Profits Before People: 7 of the World’s Most Irresponsible Companies


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Money isn’t everything – or is it? To most corporations, making a profit is goal number one – but some of those companies take it way too far, sacrificing the health of the planet and its inhabitants for a bigger bank balance. Far too many corporations turn a blind eye to the consequences of their destructive, exploitative practices. The worst of them are committing atrocities that go beyond the realm of objectionable into criminal, dumping toxic chemicals without regard to public health and employing child labor.

What makes these seven companies extra evil is the fact that they’ve committed crimes that are BOTH environmentally and socially irresponsible.



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More than 40% of the world’s chocolate comes from Côte d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) in Africa, where tens of thousands of children are estimated to be working in dangerous conditions on cocoa farms. Nestle uses cocoa harvested by slave labor, and only when Senator Thomas Harkin (D-Iowa) led an investigation and introduced legislation that would require chocolate sold in the US to be labeled “slave-free” did the company act. Nestle promised that by July 2005 they would find a way to certify chocolate as not having been produced by any underage, indentured, trafficked or coerced labor, but since then, they have achieved very little.

Nestle’s bottled water business is also a major cause for concern. Nestle controls one-third of the US market and sells 70 different brand names of bottled water including Arrowhead, Deer Park, Perrier and Poland Spring. The company buys up pristine springs in some of the most beautiful natural spaces in America and builds huge factories on the sites, releasing pollution into the air and drawing enormous amounts of water out of the springs.

And, while the company claims an environmentally friendly ethic, saying it would never harm an aquifer, that’s exactly what they have done in places like Mecosta County, Michigan, damaging the watershed with excessive withdrawals, reaping huge profits and leaving the locals to deal with the consequences.



Air and water pollution, disregard for safety standards and experimentation on Nigerian children: these are just a few of the environmental and human rights offenses perpetrated by the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. It’s hard to imagine how Pfizer officials can bear to look at themselves in the mirror every day after what they’ve done.

Pfizer is guilty of some of the most despicable price gouging in corporate history: it keeps its HIV/AIDS-related drugs out of the hands of the world’s poor, who need them the most. Pfizer has aggressively fought efforts to make these drugs more affordable, refusing to grant generic licenses for HIV/AIDS drugs to Brazil, South Africa and other countries in need of them.

In June 2008, Pfizer was forced to pay a $975,000 fine for violating the Clean Air Act at one of its manufacturing plants in Groton, Connecticut – a drop in the bucket for a company that makes upwards of $50 billion in profits every year. The Pfizer plant was emitting methanol, hydrogen chloride, methylene chloride, MTBE, hexane, toluene and other chemicals classified by the EPA as hazardous air pollutants. Pfizer had previously paid $430 million in 2004 to settle a large number of outstanding asbestos lawsuits from its acquisition of Quigley Company in 1968, which had sold contaminated insulation. It’s thanks to asbestos exposure lawyers that corrupt companies can’t get away with these types of acts.

Worst of all, the company that has little regard for safety standards – having released a number of drugs that ended up being pulled off the market for unforeseen complications – decided to test one of its drugs on poor, critically ill Nigerian children. Masking the trial as a “humanitarian mission”, Pfizer tested an experimental antibiotic called Trovan on meningitis-infected Nigerian children without their knowledge or the knowledge of their families. 11 children died, and others developed brain damage and crippling arthritis.



Image via Brave New Films

“Save Money, Live Better”. That’s Wal-Mart’s slogan, but Wal-Mart workers themselves certainly wouldn’t say that they live better after beginning employment with the retail giant. A 2005 study found that Wal-Mart reduced the take-home pay of workers by an astounding $4.7 billion dollars annually, adding insult to injury considering that workers are often forced to work overtime for zero pay. Wal-Mart does everything it can to deny its workers basic rights, spending an enormous amount of time and money keeping unions out including $7,000 anti-union camera packages, $30,000 undercover spy vans, $100,000 24-hour anti-union hotlines and a $7,000,000 rapid response team with a corporate jet.

Furthermore, Wal-Mart pushes its suppliers to go lower and lower on their wholesale prices, until they’re so squeezed that they barely have two pennies to rub together at the end of the day. Thanks to its focus on low, low prices, the retailer has repeatedly turned a blind eye to child slave labor in its manufacturing facilities abroad, particularly in China and Bangladesh.

And, despite all of their claims about ‘going green’, Wal-Mart has broken one environmental law after the other. Wal-Mart became the first company to be fined for violating new standards for stormwater runoff in 2001, and had to pay $5.5 million. In 2004, the company faced fines for violations in 9 states. That same year, it agreed to pay $400,000 to the government to settle claims that Sam’s Club had violated air pollution regulations in 11 states.

Last year, the company admitted as much – but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing the PR effort. Former CEO Lee Scott admitted of the company’s greenwashing efforts, “It has been positive from a PR standpoint, but one of the things we learned is that we are not sophisticated enough to spin a story — ultimately, we’d get hammered. We are not out saying we’re a green company. We are not green. We have an extraordinary distance to go.”



Image via Greenpeace

The Exxon-Valdez oil spill is by far ExxonMobil’s most well-known environmental offense, but it’s certainly not the only one. The oil giant was ranked sixth on the Toxic 100 list of US corporate air polluters, and has been accused by Greenpeace of sabotaging efforts to deal with climate change, manipulating peer-reviewed studies and misleading the public with junk science. Indeed, though they have since cut off funding, ExxonMobil once financially supported a number of global warming denial organizations.

Though ExxonMobil trumpeted its investment in renewable energy sources in a series of advertisements over the past few years, the fact is that the company has invested just $300 million in renewable energy sources over the next 10 years compared to the $47 billion they spent between 2003 and 2006 alone on dirty energy sources like oil and gas.

In 2001, ExxonMobil was the target of a lawsuit by a human rights group that accused the company of actively abetting human rights abuses including torture, rape and killings in Indonesia. The suit alleged that ExxonMobil had hired a local army to protect its natural gas fields in the Aceh province, providing them with equipment to dig mass graves as well as building interrogation and torture centers. The company denied all of the charges, but a motion it filed to have the case dismissed was denied in 2006. The case is still pending.



Image via Treehugger

Chevron has launched a huge multimedia advertising blitz about its supposed commitment to smart energy use and renewable energy sources – all while destroying pristine forests in places like Ecuador and Bangladesh, and causing myriad health problems right here in the U.S. thanks to the toxic waste at its refineries.

Texaco (which has since been taken over by Chevron) caused a toxic “Rainforest Chernobyl” in Ecuador from 1964 to 1992, cutting through the Amazon in search of oil and leaving behind dead rivers, polluted air, scarred forests and over 600 unlined oil pits. They also dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic production water into the rivers where locals bathe. Living in close proximity to the oil fields has resulted in health effects ranging from high miscarriage rates to cancer.

