Prairie Underground: Refined Sweatshirt Dressing for Fall

Starre Vartan and Arina Vikdorchik model matching Prairie Underground sweatshirt/dresses at Kaight. We BOTH ended up buying these organic cotton lovelies.

I’m very excited by Prairie Underground‘s Fall collection, which is absolutely packed with pieces you’ll definitely wear as soon as the temperature dips.

Organic cotton rules the line, with some hemp thrown in here and there. Details like extra-long cuffs (to pull over frigid fingers), zippers that go both ways, and ultraflattering lines make me happy. The sweatshirt/dress I bought above will work over a knee-length dress, jeans, or with thick tights and boots.

The line is designed by the lovely duo of sculptor Devora and merchandiser/designer Camilla who live in Seattle. Will be keeping my eye on this one!





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Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. That cloak sweatshirt is so gorgeous (and looks SO good on both of you) that I’m now obsessed with it. All the online shops seem to be out of it in my size (aside from white, not my color!) and my local Prairie Underground-carrying shop doesn’t have them!

  2. Did you try Kaight? That’s where we got ours and there was a medium and large there last week….if not online, give them a call, it’s a small enough shop that they will know offhand if they have on on the floor. Good luck!

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