lavender and purple room, and I would be just chuffed to win such yummy goods.

  99. Shimmering Vine matches the color of my dog (and her sheddings) so that one gets my vote!

  100. Earth Grove for sure.

  101. Shimmering Vine is my favorite, but I think they all look very elegant and clean. One suggestion would be to play further with the rye, vanilla and perhaps even gold and develop a deeper neutral or masculine pattern. Perhaps a stripe. (Although I realize this is eco-chick, I need just as much help proving to the man in my life that eco can look ‘hip’)

  102. Ooo la la, all the options are fabulous and probably will make you feel like a queen between those sheets! I love the Shimmering Vine- has bit of an ethnic touch to it that makes it interesting.

  103. We have been changing all our products over to be more eco friendly. The one place we haven’t yet is our bedroom. I love the Shimmering Vine set.

  104. Mike Connell says:

    Earth Grove – very warm colors with a natural pattern. Love it

  105. Oooh I love the first one the best – Earth Grove! I’m a sucker for that shade of green!

  106. Bed Betty says:

    I’d much rather be slumbering in some fluffy organic sheets than sitting at my office desk now! Those Earth Grove sheets looks so calming and coordinate with my shabby chic style as well as other other kinds of decor.

  107. The Garden Shadow makes me think of home… and how I would love to be in bed all day with this set.

  108. Oh my they are all so beautiful! But I think I’d have to say Shimmering Vine is my fav! Thank you for the great contest!

  109. I’m digging the shimmering vine!! pretty.

  110. I prefer the Breezy Leaf.

  111. Earth Grove is awesome!

  112. I absolutely love Breezy Leaf! So warm and beautiful. Looking at it makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation.

  113. I like the Garden Shadow in white. I’m not sure how practicle it is but it is very elegant.

  114. Elizabeth says:

    The Earth Grove would be my favorite.

  115. It’s Breezy Leaf for me.

  116. I love, love, love the simple elegance of Garden Shadow.

  117. I am all about the Garden Shadow too. Love it.

  118. I think all of them are beautiful. I guess my favorite would be the Shimmering Vine. I have changed all my lightbulbs. I am composting all my kitchen and garden refuse. I have my own organic garden growing cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, jalapenos, etc. I recycle anything that my city will take.

    The college I work for is building its first green building and has created a committee to make our campus green.

  119. I really like the Garden Shadow White Eyelet. I like the crisp clean look of white in the bedroom.

  120. Earth Grove in green would be perfect to replace my decade-old, dog-chewed bedspread!

  121. I just bought my very first home and thrilled that I could paint my bedroom any color I wanted! The walls are cascading shades of green and the trim is lavenders & blues. The Earth Grove bedspread would beautifully enhance the sense of calm I feel whenever I enter the room!

  122. Shimmering Vine

  123. My favorite is the Earth Grove bedspread.

  124. Though all four are gorgeous, for me it’s got to be shimmering vine!

  125. I am totally digging the Earth Grove!!

  126. I like the Earth Grove.

  127. Hi! My favorite color is Green, so the Earth Grove is my favorite! My bedroom walls are scarlet red – this would look absolutely wonderful with red! Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to try and win a set of organic bedding! Tina

  128. I love the breezy leaf collection!

  129. I loooove the Shimmering Vine! It’s so hard to find something with gold accents that looks fresh and doesn’t make me feel too gaudy. This would go great in my new “green” apartment! 🙂 Talk about a fresh start!

  130. I have to pick one?

    I think I’d have to go with Shimmering Vine, though I would put Breezy Leaf and Earth Grove in a tie for second, and I would give Garden Shadow fourth.

  131. The “Earth Grove” and “Shimmering Vine” are both beautifu! Another step in the right direction…without leaving footprints 🙂

  132. shimmering vine please!

  133. The Breezy Leaf is my favorite; the green bamboo sheets I already own would make the perfect accent, and make my bedroom feel more like the outdoors. Which is imperative, as making a basement city apartment feel bright and airy is quite tricky. Slowly but surely we’re converting all aspects of our life to be more eco-friendly, and a new duvet cover was high on the list as our rabbit chewed holes in the other.

  134. Earth Grove is by far the best. Simple design, not overwhelming. It’s beautiful! Shimmering vine is second, for me, and the other two are a distant last. I’m never been a big fan of eyelet, though it might be a good in with people who want a more traditional look.