In Richmond, California, toxic pollutants from Chevron’s refinery in the city have infiltrated people’s homes. Air samples from inside and outside Richmond homes in 2006 were found to contain particulate matter known to come from oil refining that exceeded California’s air quality standards. Unsurprisingly, local residents are feeling the effects in the form of lupus, cancer, athsma and a number of other health problems.

Dow Chemical


Image via Greenpeace

Dow Chemical (along with Monsanto) will never escape the shadow of Agent Orange, the chemical used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War during the ‘Herbicidal Warfare’ program, which lead to 400,000 deaths and disabilities and 500,000 children born with birth defects. But even with this evil legacy – and that of Napalm, which it also produced – Dow is not contrite. This corporation continues to pollute the earth without apology.

Two rivers downstream of Dow’s plant in Midland, Michigan are polluted with chlorinated furans and dioxins from the company’s past operations. Despite the fact that these chemicals are linked to cancer and other health issues, Dow maintains that the contamination is not a public health threat and has been fighting with the EPA over cleanup for years. Many people in the area aren’t even aware of the extent of the dioxin contamination, and Dow has refused to put up warning signs. Just last weekend, Dow Chemical sponsored a fishing event in a waterway it polluted with dioxin, never even acknowledging the contamination and its possible effects.

Furthermore, following the purchase of Union Carbide – the company responsible for the Bhopal gas disaster which left nearly 20,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands disabled – Dow has refused to take responsibility for the health and environmental effects of the incident.



Image via Flickr user skasuga

Despite the inroads that Dow Chemical has been making lately on the evil corporation front, Monsanto still reigns supreme. It’s hard to overstate just how socially and environmentally irresponsible this company really is. Monsanto has manufactured herbicides (which, during manufacturing, create dioxin as a by-product), Agent Orange, plastics, fuel additives, saccharin, industrial fluids, fertilizers, pesticides and anti-freeze in the past. Some years ago they chose to focus on ‘life sciences’ and are now the world’s largest seed company. They’re also the creators of Recombitant Bovine Growth Hormone (rGBH) and the world’s largest producer of genetically modified food.

Monsanto is responsible for more than 50 Superfund sites including Anniston, Alabama, one of America’s worst man-made environmental disasters. For over 40 years, Monsanto routinely dumped toxic waste into West Anniston Creek while producing now-banned industrial coolants called PCBs. They also dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into open-pit landfills – and proceeded to spend decades covering it up even after confirming that fish submerged in the creek turned belly-up within seconds.

Monsanto knew exactly how dangerous the PCBs were, but chose to keep it secret, altering documents and forcing changes to study results to keep the secret. Though they were forced to pay $700 million in fines in 2003, they have not apologized or taken responsibility.

On top of that, after polluting waterways all over the world, Monsanto proceeded to buy up said waterways, filter the water and sell it back to the public, making a double profit.

Among Monsanto’s worst acts is its attempt to completely monopolize the world’s seed supply. The company has spent over $8 billion in recent years buying up seed companies – including organic seed companies – and making it illegal for farmers to retain the seeds from their crop for the following year’s planting. That means farmers are forced to pay Monsanto for new seeds, again and again. Many of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds produce plants that are reportedly dependent upon Monsanto herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

The people paying the biggest price for Monsanto’s greed are Indian farmers. Every day, at least three of them commit suicide by hanging themselves, drowning themselves in rivers or drinking Monsanto pesticides because they’ve hit rock bottom in desperation, hopelessness and debt. The death toll stands at thousands, with some estimates at over 16,000. The farmers had been promised unprecedented harvests and income if they switched to genetically modified Monsanto seeds in what was basically one big experiment on unwitting subjects. When the crops failed, the farmers felt they had no way out, and they certainly didn’t have money to buy more seeds.

Now, it’s been reported that Monsanto has found a way to profit from its own misdeeds once again. In the Southeast, a “superweed” known as Palmer amaranth pigweed is taking over soybean and cotton fields, often leaving them totally unfit for future cultivation. This particular strain of weed was created thanks to overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and the attendant use of its patented Roundup-resistant GMOs. So, what will it take to wipe out this superweed? You guessed it – more Monsanto herbicides.

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Stephanie Rogers is a fashion- and beauty-obsessed freelance writer with an abiding love for kale and organic wine, living in Asheville, North Carolina.


  1. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (EVOS) Workers – Exxon’s Collateral Damage

    Exxon Authorize the Toxic Chemicals for Spraying Alaska’s Oily Beaches which has caused many deaths and health complications, without any compensation from Exxon. Survivors of the cleanup are struggling as Exxon’s collateral damage.

    Las Vegas, NV; May 6, 2009 – Here is the real story: In 1989, while media and public attention focused on the thousands of oil-coated dead seabirds, otters, and other wildlife, little attention was given to the harm done to the EVOS cleanup workers. As workers blasted oiled beaches, with hot seawater from high pressure hoses, they were engulfed in toxic fumes containing aerosolized crude oil—benzene and other volatile compounds, oil mist, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. View photos at:

    It is a major concern that the cleanup workers from the 1989 EVOS beach cleanup are suffering from long-term health problems resulting from toxic chemical exposures. A significant number of the workers have died. Some of the illnesses include neurological impairment, chronic respiratory disease, leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, liver damage, and blood diseases. View stories at:

    Dr. Riki Ott has written two books; Sound Truth & Corporate Myth$ and Not One Drop. Dr. Ott has investigated; studied the oil spill spraying, and quotes numerous reports in her books, on the toxic chemicals that were used during the 1989 Prince William Sound oily beach cleanup. Black Wave, the film is based on Not One Drop, with interviews of EVOS victims and is available at

    The BBC has a documentary film with the history of finding oil, laying the pipeline, transporting crude oil to the Valdez Port, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The film has also covered the health issues with interviews of workers who sprayed the toxic chemicals on the oily beaches.

    This information should be shouted from the roof tops, to ensure the media and public has the real story about Exxon.

  2. Regarding Wallmart…the urban sprawl that has developed because of them and chains like theirs is astounding. You can take a look on you tube to see the devastating effects they have had on some communities/local businesses.

  3. I’m surprised that you didn’t touch on the main reason I boycott Nestle.

    They notoriously over-promote and push formula on women in third world countries. These women are told that formula is better for their babies and given free samples. Unfortunately, in the process they stop lactating and don’t have money to buy more formula. So they start thinning out the formula to make it stretch. Clean water is also hard to acquire, so they’re basically starving their own babies and feeding them dirty water instead. All because of Nestle’s formula push.

    • Jane Borish says:

      I thought this was an issue a generation ago, not today. Can you provide documentation that this is still happening? I have not supported Nestle for over 40 years!

  4. Ascendaeus says:

    there is no hope. we are all going to die. you guys need to find out about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. Fuck the Environment, they are going to starve us all to Death. beyond that they are going to outlaw nutrients. Monsanto is going to own all of our food soon, and, they’ll just, cut it off.

