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My personal quest to find a skin care line that isn’t toxic like most conventional skin products and WORKS is finally over! I recently discovered a brand, Miessence owned by Australian based company, ONE (Organic and Natural Enterprise) Group that perfectly fits those 2 needs.

Since that time, I’ve become a true Miessence addict! Their price range is comparable to something you would buy from Aveda or Origins, but the ingredients are sooo much better. Miessence has signed the The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and their products are certified USDA Organic, Australian Certified Organic, and certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia.

Miessence® is currently the only skin care product on the planet that has submitted to, and complies with, the rigorous processing and labelling requirements for certified organic food products.

So, in my book if it’s good enough to eat, then its good enough to put on my face! And more importantly, all of their products are amazing and make my skin look + feel great.

Right now I’m in love with their Balancing Line (for combination skin) of face products. I would recommend ordering a bunch of their samples to try out all their lines to see which one works best since their sample sachets are only $1 and that way you don’t have to commit. In additional to a traditional skin care line, they also sell shampoo and cosmetics (I’m going to try these next). Right now they only sell online. If you’re ordering from the U.S. go here.

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  1. Silent Spring says:

    You state, “Right now they only sell online…” That’s because this is a company that sells its products through ‘independent marketing executives’. These products will never be sold in stores. The link you provided at the end of your blog sends you to “Kimberly Buckley’s” online store. Your readers need to be aware that they’d have to open a membership and some of the proceeds would go to her home based business. I’m assuming I’d have to buy a certain amount of points per month to get the lower prices.

    I don’t have a beef with that. I’ve purchased Nicole Miller skincare (use to be exclusively sold at Nordstrom) for 7 years through independent marketing executives with Melaleuca, Inc. Love it. And I had quite a nice little business going at one point.

    In my research for high quality products (from whole foods to makeup to skincare to haircare) over the years, it’s not unusual to have to join memberships and shop “online” for this stuff. It cuts out all the middle men, shelving, etc. and offers a nice product to the public at the convenience of online shopping and shipment door to door. Just be careful in researching the company well.

  2. Definitely- thanks for that Silent Spring!

  3. Thanks for featuring this line. I’m always on the lookout for good quality skin care products.

    Silent Spring, thanks for the heads up about the membership.

  4. I wanted to correct something that was mentioned by Silent Spring.
    Actually you do not have to join as a representative to purchase ONE Group/Miessence products.

    If you want to get a larger discount on the products you can join as a representative and order a minimum number of “points” each month so that you can purchase at a larger discount but this is not required to purchase Miessence products.

    You can order online through any Independent Representatives’ website, just as a customer. You do not need to pay a joining fee.

    My Independent Representative website is: http://elyorganics.mionegroup.com/

    I also have my own website, which is a portal to my Representative site:

    Miessence is sold in some stores, there are actually two stores in my town selling Miessence. At one time, part of the company business model allowed representatives to sponsor small retail outlets like local Natural Food stores. There are other stores around the country in the US, in Canada, and in Australia that are selling Miessence products as well.

    You can order straight as a customer, with out any minimum requirements.

    All returning customers receive 10% to 20% off after their first online order. To get the 20% discount you must accumulate 150 points then you get your 20% discount and your points go back to zero but you still continue to get at least 10% off after your first order.

    I have been using and selling Miessence since 2005. I have had great results with the skin care and personal care products. I use the Rejuvenating line.

    Also something that is unique about our cosmetics and sunscreen is that we do not use any nanoparticles and we do not use titanium dioxide or any silicone coatings on our minerals, they are absolutely clean.

    We list all of our ingredients on each product page so you know what you are buying.

    Warm regards,
    Erin Ely
    Ely Organics

  5. I have been an Independent Representative for Miessence / ONE Group for almost 2 years and have been using the products for longer than that. I couldn’t agree with you more! The products have TOTALLY transformed my skin!

    Anyone can sign up through any representative (through their online store) and commit to a minimum monthly amount each month and receive substantial discounts on their purchases. They can also sign up as a “customer” and receive 10 % on their second order and 20% on their third order. My online store is http://www.lovemiskin.com.

    If I can be of any help to anyone please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  6. Silent Spring says:

    And to those of you who have an online store or representative site (i.e. Kimberly, Erin, Emilie), what percentage of a purchase goes to you directly either through a rewards check or more discounts for you? Just wanting clarification because if that is the case, you are advertising your personal business on this site that is a part of a generation of businesses that makes up your income.