  135. Earth Grove. Definitely. They’re all lovely, though.

  136. Tim Wright says:

    Shimmering Vine is fine. Thank you for the opportunity.

  137. I love the Garden Shadow – because it goes with every room style and colours.

  138. That’s easy. Earth Grove.

  139. I loooooooove the Earth Grove!

  140. Earth Grove is beautiful and would look perfect in my room!

  141. Tough call! Right now, Breezy leaf is my fav… ask me tomorrow though hehehe

  142. My favorite by far is the Earth Grove!

  143. matt aromatorio says:

    i have to say i would like the Earth Grove! Matches the dresser I just repainted 🙂

  144. amy karwacki says:

    Please sign me up for the Earth Grove duvet cover. Thanks, Amy.

  145. zach simonetti says:

    Breezy leaf for me please.

  146. My favorite is Shimmering Vine. A classy touch of vanilla and gold, plus its understated pattern, would accent almost any bedroom.

  147. Oh how beautiful! They are all so fantastic, but i think Earth Grove is my favorite.


  148. I love the earth grove pattern. It looks very fresh and relaxing. It would be kind of like sleeping under a tree, but in the extreme comfort of your own bed.

  149. Alia Noelle says:

    Garden Shadow in white eyelet! So pure and white! LOVE IT!!

  150. Garden shadow is my favorite. I like the cleanliness of the white. After planting an organic garden, switching to all CFLs and modifying my personal habits. Going green has been expensive all around.

  151. risa falcon says:

    I love the Earth Grove in Stem Green and White. It’s simply gorgeous and exactly what I had in mind for my guest bedroom…although I may change the plans a little! I’m thinking my current bedspread would be a better fit for the guest room now!

  152. It’s hard to choose, but Shimmering Vine would be my final pick. Kind of an Eastern feel … although I am definitely modern/minimal in my decorating, but this could work. At least more than the eyelet…

  153. Shimmering Vine has a nice Moroccan touch and is not too “girly” so my husband wouldn’t roll his eyes if he saw it on the bed. Earth Grove comes in at a close second. The other two are mostly white so aren’t a consideration for me because of our furry family members.

  154. i like shimmering vine the best. and i imagine our cats would like it too!

  155. Earth Grove in stem (green) and white is such a simple, pretty, soothing, clean design. My favorite!

    Thanks for the contest!

  156. I love the Garden Shadow sheets. Its such a classic crisp looking design, and its very pure and inviting.

  157. jamie miller says:

    i love the garden shadow with the eyelets. verry nicccceee!!!

  158. I definitely prefer the earth grove in green.I like the modern styling and green is my favorite color!

  159. Shimmering Vine looks good enough to eat. Or maybe it’s just because the color is “vanilla”. Sigh.

  160. I would have to go with the Earth Grove.
    Who doessn’t imagine sleeping outdoors?

  161. I loooooove the shimmering vine. It’s lovely and has a great flare to it. Thank you!

  162. The Shimmering Vine is an exercise of good taste; elegant, subtle, and beautiful without being overly feminine. Dreamy.

  163. I simply love the Earth Grove, but Simmering Vine was a close second choice. These are lovely!!!!

  164. I love “Breezy Leaf in vanilla, soft pink and rye”! 😀

  165. We love the Earth Grove set and it would make a great wedding gift for us!

  166. The Earth Grove set would have to be my choice as well 🙂 Go green!

  167. I love Shimmering Vine!

  168. Green all the way…. Love the Earth Grove collection… :o)

  169. Earth Grove in green is really nice!

  170. I like Green Grove the best fo sho
    It’s less girly than the white and could be for a younger person, such as myself.
    The Garden Shadow was a close second because I usually prefer solid colored bedspreads.

  171. Earth Grove, hands down.

  172. Green Grove is my favorite for a warm welcome to all the overnight visitors to my house. I want everyone to know how beautiful a home can be while being environmentally friendly.

  173. I love the Earth Grove (green). It’s beautiful.

  174. Randy Kato says:

    Earth Grove for sure…. that’s where I’d most like to snooze and stuff.

  175. I’m looking to update my bedding but keep the pink accents I already have. I love the Breezy Leaf pattern which would really brighten my space!