  5. What I don’t get about people, is how big does your house have to be? How many boats, planes, holiday homes do you need? Why hasn’t someone coined a word for this addiction these ceos and shareholders have? Its like alcoholism but with money and power and they should be treated for it and shunned by society, not given fines. Another thing I find hard to grasp is that we have gone behond the point of living like simple hunters and farmers (there are too many of us now.) If all the world lived in peace and was fully westernized, there wouldn’t be enough recourses to go round. So are we keeping three quarters of the world poor deliberatly?

  6. You need to post some information on how to fight back and what individuals can do. Just stating how evil these companies are is just going to infuriate everyone, like it has done to me right now!

    The human race needs to be eliminated, and it seems like we’re doing a pretty good job of it. The earth will NEVER die, our existence will seem like the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. I would just like to enjoy my time here.

  7. As thoroughly depressing as all of that was, there is more to it than that. With the state of our economy and so many people forced to cut back, we are perpetuating a loop. Until we all stop griping and start doing nothing will change. I’m forced to shop at wal mart for groceries because I am unemployed- but I am very selective in what I buy. Most people do not want to know about these transgressions because it is one less complication in their already complicated lives. Not to mention most are blissfully unaware of these atrocities. Educate the public and offer solutions, thats the only way to make lasting change.

  8. I boycotted Wal-mart years ago when they built a Super Walmart right next to the lake I grew up on in Minnesota. Thank you for this article. The “green” initiatives on their website made me skeptical. I see it’s a PR initiative and not a green initiative.

  9. hating socialism says:

    Unions are destroying this country. wal-mart should be proud of their efforts to keep them out of their company, not ashamed. no one is forcing anyone to work for walmart…btw

  10. I knew about the others, but never heard about the Nestle shenanigans. Thank you for the information. I’ll be sure to pass this on.
    Humankind needs to unite to do something about this aberrant behavior. Fines mean nothing to these people when profits continue to roll in. For their repeated actions, they should be shut down.

  11. I scrolled down to comment on Nestle and their horrible, horrible pushing of formula. But, I see Katie has beat me to it! The need for breastfeeding in developed countries could fill a book, but so, so much more where those immunities are the only medical advantage available, and where the water kills. Not only that, but as Katie mentioned, the women are then forced to buy formula, or their babies starve.

  12. gavin couzens says:

    Isn”t nestles owned by a church group

  13. paradoxymoron says:

    To Dan J, who wanted to “do” something. Start talking to people in your local area. Don’t be afraid that you might offend someone. People accept a position more easily if they believe others are behind it as well. Letting people know your opinions about these corporations and encouraging discussion will only lead to more awareness.

    Thanks for the post. It’s pretty clear that fines for environmental harm are not a good solution. They shouldn’t be allowed to do business in that state anymore.
    The problem with a capitalist democracy, however, is that that Nestle water factory created “jobs”. We’ve become used to sacrifcing everything we can for the sake of these jobs, especially in the current economic climate. I don’t see how can be a thriving, active society as long as we’re corporate capitalists.

  14. This is what I have been saying for years. We as a culture are so stuck in our consumerist lifestyle that positive change really rests in the hands of these companies. It’s our money that pays for their morbidly wealthy lifestyles, which really means the power is ours – but the problem is that we are a culture built on gratification and most people wouldn’t go a single day without their favorite candy bar for the cause, nevermind anything more difficult. And the companies know this. As long as even half of Americans remain in this selfishly deluded state we will get nowhere. I do what I can, and I know other people who have made sacrifices to prove that it can be done, but I know many, many more who wouldn’t change a thing because it would be uncomfortable for them. And we’re all about the comfort, aren’t we?

  15. Beg to Differ says:

    I partially disagree with what you’re saying about WalMart. They provide jobs for people, many of which were making less than they currently make at WalMart. Also, please take note that WalMart started out as a single Mom&Pop store, it was the customers that chose to grow WalMart into what it is today.

    • Richard Adams says:

      Jobs may be a bragging point for WalMart, but the employee environment is not. It is difficult to survive on the wages they pay. They are extremely averse to paying overtime. Promotions from within a store is fine but it is rare for any person to rise much further than supervisor. In the end, where ever they build a store, small family owned or franchised competitors are driven into bankruptcy or move away. Competing against the buying power of a WalMart store is futile which challenges the smaller retailers to either cut prices that often were set by their market or cut costs and that means jobs lost. Vacant stores have a negative effect on foot traffic and the community slowly looses a sense of community. Our local WalMart has a workforce of mostly mid-thirty + with family, right up to seniors needing a little extra in their Golden Years. The net value to the towns and surround area is likely to be a negative that also affects tax revenues for local municipal services. They tend to create their market that appreciates the cheaper prices, but end up buying foreign made products which does not help America.

  16. Great list. i’m only sorry that Kimberly-Clark didn’t make it onto the list. see , a site supported by Greenpeace, NRDC and others to see why. Kleenex, Viva, Cottonelle, Scott–this company is tearing through old-growth, virgin forsts–including the richest rainforest land in the U.S., and the Canadian Boreal, to make the lowest-quality paper products–toilet paper, paper towels, etc. KC (and we) are flushing our last virgin forests down the toilet each day.
    Almost no other paper company of this size is so utterly immune to conscience. That all the others are making just as good a living–some doing even better (CSA, Cascade, Marcal, many others including the obvious ones like 7th Gen) shows the callous disregard of Kimberly Clark.
    these are actually anti-social policies and practices masquerading as ‘good business practices.’
    a bad lot. cut ’em loose.

  17. CAN I GET A TOP 100 LIST???

  18. M. Saahir says:

    I am so glad that someone finally took the time out to make a list like this. The greatest part about it was that I stumbled this page; I can’t imagine how many others ran into it the same way. I love the blog, keep up the awesome information.

  19. Interested says:

    A great article. However you weakened your case against Monsanto a bit by overly simplifying, or just getting wrong, several GM issues. It needs rewritten after a fair bit more research. The main point about the seed stockpiling is however totally true.

    The “super weeds” may well be controlled by new Mosanto products, and was only caused by overuse of their products when farmers discovered the higher profitability of GM crops per acre. Several studies warned the farmers about this emergence but were ignored for the short term profit. So I don’t think this in the same league as the other crimes.

    That said Monsanto ARE a horrible company, with god-awful corporate ethics (an oxymoron) and in every way deserve to be on this list. But given your knowledge on some areas is so good you shouldn’t damage the gravitas of your opinion (and mine) by including internet opinion or 2 minute science.

  20. Very good. It’s too bad that giant corporations have too much power and this stuff can’t get out. You should include links to petitions and other ways to help fight. Perhaps draft a site which specifically lists ways to boycott these corporations and alternative name brands to go to.

