BiCoastal Style Gone Green: Doie's Spring 2009 Collection


Sara Kirsner moved her sustainable fashion line, Doie, from NYC to LA last year, and the first collection from her new city (pictured here) is simply called “Los Angeles.” The images here are just some of the fresh, new designs from Sara, who’s positive vibe and optimistic nature surely fits right in her new hometown.

I have quite a few Doie pieces and I wear them all the time, proving that Doie is as easy-to-throw on (and inexplicably comfy) as it is pretty-pretty! Soft fabrics, great lines, and fun prints- love it! Check out the whole Spring ’09 collection here.




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  1. That white “Sunset” dress is a serious ‘classic’ keeper!

  2. I love it too- and there’s a cute short black number I wish I had posted- click through to the site and you can see them all. Congrats Sara, on a great collection!

  3. I just bought the cute short black number mentioned above. Paired it with an old pair of cowboy boots and it’s just adorable and easy! I recently bought a few more pieces from the new Doie line, boasting bolder new designs and fabrics. It’s delicious.

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