Launch of the InhabitatShop!


The new InhabitatShop has some lovely stuff for sale- all handpicked by Inhabitat’s editors for both great design and ecofriendliness. I’m loving the felt “ring” above, which comes in four different colors. There’s lots of other stuff there too- like the shoes and planter below and more. Check it out!

The Melissa silver flat, so cute!

I don’t know why a giant half-eggshell makes a pretty planter, but it does, no?

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Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.

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  1. Great stuff here. It’s so important we do something to turn our environment around.

    I saw some pretty good videos at Tomorrows World:

    These students wanted to stir some awareness on climate change and water efficiency. Lets help their voices be heard! Pass the videos along to a friend!

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