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  23. This is why I’m moving away from supporting big companies and supporting more small companies and family owned businesses. I’m not doing the best job but I’m getting there.

    I wish Shell had made this list though. What they are doing in the Nigger Delta is shocking and heart breaking.

  24. That should be Niger Delta! Bad typo!!!

  25. Amazingly bad but understandable typo lisa, I, for one, can forgive you for that.

    John, one possible candidate for the word you suggest is needed would be ‘Affluenza’. It’s the title of a book by Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss.

    I’d suggest Permaculture -and the ethics and principles associated with it- provides us with a positive group of strategies and pathways to develop a world without the sort of attrocities outlined above.

    Positive and constructive local engagement. Community and connectivity beyond.

    Fear promotes fear. Hatred promotes hatred. Despair promotes despair. Remember to fight fire with water!

    Positive development. The beginning of the world is nigh!

    Good vibes! Move towards where you want to be.

  26. Wow. Monsanto is the worst. If you could believe it, my backyard windows look directly at the monsant research building. The eerie glow of the MONSANTO sign glows 24/7 as a reminder of their global presence

  27. For all of those interested in becoming involved in the campaign against bottled water:

    Nestle is specifically targeted:

    Nestlé puts water source on labels, receives 10,000 messages in a bottle

    Timed with Nestlé’s shareholder meeting in Switzerland, Corporate Accountability International accompanied community leaders from across the country in delivering 10,000 messages in a bottle directly to Nestlé Waters North America CEO Kim Jeffery. The messages called on the leading water bottler to stop undermining local control of water. Earlier this year Think Outside the Bottle compelled Nestlé to begin printing “Public Water Source” on its Pure Life brand bottled water.

  28. Just read a book called Evil Genius in the Garden of Eden by Vic Shayne, PhD. Quite fascinating how these huge corporations tend to dictate politics as well as the media so that we are kept from hearing these outrageous injustices all over the world. It’s highly recommended if for nothing else than to remind ourselves that health is connected to the environment and not restricted to one’s own body.

  29. Victoria says:

    This is an eye-opening list, because while I’ve heard about some of these, I wasn’t truly aware of the issues with Nestle. The bigger, more terrifying question, though, is how does this stop? Obviously, a large corporation’s bottom line is profit, despite any rhetoric stating otherwise. So how, as consumers and activist, do we go about creating awareness and change, especially in these tough economic times? No one wants to hear that shopping at Walmart might save them money now, but creates problems elsewhere. Sadly, too many people simply don’t care if they’re saving money, or don’t see an immediate problem. Too many of use are willing to accept long-term effects if there isn’t a short-term one. You could argue that’s how we all unwillingly ended up here in the first place. How do we break this cycle?

  30. lets get serious says:

    Walmart is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Having had family members who started as associates (basic entry level clerk) they worked at the company for 24 years with full medical dental and vision insurance the entire time and retired after only 24 years with 2.3 million in benefits. THis family member was not college educated either.

    Mansanto on the other hand is in a league above and beyond any of these other companies if there was an award for most nefarious company in the world they would probably win it.

  31. I must say I am extrememly pleased at the reaction of the people posting on here… Nice to know there are other people out there that give a sh!t about something besides themselves and their own salvation… There is much more than our human consumeristic piggish concerns on this planet and its time to realize it/start living accordingly… This is not our world to trash we are merely guests on it.

    Keep speaking up people!!! The only way “they” will change is if we demand it!!

    Love you all

  32. You could not be more wrong about Dow Chemical. To say that the residents of Midland, MI are unaware of dioxin levels in the Titabawassee & Chippewa Rivers shows a complete lack of research. As a local resident, I will tell you that “Dioxins” are all I have heard about for 5+ years in the local news. Dow Chemical, CH2MHill, and multiple other independent agencies have done massive amounts of testing and, although the levels are high, there has been no link to increased rates of cancer. Midland actually has a lower cancer rate than the U.S. average. That is why Dow has refused to spend $10+ million to clean up a river that isn’t hurting anyone.

    With regards to the Bhopal tragedy: Union Carbide settled with the Indian Government and paid for all criminal and civil liabilities ($400,000,000+). Dow bought them almost TWENTY YEARS after the incident. So why is Dow Chemical responsible? I would blame Union Carbide and the Indian Government for poorly representing its people.

    It is crappy, misinformed blogs like this that not only slander a companies name, but also talks down to a community that probably has more PhD’s per capita than 95% of the cities in the U.S.

  33. You are all hippy morons.

  34. dazzlekid says:

    To Tom, FUCK YOU! it is that kind of attitude that will be the killer here.
    Complacency, people think that everything is going to be O.K. the world has been here a billion years and it will be a billion more. Sure! without us on it!
    Dumb ass! Wake up people! Stop the insanity, we don’t even need half the shit we produce, if you want to kill yourself, put a gun in your mouth and DON”T TAKE ME WITH YOU!! I’m a Republican and I can see the messed up shit thats going on, I get a haircut once a week! so shove your Idealistic “you all are hippie morons attitude straight up your ASS!……FUCK HEAD!!

  35. Amazing list, really an eye opener. However the problem with companies with Wal-Mart is not one the consumer has power over.

    WalMart moves in with very low prices and sales. People flock over and but there because the towns Mom&Pop can’t sell that low. The Mom&Pop’s go out of business and most people start working at WalMart and now can only afford to shop there.

    I suggest you all watch WalMart: The High Cost of Low Prices. It is really amazing, it touches on their complete lack of any care for the environment, or how they are too cheap to put security in their parking lots.

    I wish more companies were like Google. *sigh*

  36. Matt in MD says:

    I stumbled this article four and a half hours ago, and I haven’t been able to move on… I hadn’t heard ninety percent of these things.
    I may have been young when most of this happened, but even then I wondered why the rest of the world hates Americans (finding out has been a frustrating and infuriating process).
    As I’ve been reading, I’ve been looking things up that this site wasn’t going into… HOLY SHIT! It gets rabbit hole gets deeper the harder you look!
    That and the deadline for this whole CODEX ALIMENTARIUS thing is just around the corner (12-31-09).
    I wonder if Edward Bernays would be proud that his ideas could be so effectively and widely used?

    OH, and it sounds as if “Tom” is in league with the very fuckers this article was about…

  37. Matt in MD says:

    I stumbled this article four and a half hours ago, and I haven’t been able to move on… I hadn’t heard ninety percent of these things!
    I may have been young when most of this happened, but even then I wondered why the rest of the world hates Americans (finding out has been a frustrating and infuriating process).
    As I’ve been reading, I’ve been looking things up that this site wasn’t going into… HOLY SHIT! The rabbit hole gets deeper the harder you look!
    That and the deadline for CODEX ALIMENTARIUS legislation is just around the corner (12-31-09).
    I just wonder if Edward Bernays would be proud that his ideas could be so effectively and widely used?

