CMarchuska: Proving (Beyond a Doubt!) That Eco Fashion is HOT!

I was already excited to write about Christine Marchuska’s line for Spring 2009, but this supersexy video put me over the top! If this doesn’t turn you on, well…..I might be a bit concerned 🙂

Once you’ve recovered, check out the rest of her line at the CMarchuska site, in her lookbook, and below.

I especially love that Christine lives and designs in my fave city in the world; NYC. All her designs are cut and sewn in the Garment District there, making this an American-made, fair-trade product with a low carbon footprint, since so many clothes-making steps are isolated to a small area.

mseries tshirt dress, 100% organic cotton; $100.00

Anna dress in 100% organic cotton, $100.00

Christine dress in 50% modal and 50% cotton, $130.00

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