Sharkah Chakra WhiteHot Jeans: Win Them!

Orcha Sunbaked white  front
These are the gorgeous new bleach-free white jeans, which are whitened using the sun’s rays and nothing more.

I’ve written here about Sharkah Chakra jeans– the super-sustainable jeans that are not only organic cotton and Fairtrade certified, but hand-dyed with natural indigo and hand finished in Italy– even the pocket rivets are made from ethically sourced gold.

You can win a pair of these gorg denims- whoever has the best response to the following will receive a pair direct from Sharkah Chakra in their size. Make sure you fill out the email address field in the comments section so I can email you to let you know you’ve won, and find out your size. Good luck!

The Ever-So-Short Essay Question to Win a Pair of Sharkah Chakra Jeans:

“Sharkah Chakra believes in slow fashion – the production of high quality garments that will only get better with age and that will be a staple part of your wardrobe for years to come– garments that are made in harmony with people and the planet. In twenty words or less, what are your tips for creating more ethical fashion choices in your life?”

Contest on through July 31st.

UPDATE: You can find Sharkah Chakra jeans at Harvey Nick’s in the UK, and Fred Segal in Cali. If you order directly here, you can take 20% off your order with this code: sharkaheck01 (exclusively for Eco Chick readers!)

white pocket detail small
Back pocket details

Orcha Sunbaked White from behind

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  1. Tip contest:
    Frequent second-hand markets for great vintage finds cheap so you can save up for “splurges” on great items. (like the jeans above) πŸ™‚

    -Samantha, 21

  2. I think it’s about buying clothes that will last for a long time β€” quality with a conscience β€” instead of making purchases just because you CAN.

  3. Buying quality, classic pieces that last, not cheap and trendy items that get tossed-out of style and into landfills.

  4. Utilize what you own! Go to the back of your closet and reinvent rarely worn and old items!

  5. I get the thing about re-using the old clothes, but it’s got to be okay to still want nice things! PLEEEEASE – these look lovely, please don’t make me feel bad for needing them!

  6. Funny Ella πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks πŸ™‚

    I’ve just read Starre’s first post on these, and if it’s not okay to get organic hand woven jeans that are carefully made by people who get a nice life and respect or making them, and then they manage all the carbon to make sure it’s neutral – what are we allowed to get?!

    I think it’s cool that they’ve gone to all the trouble.

  8. I think Jennae is right. It’s okay to buy but pick things up that are not only v nice, but they should also be good for the planet, and last forever. There’s too much panic buying…

    Does anyone know where I can try these on in NYC?

  9. Quality fabric and flattering fit in a basic style that spans trends. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  10. Ethical fashion epitomizes a style of dress that is in harmony with a green state of mind. Being fashionably earth friendly requires a concious respect for all of the natural gifts that the earth and it’s diverse inhabitants have to offer. In order to preserve the complex and miraculous beauty of our planet earth, ethical fashion must utilize many varied and inventive tactics! Fashionable greenspiration may flourish with the use of methods such as: the reuse and reconstruction of vintage or recycled materials; harvesting fair trade, sustainable and pesticide free non-GMO crops for material; as well as ecofriendly processing that contributes no harmful waste. Consumers of ethical fashion will enjoy the fruits of the earth, while investing in businesses that lovingly and honourably return their green minded investment right back to mother earth!

  11. Natalie, I’m not sure if you’re a poet or a PHD, but that’s spot on!

    I went to try some on in Harvey Nics on my way home – I’m going to wait till the start of next month cos they’re not cheap, but my oh my they’re lovely.

    Please help, I’m infatuated.

  12. You see the thing that’s so nice is the FEEL of them, they’re so soft! They feel really real if you know what I mean. I compared them with all the others in the shop (well, not all, there are bazillions of them in there) but they all feel rough and cheap in comparison. Also all the other white jeans look hard and too white, these are a lovely white, warmer. I haven’t wanted anything that made me feel special in ages.

    Just unbelievably lovely.

    (Sorry, must stop thinking about them now – work to do)


  13. I agree with Angelina, Natalie is spot on w/ her post. I love the word “greenspiration”. πŸ™‚
    We are in a time where we are lucky because it’s relatively easy to get fashionable / eco-friendly clothing. There is such a cornucopia of designers and lines that range from cheap (affordable) to spend-tastic.
    In my area boys and s club does quarterly pick ups for clothing donations, which is great because it gives us an opportunity to get in the closet, see what we don’t (and wont) wear and give it to kids that need it (reuse). Then we can replenish with great finds from Goodwill or lines like Green Label. But, there is no reason to have a closet that over flows with items you don’t use. I like keeping the closet full with staple items that will last and are timeless (and quality).

  14. I have to back up what Angelina said above- the Sharah jeans ARE incredibly soft. Please see an update (at the bottom of the post) for where the jeans are available and also a discount for those of you who might want to buy directly!

  15. Eleanor Gibbs says:

    Does this mean that all other white jeans are made with bleach? It’s inferred, but it’s not clear. If so, that sounds like a lot of bleach!

    Also, if all other white jeans are made with bleach, how do they do these differently? Surely can’t be just left out in the sun – otherwise that’s what they’d all do – it has to be cheaper to use sunshine than bleach, right? I can’t think people would use bleach for no other reason than BECAUSE it’s tough on the environment.

    Also, can anyone explain to me how you make jeans go white by leaving them in the sun? I dry mine on a washing line, and sometimes it’s even sunny, but my blue jeans stay blue, and my white jeans stay white – what makes these so different?

    I like the sound of them a lot, but it does all sound a bit far fetched! I might email them direct and let you know what the real story is.

    Don’t mean to be a party pooper.


  16. With all the wonderful natural materials Earth already provides us, must humans insist on making fabric out of man-made chemicals?

  17. Why wear fake fibers that don’t breathe when nature’s beauty is right at your fingertips?

  18. with whatever clothing budget you have, don’t buy more than 10 items a year and whatever money is left, give it to charity. i think you will then change your ideologies and value quality over quantity and it will be a lasting change.


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