    OH, and it sounds as if “Tom” is in league with the very fuckers this article was about…

  38. Your spot on there! Good post.
    Well done!

  39. This is the most ridiculous site ever. You people are idiots. I’ll bet every single one of you who supports this bullshit owns hundreds of items that are made with petroleum products produced by oil companies, and buy their gas every week.

  40. the only one we have in Australia is Nestle ;D

  41. Mad Jayhawk says:

    Go to a Wal-Mart this weekend. Take a look around. Note who is shopping there. Ask yourself where would these people shop and buy low priced goods and food if they did not shop at Wal-Mart. Ask yourself what do you think the other stores in the area would be charging if Wal-Mart wasn’t there. Ask yourself where the people who work there would be working if that Wal-mart wasn’t there. Ask yourself how would the community replace the sales tax income they receive from the Wal-mart’s sales. A typical Wal-mart is clean, well-stocked, and has low priced goods. Why wouldn’t you want to shop there? Would you rather shop at stores that are so poorly run that they are out of so many of the things you want to buy that you have to go to another store or two to get want you need? Do you like shopping at dirty stores that are disorganized and are health hazards (look at the floors around the freezer sections or in the back rooms)? Do you like paying way too much for the things you need and use everyday? Are you stupid? The shoppers you see during your visit to Wal-mart aren’t. Why do liberals have problems with Wal-mart? Simple. They have bought into the union propaganda. Idiots.

  42. the nature of corporations is blindly seeking profits for its shareholders. THATS WHAT THEY DO. corporations are evil in and of themselves. the shareholders are detached. all they care about is their investment. corporations in general should be abolished. private owners of businesses are responsible to their EMPLOYEES….. not so with corporations. stock prices GO UP when corporations slash their employees. they should all be blown to hell.

  43. Kevin is right: corporations have ONE duty and that is to make money for its shareholders. Making money is fine and good, we all try our best at it daily, but we do it for ourselves and families. Corporate shareholders have their “day jobs” for those needs. Owning shares in a corporation is extra money.

  44. Reading some of these literally makes me sick… although with that being said, I’m not surprised by any of this. Wal-Mart is a terrible company, and working in a pharmacy, I can tell you first-hand just how terrible a company Pfizer is.

  45. thanks for giving me more items to add to my list of boycotts. though to be honest, I already knew most of them.

  46. I didn’t heard about monsanto before in my life but I did some research after I found this page. Incredibly monsanto epitomizes the true evil of corporations, Surprisingly uber-rich companies are allied with monsanto, this includes BASF, Kellogs, Unilever, Pepsi, possibly Coke and even Disney.
    It’s funny to notice, how many of the former monsanto cabinet members are now well acquainted in “good” organizations, for example the former CEO of Monsanto, is now the president of EPA. And unsurprisingly all current cabinet members are whites. I’m not being paranoical, but this seems way too strange, and coincidental.

  47. Despite political differences, and that many studies have been tampered to meet different interests, I wouldn’t want my water to have dioxin, even if it’s in non-toxic levels (while dioxin may not lead to cancer, it can lead to severe heart complications) and eventually it doesn’t matter if your community has a lot of PhDs, they aren’t worthwhile if no one is taking action to change this pollution. Unfortunately not much can be done with wal-mart, true it is that many employee problems are common in wal-mart, but the real danger is the way wal-mart helps other irresponsible organizations to flourish, for example half of the corn products you buy from wal-mart are from monsanto corn. True it is that many if not all the things we have in our homes are from these companies (I loved nestlé chocolate till today) but we can take responsible action by being a wise consumer, less packaging, opts for local products and of course Less consumption of useless stuff (how many kinds of soaps and detergents you have? you may only need one or two), and finally it doesn’t really matters if you’re republican or liberal or whatever, it matters because one day you may die because of some chemical intoxication (or worse), and you did nothing to prevent it.

  48. Well stated Alan..Many people who argue for Wal-Mart don’t realize the larger impact they have by selling the products of companies like Monsanto.I believe it is desperation and will full ignorance to believe that these companies have your best interest in mind.Another thing that people take for granted are their IRA’s when they let shareholders invest their money into systems that fuel some of the worst giants around.If you get an IRA make sure you can consult about and control your investments to meet the needs of your community and the planet or just invest directly into your community and screw the bank.I think Nestle is atrocious for what they do and the little picture of the family on the packaging put there I guess to promote some false standard of Christian family values goes to show how gullible these companies think people are,as if buying their product makes you a better Christian somehow and identifies you as being “family” oriented.

  49. In response to Beg to Differ, yes Sam Walton started out with great intentions to bring good product at fair prices to his neighbors in Arkansaw. If you look into the companies history all the eco and labor issues did not start untill Sams death when Wal-Mart became publicly traided and his children got greedy. While it is true that no one is forced, by traditional methods, to work at Wal-Mart those of us who do not have some fancy degree have little choice. And seeing the price of college tuition as it grows and rises beyond what many can afford without a second or third mortgage (or being a Wal-Mart CEO) that is where people are “forced” to work for corprate bastards like Wal-Mart! I worked for Wal-Mart for 3 years and when I became disabled and went back to work with a letter from my doctor sayng that I could no longer do my former job, they said to me, eaither do the job we gave you or quit! So I let them fire me and now have a pending law suite, they dont care about there workers like they used to.

  50. Wow Wal-Mart evil for trying to keep unions out??? I work at a big box store (as my 2nd job) and I have news for you, the job is not that hard. Stock shelves, help customers, clean shit up. I’m tired of workers bitching about their pay and benefits when they work a mindless job that anyone can do (note the 90 year old man or mentally handicapped guy greeting you at the door). They were put there because people were crying about how unfair it is that they wont hire these people, even thou no other store would, so they pay them to do nothing. Unions and worker self entitlement are destroying this country, see GM for reference. So fighting to keep out an organization who’s goal is to suck the blood out of the body that is feeding it is evil? Get a better job.

  51. And Meagan above is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Became “disabled” and expects here employer to give a shit. Why would they pay you when you can’t work your job, just because you need the money? That is what charities are for. Enjoy wasting money on a law suite.

  52. Quit your damn whining!! This is the way of the world today and you few crybabies aren’t going to change it.Get over it and take care of yourselves and your families and quit worrying about mine!

  53. THANK YOU so much for posting this! I really abhor this kind of corporatism and it MUST stop! Nature will not allow it to continue its course but we cannot wait until that happens…

  54. I am a hundred percent boycotting nestle…thats horrible i cant believe they lie to there customers like that and child labor…how horrible

  55. Meagan,
    – I don’t see how your health issue is related to Walmart, you would be in the same situation with any other company.
    – If a family can’t afford a decent education for their children, maybe they ought to do some family planning.

