hessnatur; organic is the new modern

Starre at Hess Natur
Starre Vartan in front ‘Pajaro’ by Miguel Adrover

Hess Natur Sign

Last Sunday night, at the beginning of fashion week, I met a very hopeful version of the future. The hessnatur show was the epitome of the direction I think fashion is headed in: supernatural fabrics in beyond modern designs.

This perfectly curated set of inspirations is fundamentally futuristic, and not a 1960’s-Jetsons way, but a very real glimpse into what’s coming. Iconic designer Miguel Adrover’s collection was Bladerunner meets The Hobbits, or maybe Mad Max meets Pan’s Labyrinth. It was insanely creative, gorgeous, textural, and monumentally fabulous.

Take note of organic fabrics that are sustainably sourced and the sculptural lines; a vision of the future than includes human beings living in real harmony with the Earth.

Hess Natur 9
Higuera; crocheted natural alpaca on wire covered with circular alpaca

Hess Natur 3
Detail from LaGrima (details below)

Hess Natur 2
LaGrima, made with organic linen twill with cotton embroidery and natural pigments.

Hess Natur 8
Eucalyptus; 100-year old natural cotton with pure cotton embroidery from almond farms in Mallorca.

Hess Natur 5
Banyan; Root-like ropes of natural alpaca, covered with circular alpaca. I can imagine wearing this while crossing a grassy plain in 2070.

Hess Natur 1
Philoinsectus; organic cotton denim. The underside of this giant ‘leaf’ top were also detailed, just like a the back of a real leaf.

Hess Natur 13
Pajaro; organic cotton and natural pigments. This birdlike jacket has a royally-high collar and is composed of thousands of ‘shreds’ of cotton fabric sewn together like feathers.

Hess natur 12
Liana; natural alpaca ropes created with machinery by Miguel Adrover. I love how this one reminds me of yoga poses.

Hess natur 7
Philodendron; stitched merino wool lined with organic hand-dyed silk batik. I love that the leaves on this suit even have intimations of stomata (the normally microcsopic spaces through which plants breathe).

Hess Natur 6
Philodendron detail.

Miguel Adrover at Hess Natur
The new designer for hessnatur, Miguel Adrover.

Don’t forget that you’re not only supporting me, you’re supporting families all over the world.
-Miguel Adrover

All images by Starre Vartan

About Starre Vartan
Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of Eco-Chick.com and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


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  2. Starre,
    I agree that the hess natur show was incredible, but feel it’s only fair to add this dose of reality. After the load out, the set dressing people left the turtle! They just took all their things out of the space, and when the lighting people looked around, there was the turtle (it had been in one of the exhibits). One of the electricians took it home, but I think it was a terrible gaffe from a company that claims to be so in touch with nature. I like your site, nice job.

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  4. OH NO!! I love turtles. I didn’t even see him swimming anywhere, otherwise I would have been totally paranoid about him. Hope he found a good home. That is lame he was abandoned.

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