Pedoodles Eco Kicks for Kids


Pedoodles, a small kids shoe line, has released eco-friendly kicks made from remnant leather. These shoes are really light-weight and they must be comfy, because my little ones keep going to them and bringing them to me saying “shhooose!” and requesting I put them on their feet.

They come in cute colors that are very wearable. I don’t feel my kids need more than one or two pairs of shoes and these are great for Fall. The soles, also made from recycled materials, have a great grip too, which my twenty-month-old toddlers need since they are climbing, running, and deconstructing all day long.

Pedoodles is offering a discount of 20% off to Eco Chick readers. Use the code ecochick at checkout (good thru Oct 31/2008.)

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  1. Those are too cute! I like the idea of shoes made with remnant rather than synthetic materials personally.

    I will forward to all of my friends with children.

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