  176. Danielle N. says:

    Ohhhh I love the Earth Grove. Love that color green, so soothing.

  177. Earth Grove is wicked, not too over the top and great colors!

  178. I’m at a tie between Earth Grove and Shimmering Vine. All are very pretty, it’s hard to pick!

  179. christy snow says:

    I love Under The Canopy’s clothing & bedding!! I check out their website every week to see what they have added. I would absolutely love to win this!!!! Please please please pick me!!!

  180. Dylan Wiek says:

    Earth Grove and Shimmering Vine are my favs.

  181. OMG! I LOVE the last one! It is SO cute and would totally match my room! I think, if I don’t already get it, I might buy it! The Breezy Leaf one…I’m not sure what color, though. I love it, and would totally recommend it to my friends!!!

  182. Earth Grove, hands down.

  183. nicholle says:


  184. I love the Breezy Leaf duvet. It looks so soft and comfortable! I love that companies are using organic and sustainable materials now. Go Organic!

  185. I really enjoy the earth grove one. it’d fit my apartment rather well

  186. I like Garden Shadow.

  187. C. Yetman says:

    Shimmering Vine is gorgeous! I really like the clean look of Garden Shadow too, but my cat would make a mess of it in no time.

  188. Stephanie says:

    I love the Breezy Leaf duvet. It’s a gorgeous color and the leaves and berries are adorable!

  189. The Garden Shadow collection is absolutely lovely.

  190. love the garden shadow

  191. I love the Earth Grove!

  192. I love shimmering vine. It looks so elegant and could easily fit well in to most existing bedroom decors.

  193. Wow, I love the Earth Grove the best. The flower design reminds me of dandelions which I absolutely love!

  194. I like the earth groove, I would have to say it’s the most masculine

  195. I love them all, but Earth Grove would not go with my carpeting. Unfortunately a blue green. My first choice is shimmering vine, then garden shadow. I also like breezy leaf, but worry that when they say pink in the color, they really mean PINK and I just cannot imagine pink in my room. Would love to win! My home needs so much help.

  196. I really like the Breezy Leaf design the best. Its very pretty with that tropical twist.

  197. It is hard to decide between shimmering vine and breezy leaf! I willhave to go with breexy leaf- it looks like early summer days feel.

  198. shimmering vine seems the most masculine, nothing else would be allowed in my bachelor pad!

  199. shimmering vine is the most masculine, now that I’ve read some other comments, that seems to be unanimous. go organic!

  200. Earth Grove! Kinda reminds me of my hippie days!

  201. Shimmering vine in vanilla with gold accents sounds like a dream. It must be a bed for novels and warm tea…..beautiful organic too.

  202. Earth Grove

  203. I love Earth grove, looks like something I would like to get. Going paint my room a nice color green, and it seems like it fits that theme I was going for.

  204. Shimmering Vine for the win !

  205. Meredith says:

    Shimmering Vine is divine.

  206. Ryan Dickens says:

    Shimmering Vine is da bomb, yo!

  207. Kirk Scott says:

    Earth grove is definitely my bedding of choice.

  208. Shimmering Vine is my favorite too!

  209. I love the Garden Shadow

  210. Christina F says:

    I love classic white, and eyelet is so pretty…so I’m down for Garden Shadow!

  211. I like the Earth Grove!

  212. Earth Grove!

  213. being the macho, macho metro male that i am, i prefer the earth grove in stem coloured one. the simple white is tight too.

  214. Earth grove is my favorite!!!

  215. Lisa Inversin says:

    Shimmering Vine in vanilla with gold accent is my favorite!

  216. Breezy Leaf in vanilla for me.

  217. I think the Garden Shadow looks great.

  218. I like Earth Grove, it fits my personality best. It looks cozy, like a mossy fern-fringed forrest grove.

  219. The Earth Grove one is very lovely. It looks so soft and snuggly! :3

  220. I really like your Earth Grove style. It is the only one that I could have that my kids’ dirt wouldn’t show up on. I could never have a white bedspread, it would be dingy in no time.

  221. Garden Shadow is beautiful – so pure and romantic at the same time!

  222. I like Shimmering Vine. It’s very attractive when eco friendly products manage to look luxurious.

  223. Gloria Chen says:

    Earth Grove style brings the outdoor inside. Very peaceful.