  56. Internet Nub says:

    Scott, it’s selfish thinking like that will lead to the end of the human spieces and many other creatures that live on this planet with us. We need to help our neighbors and communities and all the baby plants and animals who can’t defend themselves from the greed that has corrupted us humans.

  57. Internet Nub says:

    you my friend scott are the perfect example of a sheeple.

  58. GOOD FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW THIS STUFF. it is so important to be socially and environmentally conscious as a shopper.

    If you want to do something PLEASE get this book, it tells you the bad companies and provides great alternative brands!

    Only $10 online (free shipping!) and $9.95 at bookstores.

    Book title: The Better World Shopping Guide #2
    ISBN: 0865716307

  59. Wow…this was extremely informative! I had no idea these companies were that bad! It certainly has changed my mind about buying certain products! I wish I could quit walmart though. Their prices are just too good for most things! I can get all my son’s school clothing…a whole new wardrobe for 100.00! Where else can I do that? As far as their work ethics with hiring disabled people, those people who are door greeting?? They are mostly on workers compensation and they are paying them dirt! They were hurt on Walmart’s clock, but Walmart refuses to let them stay out on worker’s comp, so they make up jobs for them! My attorney told me this when I was recently put out on workers comp! Luckily I had a decent employer who after much consideration felt it was better for me to stay out on comp and continue to collect benefits, rather than cutting my pay and making me come back to work and making up a position for me! My husband worked for Sam’s Club in NC and they would make the employees who were scheduled from 11pm to 7 am wait until 12:01am to clock in on holidays so that they didn’t have to pay them 1 hr of holiday pay!!! They also fired him on his 3rd yr anniversary because they didn’t want to give him the raise they promised when they hired him!!! They are a piece of crap company!

  60. Brendan, from what I understand, Kimberly-Clark put a moratorium on destroying old-growth, virgin forests.

  61. Actually, in the US, corporations are required to value profits above anything else by law.

    Watch The Corporation (2003), it’s a fascinating documentary on this subject.

  62. Don’t forget the unpunnished war crimes of standard oil of new jersey (now exxon) with its links to IG FArben (xyclon B) and its supply via panama of products to nazi germany whilst the USA was at war. The directors excuse? “shareholder value comes first” They should of been put against a wall and shot!

  63. HP should be on that list

  64. These companies made your and thousands of poverty striken Americans’ standards of living sky rocket. This amount is uncomparable to the wealth gained by the CEO’s or what you call ‘corporate greed.’ Have a little respect for the unseen miracles of corporations. Help people yourself, don’t bitch about the system that creates wealth for everyone.

  65. Wait a second... says:

    You mean Exxon ONLY spent 300 MILLION dollars on clean energy research?
    What have you donated to the cause, Ms Rogers? I’m not sure an article with a ridiculous, even idiotic bias citing questionable sources, if any, is helping out those biofuel buds of yours.

    You mean Monsanto actually bought and CLEANED their polluted waterways?
    I shudder at the thought.

    You mean WallMart pays their unskilled and generally undereducated employees less than a doctor, or an engineer’s salary and treats them as the DISPENSABLE labour they are? HORRIBLE!

    You’re masterful at spinning stories, perhaps more than the companies you condemn. You should work for Bush.

  66. I have to wonder? What is the crime in a living wage? Besides the bottom line getting hurt? For those thinking unions have destroyed this country, I don’t think Wall Street and the business community have set the example either. We all are paying for the bail outs.

    Finally, if you ever had to stand on your feet work at Wall mart (or somplace worse) and break a sweat to earn $7.50 and hour and still not have enough money to live, your idea of Unions would change. Ps Please don’t double park the new Cadillac with the Mc Cain Sticker while shopping at Wallmart ,,, It will get scratched.

  67. Okay, one thing on the Pfizer antibiotic – those children would have certainly died without it. Meningitis LEADS to brain damage and arthritis, if the person even SURVIVES. Yes, they should have gotten parental consent, no question there, but how can you tell people trying to save dying children that ‘no, you can’t use this medication here that stands a decent chance of saving their lives’? Meningitis kills people all of the time, even in developed countries.

  68. Claude Miller says:

    You, and the rest of you Eco-Loonies need to find a life.
    Yes, injustices happen around the world, and mostly it is the inaction of those country’s governments that make these things happen.
    We, in Western Society have set in place remedies.
    Go after the governments of these cesspool countries.
    Opps, they’re probably third world Marxist regimes, and that would violate your left-wing agenda.

  69. Those bashing unions should do some research into working conditions of the early 20th century.

    I mean, sure, if you wanna work 14 hours a day from the time you hit 10 till you die for a meager wage that BARELY sustains you, get rid of the unions.
    You like your weekends off? Thank a union.
    You like your vacation time? Thank a union.
    You like your sick time? Thank a union.
    You like the 40 hour work week? Thank a union.
    You like a safe enviroment to work in? Thank a union.

  70. From an ethical stand point, I agree what these companies get away with is atrocious. But as long as what they do is within the letter of the law, then they are well within their right to practice business in such a manner. And finally from an investor stand point, after reading your report I’m seriously considering investing one or all of these companies. Why you may ask? Because from what I can tell all of these companies are poised to profit greatly from their business practices, which translates to increased stock price, and therefore more money in the investor’s (my) pocket.

  71. Great list. Just sucks that lots of these companies own so much or are stockholders/ affiliated with other corps that dominate. Avoiding them is ideal, but increasingly more difficult.

  72. you all sound like “O’Bama” supporters. Screw the people,, lets save the environment. That way we can ALL DIE, hungry, and cold. I say, lets let the “Enviromental Protection Agency” SAVE US ALL. Add a few more laws, no matter what the consequence. Can’t spray for bugs, can’t spray for weeds, can’t drink the water, can’t fish here, can’t hunt there, can’t cut this tree, can’t make a pond here, can’t drain this wetland, can’t, can’t, can’t,,, when you “city folk” get hungry enough, then you will wonder why. When you “tree huggers” get cold enough, you will wonder why. It’s ALL because of Wal-Mart, Monsanto, or “somebody else”,, NEVER you.

  73. I’ve worked with two employers (one a state agency and one a university lab) who have been dealing with DOW. Dow is a monster. They didn’t start that way, but there are so many contaminant advisories in the Saginaw Bay area and the residents are very concerned. Also, DOW bought out a few pieces of property around their plant and knocked the houses down because the soil contamination is so high. Also, Midland is a Dow-town and is the most depressing place I’ve ever been.

  74. It’s westernized and narrow-minded people like you, John, that cripple this world for your short term greed.
    Invest…get your money…go ahead…but it isn’t going to buy you happiness, or your children…grandchildren and their grandchildren, because (assuming you’re actually with someone who wants to conceive with you!) there won’t be a world to inhabit them.

