Rogan for Target at Barney's: Inside the Dressing Room

Starre Rogan 1
This shirt was the hit of the event.

You can’t say I don’t do anything for you, my faithful Eco Chick readers- for goodness’ sake, I took you inside the dressing room at Barney’s with me at the Rogan for Target debut, which was held at Barney’s on Madison Avenue in NYC last Thursday night. I showed up way before my friends and so I had a solo blast, rocking out to the house DJ, drinking champagne, snacking on veggie hors d’oeuvres, and shopping the low-priced, organic cotton collection from ecofashion designer and CFDA winner Rogan (of Loomstate fame). The dressing room pictures idea came about after uh, ‘several’ glasses of champers.

Starre Rogan 4
A shorts jumper is perfect for layering, and this one has neon pink and blue buttons!

I picked up the cute jumper ($39.99) shown above, and a cheetah-print towel ($29.99 for a funky print organic cotton beach towel made me smile, I must admit). The cheetah t-shirt with ruched shoulder detail ($16.99) was a big hit, and there were lots of other styles to choose from, with a decided black/white/bright yellow color palette. Short-shorts, tiger stripe shift dresses, plaid blouses (I tried that one on below-nixed! Obv. not flattering for me!), similarly plaid dresses and tunics- you can check them all out here on Nylon Mag’s First Look.

Starre Rogan 2
Shoulder detail

For all of you who are frustrated by the lack of lower-priced clothes from ecofashion designers, Rogan heard your teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling…..

and I’m hoping this will be the first of many such ecofashion/big box partnerships (Sarah Jessica Parker, do you hear me?). And I know, I know, it’s practically a sport to hate on Wal-Mart/Target/Bob’s – but you know what? They’re not going out of business any time soon, so best to work with them at this point, though of course that’s debatable.

Starre Rogan 6
Yurgh, not so cute on me!

Starre Rogan 3
Goofy on champagne.

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  1. Love the insider pictures! That top is so affordable 🙂 and adorable. I love the detail on the shoulder.

  2. Hah! these pics are great. Starre you look hot! Love it.

  3. Adorable! Love the real life preview!

  4. Adorable outfits!

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