  224. My girlfriend and her allergies would love Shimmering Vine.

  225. I LOVE the Earth Grove style. Would match my bedroom perfectly!!!

  226. I like the Shimmering Vine style very much. It would match my antique bed frame and headboard perfectly. It is one of the most elegant and attractive styles of bedding that I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe that it’s also eco-friendly! Thank you for producing products that are not only eco-friendly, but ascetically pleasing.

  227. breezy leaf!!!!! it’s so islandy.

  228. Earth Grove! So cute!

  229. I love the Earth Grove – love love love how it looks with the white walls. So relaxing.

  230. Earth Grove, nice an graphic. Looks clean and comfortable

  231. I really like the Shimmering Vine.

  232. I like the Breezy Leaf set the best, as it reminds me of both beach-side times and winter.

  233. The Earth Grove one is lovely because it’s very serene.

  234. I like Earth Grove.

  235. Can I vote for more than one? Earth Grove is lovely but apparently everyone else thinks so too so I’ll leave that (ha ha) to another. I adore eyelet but with small kids climbing into the bed I don’t know how I would ever keep it clean. So for me…Shimmering vine would be beautiful in my bedroom.

  236. I love Earth Grove! 🙂

  237. All a little floral for my modernist taste, but Earth Grove is my fave of the 4.

  238. Garden Shadow looks so beautiful and classic! That’s definitely my top choice.

  239. I have to opt for Breezy Leaf. It’s got that sort of islandy-bamboo sort of feeling about it, and I like the angularity and accents of the patterns. Earth Grove is a pretty green, but I think the elegance and flow of the pattern on Breezy Leaf really make it my favorite.

  240. Kaitlin Ugolik says:

    Earth Grove is absolutely beautiful, and green!, which is not only a wonderful color, but demonstrates the message!

  241. All of them are beautiful, but I like the Breezy Leaf best.

  242. They are all fantastic however the Earth Grove is my favorite!!! Thanks for offering this new organic bedding and the chance to win!

  243. They are so pretty! Garden Shadow is my favorite, but it was a toss up between it and Earth Grove. Beautiful!

  244. Jessica Gionet says:

    These are all so beautiful, but I have to say it’s Garden Shadow as my favorite. It reminds me of summers at a cottage.

  245. Breezy Leaf is the one I would love on my bed the most.

  246. Shimmering Vine is far and away my favorite. Earthy tones make me feel very comfortable.

  247. The Earth Grove bedspread matches my 1920s used but gorgeous bedroom set perfectly! Lovely!

  248. Shimmering Vine is definitely my choice, although all of the others are quite lovely as well.

  249. I really like the pattern and natural color of Breezy Leaf!

  250. I’m excited to come across such a great “green” web based business. I’m taking steps to do my part to help save our planet, and bedding is next on the list! I think the Breezy Leaf is beautiful and elegent. Love your products, best of luck in you business venture!

  251. Oh, what I would give to have the EARTH GROVE bedding…beautiful! I love it. I also like the Breezy Leaf. Thanks. [email protected]

  252. Earth Grove is our favorite!

  253. I *love* the Shimmering Vine duvet. Keep up the good work!

  254. Garden Shadow is amazing! It’s great to see eco-friendly products that look so good. Congrats to whoever wins the giveaway!

  255. I like the Shimmering Vine, they are all beautiful. I am moving to a new home in another state and becuase of my condition I am having go green.

  256. Christie says:

    Garden Shadow is like a cool summer breeze.

    Their blankets look cozy too.

  257. They’re all awesome – but if I were to pick just one I’d go with Shimmering Vine. It’s cozy and sexy all at once – exactly what I’m trying for with my bedroom! As an added bonus, it’s not at all girly, which my husband would appreciate!

  258. i love the earth grove! it’s so sweet!

  259. wow how cute any one of them will do for me thinks

  260. brittany says:

    Shimmering Vine has my vote!

  261. I Love the Shimmering Vine! The fact that its hue is off white makes me more comfortable knowing that it wouldn’t look dingy within a few months. Thank you for providing eco-friendly products.

  262. I love the Garden Shadow bedding!

  263. Dave & Rachel says:

    We like Shimmering Vine!