  75. While I agree with a good many of the points made here, I also feel that the article is being a bit petty and looking for excuses to hate some of these companies. For example:

    Pfizer – yes, there is no excuse for them not seeking permission from the parents of the children in Nigeria. However, the children were critically ill with meningitis – a disease which often kills its victims and recovery from which can cause a host of neurological problems. Was it the experimental drug that caused the problems that the children are now suffering? Or are those problems a result of the meningitis itself and would have occurred had the child survived the disease without the drug? You are assuming cause and effect. How many children who did not receive the drug and were critically ill at that time, and survived, suffer the same effects? What is the percentage rate? What is the rate of survival of those that took the drug compared to those that did not? I am NOT excusing Pfizer for their irresponsibility in not seeking parental permission. That is inexcusable. I AM questioning your conclusions of the results of their actions.

    Wal-Mart – Okay, yes, I agree with almost everything that you have said about Wal-Mart. So why do I shop there? I am poor. My wife and I are living in a 1968 RV that we purchased for $400 (that is not street-worthy). I am disabled and she works part-time. Until more support services are available for those that are at, or below the poverty line, we will continue to look for the cheapest way to buy our products. Oh – and yes, I do pay for internet – it is my main source of social contact due to my disability. Without it, I would be nearly completely isolated. So,find us a reasonable alternative to Wal-Mart, please! Otherwise, we will continue to shop there.

    Exxon – One main point you blame Exxon for is that they ONLY spent $300 million on renewable energy sources over the last 10 years. Only?? Sure, $300 million is a small amount for Exxon, and they could do better, but $300 million IS STILL $300 million! It still buys the same amount of stuff! If a millionaire and a person who made $100,000 a year each spent $10,000 to buy computers for poor children, they would each buy the same number of computers for the same number of poor children (all other things being equal). Granted, the millionaire could have afforded to do more, but for the children, the end result is the same. This does not make either person more evil than the other. I am sure there are plenty of other things you can ding Exxon for without whining that they aren’t spending enough money in areas where we would rather they spent their money.

    Chevron – blaming them for what Texaco did before they bought Texaco? Come on. That’s like blaming me for what the driver of my RV did before I bought it. Did they drive drunk and hit a pedestrian? Did they dump their trash in a river? Even if I knew if they did those things, does that mean that I am guilty be association? Isn’t that what conservatives tried to say about Obama and William Ayers? Is that fair? Aren’t there more actions that Chevron has done as Chevron that you can blame them for? Or, at least support your Texaco argument. Tell me what percentage of Texaco senior management was retained as Chevron management. Was it a majority of them?

    I do recycle, purchase eco-friendly products when I can, purchase fair-trade, organic foods where they are available to me and I can afford them. I agree that a great deal of the actions on this page are reprehensible. But focus on what a company really did and don’t assume cause and effect or guilt by association. And don’t label a lack of spending in an area that we would like as a vice – instead, label the fact that they are spending there at all as a virtue and encourage it to increase!

    Just my opinion. Flame away.

  76. And something great that the majority of you do not know is that the mass media is corrupt and controlled. These companies that care only about money would lose lots of money if their atrocities were not all reported in the media. That’s where some more money comes into the picture. The media is controlled, and if you don’t believe that, you should read Reefer Madness: A History of Marijuana, by Larry Sloman. Because chances are, also, that you don’t know much about marijuana or its history. There’s also a chance that you both do not know much about marijuana AND that you do not know the mass media is corrupt. That’s the audience I’m aiming for, and hopefully I do some splash damage on others. Hahaha I’m pretty damn high oooo shiit. It’s raining outside.

    investor stand point, after reading your report I’m seriously considering investing one-

  77. All I have to say is : remember the “Exxon Valdez”, the $3oo million over ten years is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the insanely huge profits they make. Those multinationals only start to worry about people or the environment if they lose profits.
    Maya C

  78. ok. dyi. trade. grow vegetables and trade w/ neighbors. shop 2nd hand. see what you can give up/donate to others. share and learn skills. i decided i can’t just fill my head with the evils going on and get mad and rant about it, i’m entitled to the adventure of figuring out how i want to live. we can create new cultures, with our better values. just some thoughts.

  79. wow thats really sad

  80. If I am the CEO of Exxon, and I am being lambasted and vilified for ONLY investing $300 million in renewable energy over 10 years – instead of being praised for it and encouraged to do a lot better in the future – I have two choices – I can increase funding, which is not guaranteed to give me any more “good will” – or I can keep funding the same (or even reduce it) – which won’t change the opinions of those who are already lambasting my company.

    By using the $300 million as a reason to blast Exxon, I don’t see where we are giving them any encouragement to improve. Companies do things when they see an upside for their company. By blasting them for any investment short of some arbitrary amount that we might consider appropriate (which would be what? 10% of their profits? 25%? 50%? Could we ever agree?) we deny them encouragement to do more than throw out a token amount to use as a “bullet point” in their advertisements.

    If we were to show that we are willing to give some praise – even begrudgingly – for the amounts they invest in renewable energies – and that as those investments increase, our opinions of Exxon might start to change – that we might actually believe that the company can change and become one that cares about the environment – then we give them a *reason* to change that they can understand in a “corporate sense”.

    A corporation is like a teenager. If the teenager does the dishes while you are out – and you scream at them because they didn’t clean the whole kitchen, eventually they stop even doing the dishes because it gets them nowhere. But if you say thank you, but point out that there is more to helping out than just doing the dishes, sometimes you do get more than just the dishes done.

    No, it doesn’t always work. But what have we got to lose? Companies like Exxon are not changing with the way we are doing things right now. Wouldn’t that suggest that we try something different?

    NOTE: I am NOT saying to excuse their other actions – this is strictly focusing on how we approach their investment in renewable energy.

  81. two must reads are The Omnivore’s Dilemna by Michael Pollan and The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg, also recommend Marx’s Capital, very dense but outlines the origins of capitalism

  82. I am surprised only 1 pharmaceutical company has made it. Check out They report annually on the 10 worst companies of the year. Makes for interesting reading.

  83. You claim that Pfizer makes 50B in profits per year. This is false. No company has ever been more profitable than Exxon which made only 40B in 2007.

    You might mean 50B in revenue, but revenue does not equal profits.

  84. Hey hawk your full of crap. The 300 million is what you are required to do. Stop jerking your own chain. And before you lie again about who you are and what you do you should research the subject. You’re an idiot and liar and you are detrimental to those around you. Maybe you should rethink your ideals or move away and live off the land of you own accord. Come on, pull yourself up by you bootstraps and stop living off civilization (socialism as you would call it). Get out there in the wild and show us by example how to provide for yourself.

  85. i hope this helps wit the mind set of people but i chose my first career job after doing business degree at non profit which pays me 15k less a year than these corps but ive never been so excited going to work

  86. i am astonished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I will boycott all these companies if someone can post a list of what I am not supposed to buy. I have no idea which bottled water, candy bar, cereal, etc is manufactured by Nestle, or what medicine Pfizer produces, or who the heck Monsato is and what they produce that I might buy at OSH.