    Again, nothing wrong with how the company works or markets its products, just be clear in your comments.

    And in my experience with these sorts of online businesses that use independent marketing executives to market their products, a membership is necessary to get THE least expensive prices, as well as the added benefit of choosing to build a business which generates its revenues on the minimum monthly purchase concept.

    Just asking for clarification. Melaleuca, Inc. is the pioneer in this system, yet they don’t allow those of us who build businesses within their structure to openly advertise on public sites such as this.

  7. Hi, Folks,

    I will try to be clear about MiEssence and the related business of being an Independent Representative. Yes, I, myself, am an Independent Representative with ONE Group, the maker of MiEssence, MiVitality, and MiEnviron, and the promotion of these products contributes to my income.

    First the products: They work and they are safe and healthy and they support organic agriculture. If you haven’t tried them, you really should.

    There is more than one way to purchase MiEssence at a discount. The way that I know the best is my storefront which is NOT a company website. You don’t have to “join” anything to shop here: http://www.MyrtleBeachOrganics.com. Every product I sell in this storefront, MiEssence plus a few others, is discounted by 5% OFF of the company’s retail price every day on every order. I also offer higher discounts on larger orders, and free shipping on orders over $130. No need to “sign-up” for anything.

    The “mark-up/discount” on the products ordered directly from the company by Reps. varies by the size of the order. This link will take you to a page which will show you the standard Rep Discounts: Discounts. The discounts vary from 10% to 40% and even higher for very large orders (which they call “wholesale”). The only on-going requirement to stay a Rep in good standing is to order $60 worth of product (for yourself or for your customers) each month.

    It is now possible for a “Retail Store” to purchase and sell MiEssence products. Time will tell if, when, and who might choose to carry the products in a store.

    As a service to US and Canadian customers who might want to locate a Rep. near their home, I have created a Directory of ONE Group Reps at http://www.OrganicProductsAndBusiness.com. It’s a rather small list at the moment, because it’s a “voluntary” sign-up directory. The only way I can locate a Rep. is if they come to the website and sign up. So we don’t yet have very wide coverage of the country in the directory. But it is growing.

    I hope all of you will try the products and think about doing the business. Feel free to call me at 843-236-2607 or email me at [email protected].

    Wishing you and your loved ones Health and Happiness,

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  9. Hello ,
    I got your sales from Eco chick.com and I would like to purchase
    some Items with you on a dealership. Not with the company.
    All I want is some Eco chick.com
    (5) #037-710 Clearskin® Cleansing Pads
    (5)#381-139 ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Retexturizing Peel
    (5) #114-680 Chandelier earrings (silvertone)
    (5)#521-514Nurtura Replenishing Cream
    (6)#030-036 ANEW RETROACTIVE+ 2-in-1 Cleanser
    (7)918-165 ANEW CLINICAL Plump & Smooth Lip System
    Please kindly let me know if there is a discount to it, and
    also you do n’t need to worry about the shipping because
    I have account with UPS which they can for the pick it up after i
    pay you ….Meanwhile, I will send Money Order for the item,
    pls get back now with your total cost, full name and address and
    not P O BOX,,, looking forward to
    hear from you hopefully soon,,,

  10. Silent Spring
    If you want more clarification about this you can use my contact page to contact me to ask more questions.

    Putting information here is no different than affiliate marketing, which is done all over the internet. I am nothing more than an affiliate marketer. I sell products, I earn income from it. That is no different than any other store on the planet.

    You’re welcome to come to my contact page and send me an email if you would like more information. http://elyorganics.com/contact/

    all the best to you in this new year!


  11. and all of the sudden it was all about selling and marketing, bla bla bla. what about the product line, it’s mission, etc. ?
    all of you people involved are making money with the fear of others (ingredients, big companies ripping you off, etc.). watch out for your ‘friendly neighbor’.
    just a thought.

  12. I’m NOT a rep, and I LOVE the stuff. My skin has given me a hard time due to allergies, and I ADORE the fact that this stuff is “Food Grade” and certified organic. Being a plant geek, I can totally identify everything in it.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Nothing else like it. How’s that for a “not a rep” recommendation? I’ve been through the site’s info (the direct site, not a reps) and I adore their eco-consciousness. They’re trying HARD to be a very awesome company-that’s why I buy there stuff. It’s not hype. It’s so good it sells itself. That’s all that’s needed. 🙂

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