  264. Shimmering vine is my favorite

  265. Earth grove is the cutest. Great colors

  266. My partner and I were browsing Treehugger.com when we saw the contest. We agree that Earth Grove would suit us both perfectly. Best of all it is her favorite color…green!

  267. Shimmering Vine would be be my final choice because I think it may even stop my little neice in trying to make ‘her pen marks’ on it! I could convince her that it is already ‘very pretty.’!Hope you will extend your range.

  268. Breezy Leaf gets my vote. It’s fresh, natural, and makes me think of summer all year round.

  269. Garden Shadow gets my vote: it reminds me of my great grand mother’s house, and I can smell the pure clean air of the Jura mountains (East of France) just looking at it! This collection is simple, beautiful, elegant, and to make it even better: GREEN!!

  270. LOVE the Earth Grove. I will be redecorating my room this summer, and Earth Grove would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  271. Ashley P says:

    I love Shimmering Vine, its so pretty! I don’t think I’d ever get out of bed if I had it. =]

  272. Kathryn Hedlund says:

    Earth green is my favorite! Green has always been my favorite color and I just love the green color of the earth grove set. If I had the earth green set, I don’t think I would every wake up in a bad mood because its just so pretty.

  273. Bonnie Williams says:

    Earth Grove is beautiful! It’s perfect since it is organic also! What more could you ask for?

  274. Garden Shadow. It’s classic and clean. I want to jump right in!

  275. Hey, I absolutely love the garden shadow in white eyelet. It is very clean and fresh looking.

  276. Michelle says:

    Earth Grove is the most beautiful set I have seen in a long while. If that’s not a reason to go green with your bedding set, I don’t know what is!

  277. Earth Grove is gorgeous. I love being eco friendly perhaps that will be my next purchase.

  278. my fiance and i LOVE the dainty lid’l eyelet sheets :]

  279. My favorite is the garden shadow in white eyelet. My dog “Dewey” sleeps with me everynight and he is all white. (His hair would not show up on this). Thanks for having a great website and for having a contest.

  280. i love, love, love the simplicity of garden shadow.

  281. I love them all! My favorite would have to the Shimmering Vanilla, this is a great way to save the environment and be eco-friendly!

  282. My favorites are Earth Grove and Breezy Leaf.

  283. I could definitely see myself cozying up in the Earth Grove.
    Sucker for green, what can I say?

  284. I like the Garden Shadow, very clean and classic.

  285. Earth Grove is my favorite. It is simple, but beautiful.

  286. Danielle says:

    I find Earth Grove to be the prettiest, but it doesn’t really matter what pattern your duvet cover is as long as you’re being sustainable and helping to make the world a little bit cleaner of a place

  287. Karen Lee says:

    I like them all but the Shimmering Vine looks so luxurious and being sustainable means that when I brag about it to my friends they will be even more likly to concider going green and getting on for themselves.

  288. The Earth Grove is my favorite, but all four are gorgeous. Nice job!

  289. Earth Grove is my favorite because it is peaceful and stress free , like my garden.Garden shadow is also very pure and beautiful.

  290. Shimmering Vine is beautiful with its touch of Indian inspiration!

  291. Kayleigh says:

    I love the Shimmering Vine. It looks very cozy and elegant. perfect for the cold northern Manitoba nights!

  292. It was very hard to choose–I love them all! I have to say that Shimmering Vine is my most favorite.

  293. I love Shimmering Vine it has a north African influence on its style!

  294. I love the Garden Shadow… matches everything!

  295. Garden Shadow is my favorite. I can dream about falling into bed with that after a nice relaxing bath.

    Very nice selection, though, hard to choose!

  296. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Shimmering Vine! It’s so pretty, but not overly feminine.

  297. Garden Shadow!

  298. I like Earth Grove. Green is my favorite color. I have green of some form in every room of my house!

  299. I LOVE the Shimmering Vine.

    It would go really well in our sunlit bedroom!

  300. Beautiful! My favorite is the Garden Shadow! 🙂

  301. I love love Shimmering Vine. I would be happy with any of them though they are all perfect.

  302. Breezy Leaf is my favorite…

  303. Earth Grove… They are all so pretty though!

  304. Earth Grove is my favourite followed closely by breezy leaf. They are all gorgeous though, nothing beats organic cotton!!!!!!

  305. I love the breezy leaf, it would add a nice touch of nature in my drab dorm room.

  306. Breezy Leaf fits my room at home and my dorm room [chartreuse and off-white respectively]. I would definitely prefer any of these to my current Bed Bath and Beyond buy.

  307. I love the Shimmering Vine. It is unique, yet neutral enough to go with any decor or color.

  308. The Earth Grove is gorgeous! Beautiful colors and design

  309. We’ve been looking to get all organic bedding for a while. I like the Earth Grove bedspread the most.

  310. Love the Earth Grove. It’s my favorite shade of green!

  311. Earth Grove please.

  312. Breezy leaf

  313. The airiness of Breezy Leaf reminds me of Hawaii… instead of flying there, I could just lay in these sheets and dream about it — a carbon-free vacation, so to speak.

  314. Veery Maxwell says:

    I love the Shimmering Vine duvet!

  315. The like the first two, but Garden Shadow is my pick.

  316. My wife would love the Earth Grove duvet. She’s been shopping for one for a few weeks and can’t find the color she likes. This looks like a perfect match!

  317. Cynthia Rohrs says:

    I love the Earth Grove. It would be a great alternative in our master bedroom in the summer.

  318. Melisa Phifer says:

    Earth Grove!

  319. definitely earth grove

  320. I really like the Earth Grove bedding. It has a nice shade of green and the white leaf design goes nice….like symbolizing nature.

  321. I love the Garden Shadow! I can just imagine sleeping on it. xD

  322. I love the Earth Grove. Green is my favorite color. Can I win please?

  323. The Breezy Leaf would match my chocolate leather headboard perfectly. It has all my favorite colors. My puppy Zoe ate a whole in my current one.

  324. The shimmering vine is a must! It is so crisp, clean and luxurious. And might I add perfect for my bedroom!

  325. margaret hodgson says:

    i love the garden shadow. my grandaughter who is only 7 has been learning about the enviorment and how to protect it.and she is only in kindergarten.i think this would be beautiful in her room.

  326. Madeleine Taylor says:

    I have bought organic cotton towels as I need to replace worn out items. And I really like the shimmering vine set. We are actually about to remodel our bedroom and I am researching the most eco friendly way to do that. This would be an excellent way to top off my redone room!

  327. Rebecca Acome says:

    I like Earth Grove. The green is a pretty color!

  328. Lindsay Brown says:

    Earth Grove is my favorite! It’s a very delicate color.

  329. I like the Breezy! I love the soft pink/rye combo!

  330. I like Breezy Leaf. It looks so soft. :3

  331. I love the Garden Shadow! It’s so bright and clean looking.

  332. Earth Grove. It’s green — naturally!

  333. I love the Simmering Vine.

  334. K. Marie says:

    The Shimmering Vine is stunning! Ahhhhh I am in love!

  335. the breezy leaf is just lovely.

  336. Shiann F. says:

    I love the Shimmering Vine! It looks like it would be soo comfy


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  339. Michaela says:

    I like the earth grove set…it looks so relaxing & comfortable!

  340. my favorite is the Simmering Vine!!

  341. I like the Breezy Leaf.

  342. I love that this bedding is made from organic cotton and is eco-friendly. Using natural products which don’t harm the earth or my family is important to me.

    I love the Earth Grove color and it matches my bedroom curtains. 🙂

    Thanks for having a great giveaway for us.

  343. Lots of entries! Holy cow! My favorite design is the Garden Shadow because it’s so clean looking.

  344. Shimmering Vanilla…love the warmth.

  345. Earth Grove looks WONDERFUL!

  346. Earth Grove, although they’re all gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway.

  347. Earth Grove is my favorite. It would look great in my master bedroom.

  348. Earth Grove is so pretty!

  349. I love the Garden Shadow!

  350. I absolutely love the groove. It’s kind of a hard decision, because Garden Shadow is beautiful as well. I picked the Groove because of the very apparent earth tones, and the fact that it looks heavenly confortable.

  351. Love, love, love the Breezy Leaf!!!

  352. Janine Courreges says:

    I really like the Breezy Leaf! So pretty!

  353. I like the shimmering vine duvet the best. I’m so glad I found your site and this giveaway before time ran out. We could really use a new duvet! It was one of those things we’ve never been able to justify buying… budget hasn’t allowed for much frill since we’ve been married. 🙂

    All these duvet’s are gorgeous!

  354. I HEART the Earth Grove and I heart ecochick 🙂 Go Green!!

  355. Debbie O'Halloran says:

    Wow! I just found this site and it is fabulous!

    I love all of the choices, but my favorite set would have to be Earth Grove! The coloring is beautiful, and the design so eco-concious!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share in your site!


  356. Earth Grove so fine-
    want to make you mine.
    Come home with me-
    treats delight you’ll see!

    Earth Grove so fine-
    organic love divine.
    Pillows, throws, duvet-
    Under the Canopy hurray!

  357. I like the Breezy Leaf in vanilla, soft pink and rye. It’s colors are soft and it has lots of color. White may be the “classic”, but it’s boring.

  358. The Shimmering Vine Collection looks like luxurious hotel linens, and you can dream peacefully without the guilt of conventional cotton! I would love to have a chance to slip between those sheets!

  359. Oh, to slumber in an Earth Grove in the dark and the silence and the softness, joined by all the earthly beings, and elves inspiring organic, sweet dreams.

  360. I love shimmering vine!!!

  361. Nicholas says:

    I like Garden Shadow. It definitely has a classical elegance.

  362. Nancy Ann Gazo says:

    Breezy Leaf is the one that captures my attention. I am trying to redecorate my whole condo room-by-room, and that would be so wonderful for the Master Suite!

  363. Stephanie Carrier says:

    I love the Garden Shadow – It fits in with my current decor

  364. Garden Shadow is stunning. What a pleasant surprise! Not only do we get to read a great blog, but we have the oppotunity to win something as well. Thank you!

  365. Stefanie says:

    I love the Garden Shadow cover. It’s beautiful!

  366. I love the Shimmering Vine with the gold accents, eco-friendly and royal, that’s unique!

  367. michelle y wellner says:

    Gold accented vine — CLASSIC. To me this design touches my inner soul, it expresses who I AM! ANCIENT and DIVINE FEMININITY, what a spiritual gift to behold as I would be held. Style and organic natural fibers to finally BREATHE and AWAKEN in more than one sense.

  368. Katherine says:

    I really like the calm green of Earth Grove.

  369. I love the shimmering vine duvet! It’s beautiful. They are all beautiful. I just love that they are organic. I have small children that I’m trying to teach about the environment but I love seeing things that are not only practical and enviromental- but also beautiful!

  370. I love the shimmering vine duvet! It’s beautiful. They are all beautiful. I just love that they are organic. I have small children that I’m trying to teach about the environment but I love seeing things that are not only practical and environmental- but also beautiful!

  371. Jessica L says:

    The Simmering Vine is both chic and stylish.They look like a set you can sleep comfortably and be eco conscious. I love these sets!

  372. Ingrid B says:

    Garden Shadow is my favorite! It is simply beautiful! It’s elegant and feminine. It makes you want to spend a cozy afternoon in bed. I just found this site. Everything looks fantastic.

  373. I love the earth grove. It has the most beautiful earth tone green. I love natural looking fabrics. Also, most of my friends think it is also the most beautiful. I want to share it with my guest!!!!

  374. I love the Earth Grove in white. It gorgeous and green!

  375. I think the Garden Shadow in white eyelet is very elegant, and it would make a great accessory to our bedroom. Thank you! Michael-John Smith

  376. I really like the Breezy Leaf. Count me in!

  377. I like the Shimmering Vine collection because it looks cool and clean. It is reminiscent of the traditional idea of “linen.” When I look at it, I get the sensation of falling into a fluffy white cloud. Its simple style will go well with any decor.

    Thank you for offering consumers a chance to sample these fine linens.


  378. I love the Earth Grove, very calming, perfect for my new bedroom! I’m glad to see such wonderful earth freindly linens. Thanks,Vicki

  379. Shimmering vine would look good in my room. I just bought some organic sheets for my guest room and I love them. I want to go green with my master bedroom also.

  380. Breezy Leaf was a beautiful use of color and pattern loved it and I believe even my husband would have that pink in the bedroom with no objections.

  381. I love Earth Grove. I love Earth Tones. I love organic. Thanks for a great contest!

  382. eugenia yuan says:

    i love earth grove! such a beautiful looking pattern on what i’m sure are wonderfully soft sheets!

  383. I LOVE the Shimmering Vines. It is feminine without being frufru. They are all beautiful and I would love any of them in my home.
    Great job!!!

  384. Lori Hamilton says:

    I love the Earth Grove in green, beautiful!!!

  385. The Garden Shadow is the perfect accent to everything! No matter what your color scheme.

  386. The earth grove is gorgeous!

  387. Matt Allen says:

    I really like the Earth Grove! That is a nice shade of green.

  388. They all look like vacation. I would say Earth Grove is my number 1… it’s beautiful and the most functional, as it will hide stains better than the rest of them!

  389. Tori Michel says:

    I really like the Earth Grove one best. With many pets, I think it would be the one needing the least washings and it doesn’t have flowers on it, which my hubby would hate. If I don’t win, I want to know where to find this stuff!

  390. I love breezy leaf! It would make my bedroom look like a vacation spot. And who would think it is organic. Wow.

  391. I liked garden shadow

  392. I really like the earth grove!

  393. Anne Short says:

    Breezy Leaf looks so comfy. I could crawl right in.

  394. I love the Earth Grove choice! Count me in on your drawing, thank you!

  395. lisa diciccio says:

    I love the shimmering vine… it is beautiful

  396. Rhianna Riggs says:

    The Breezy Leaf is gorgeous. It’s great to know there is pretty eco-friendly bedding out there like this. Thanks!!

  397. Kelsey Cyr says:

    this bedding is gorgeus and green too i am always looking for ecofriendly stuff that is cute!!!!

  398. Clare Dewey says:

    Breezy Leaf, All the way!!

    First year at college is going to be rough and I would love to cuddle up in some comfortable bedding! Plus make my roommate a little jealous!

  399. Melissa Mahony says:

    Earth Grove–I’m messy, I need a lot of color.

  400. I like the Garden shadow. You could do anything with it colorwise. It’s so flexible! You could change the look of your room on a whim & still use this set forever! Thanks Eco-Chick!!

  401. Green is my favorite color, so my vote goes to Earth Grove.

  402. I love Earth Grove!

    They are all so beautiful – thank you for this opportunity!

  403. Earth Grove would look right at home in my bedroom!

  404. Earth Grove!! Definitely my favorite. Trying to be more eco-friendly and get my home healthier as well.

  405. Breezy leaf is glorious.

  406. Garden Vine is gorgeous, would make my newborn happy!!

  407. I like the Breezy Leaf. I already have bamboo sheets (really comfy) and organic cotton towels, this one would go great!

  408. Breezy Leaf!! Is the contest over? I can’t believe I missed this giveaway. I would love this for my daughter. Just in case the contest is extended….
    gorgeous designs and you can tell you won’t get tired of the design as they are elegantly understated.

  409. Earth Grove is very pretty!!!

  410. i really like earth grove. very very pretty!!

  411. I love the earth grove it is a nice soothing color for our shared bedroom. Mamma, Pappa and baby make three.

  412. Oh this one is my fav. Looks so inviting. Looks soft and cozy. Organic should mean color and this is pretty.

  413. Hope Cronkright says:

    How gorgeous! The white eyelet garden shadow bedspread is beautiful. It would go great with my vibrant blue walls.

  414. Love the Earth Grove pattern. I have MS, and research helped me realize that a purer lifestyle makes a big difference. I started with organic foods, later added organic skincare and body products… and just purchased an organic bed. Now I need organic bedding! The stem and white Earth Grove pattern is beautiful… and looks so comfortable! I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet looking for organic duvets… and there are so few with color! Thanks for breaking the mold and offering something other than white and natural!

  415. Earth Grove would be my pick, if I were so fortunate as to win. It looks so fresh and inviting! 😉 Plus, I LOVE Under the Canopy products-the longer you have them, the softer they get!

  416. the fabrics look great, perfect for someone with chemical sensitiviy, come up with some jeans and tee shirts for men,
    and i’ll be there.

  417. Darlene Johnso says:

    I prefer Garden Shadow. I am partial to the white eyelet. I know it would go with my decor beautifully in my bedroom

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