  88. So what do you suggest we do? i don’t think just boycotting these products is very effective, rallies and protests just annoy people.

    Is there any answers?

  89. The rise of poor people’s income is a farce. It all became more expensive, it’s inflation at its core, and it’s like the beggar in the streets: it’s a handout not a structurally helping hand. The only one who were paid more than generous are those doing nothing and yes, it’s their job to make money for their shareholders.
    So, beware were your shares come from or dump them immediately and invest in greener companies and consume less to reduce emissions. None of these companies make anything if the people won’t have it. Don’t worry about economy crisis, just transfer your wallet. This is the time for change.

  90. SUSAN,
    the manufacturer is usually stated on the package. But it will take some research to learn it, because big corporates own many names.(and some bettered themself in time!)There is an add-on with Mozilla ‘Know More’. This can help you starting.

  91. Very well written. Most of these have been in the media getting bad reps, but I didn’t know about Nestle. Luckily, I stopped drinking bottled water a long time ago.

  92. Please some1 tell me why some of these comments are still affected by the US communist propaganda..

  93. Hey “hating socialism”, so you think that no one is forcing people to work at Walmart eh? How ignorant are you? Why don’t you explain to the small business who are run out of bushiness by Walmart and then to pay the bills, the only job left is Walmart, in some small towns. So take you red neck attitude some place else.

  94. Bayer anyone?

  95. All we need to dismantle these corporations is SELF CONTROL and the ability to THINK CRITICALLY. Corporations (and the government) want the public to stay stupid and lazy so we don’t interfere with (or object to) their initiatives. Questioning authority, protesting, boycotting, investigating, and debating are all at the heart of democracy.

    WAKE UP. This world is falling apart.

    The challenge we face today is making people aware of these atrocities, which is all this article was trying to accomplish. Forums like this are also helpful, but what will truly make a difference is our PURCHASING POWER.

    The writer of this article doesn’t need to provide us with information about how to take a stand, because it’s obvious how you can take a stand: TREAT YOUR MONEY LIKE A BALLOT AND STOP BUYING. The only way these organizations will restructure themselves is if they’re losing money. Sadly, that seems to be the only motivation for change. Corporations today are delusional about their responsibilities and completely void of soul.

    Never let disappointment stop you.

    It’s up to us to shut them down and start over.

    Be willing to deny yourself certain things for the sake of a cause. Care enough about humanity and the environment to do a little research before you make purchases. The Western world has become so accustomed to instant gratification that all patience and consideration has gone out the window. We need to harness our technology and intelligence responsibly.

  96. Nice to see this article.
    From my experience me too bring the nestle baby foods for my sisters doughter.But at that days i dont have idea about the seriousness of this.
    Some countries like USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA ect are banned these product but in our countries it should be difficult task and the other thing is that unfortunately people are unknown about their side effects .

    Not only Nestle, the multinational companies like Coca cola and Pepsi etc also doing this things.
    Be should aware about it.

  97. how come monsanto can hurt people and get away with it.

  98. Thank you for your explanation. There really useful information.

  99. I grew up in the Vietnam era, and remember napalm so vividly. Boycotting Dow. And now, so many years have gone by and Dow is still poisoning people! I thought for sure, after all the photos of children being napalmed, they would stop all that stuff. I’m horrified that they haven’t.


  100. Monsanto, Union Carbide,…. etc get away with all the crimes they committ because they are partners in crime with the military industrial complex of the USA!Civilians in every democracy should put pressure on their respective governments to ban business of any business firm ever associated with the military/intelligence/industry conplex of what so ever country.

  101. See what The Chemical Bigshots Are doing To Our Planet And Our Kids. Where Are Our Leaders?

  102. kevin mundy says:

    Hi guys,

    I was curious to know what people think in the US about the BP spill. Here in the UK we are appalled by this Transnational corporation – not a British Company, 39% US owned and with double the numer of employees in the US (20,000) than UK. However we are equally appalled by the hypocracy coming out of the US. Oil companies are woefully unethical and US companies are much worse thn BP. Take Exonmobil in the Niger Delta where, believe it or not a spill there cuased by… yep you got it a ruptured pipeline has spilt considerbly more oil into this very very poor part of the world with out any criticsim. The leak has been much worse and much more prolonged. As for the BP lobbying of the release of the Lockerbie bomber, where was the criticsim of Halliburton during the biuld up to the Iraq war or the lobbying by US oil companies against global warming international agreements. I am not in anyway justifying BP, they like the rest of the oil companies suck, but I am deeply angered by the hypocracy eminating from the US about “profit before poeple”. As far as I am concerned US companies are some of the worst in the world, and it angers me that this double standards can exist. My heart goes out to the people of the Gulf, but also it goes out to the people in the Niger delta, and those in Bhopal where United Carbides gas leak killed thousands. what we need is international solidarity against these companies and the politicians who defend them and serve their interests! Why is the Truth so hard to find in the public domain these dyas, our media sucks!

  103. kevin mundy says:

    Just to add, when I speak of those in the US, I mean politicians and those who know the reality of globalisation such as media pundits etc. I do not mean the the averge Joe in the US, so please anyone from the US do not take this as a dig against your citzens.

  104. Chances are, I’ll be employed by one of these companies when I get out of college. Hooray chemical engineering!

  105. There is a book that teaches non- violent but aggressive activist strategies for dissolving
    large corporations, breaking up coalitions, and forming campaigns against local environmental and social problems.

    It costs $12.00, it’s 200 pages, and you can find it at:

    It’s written with the intent of enabling people who want to see the world change into something better. e-mail me if you have any questions.

  106. You know what, I’m not going to argue about anything stated here. But I work for Walmart and they are the kindest people I have ever worked for, and I have never been asked to work over my hours and if we try to work when we’re not on the clock we get into trouble, it’s literally against company policy.
    And in all honesty, for those working at Walmart, these are just people that need a paycheck, any paycheck and unions really could care less about those people. If you’re in a career, then yes, join a union, but if it’s a job, which is all Walmart is for most, a union is absolutely pointless.

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  109. Ok, so, everyone stop using all these products.
    Problem sovled.
    If it all was that bad, then the people in countries affected wouldn’t be using the oil/products of the “evil” companies. I want there to be a better future for the world, but sitting in your own piss and shit moaning about how the “evil” companies made it all this way isn’t helping. You all started using their products, more and more, and they had to make more, for YOUR benefit. and this is what happened. Resort to the basics, get off of your high horse, and stop being complete pussies about how everything is effecting our planet and its not your fault.

  110. Is ANYONE going to blame the US govt (and voters who elect them) for tossing the laws on monopolies etc intended to keep companies small and allow oversight? Or the fact that we don’t get accurate info on politicians debts to companies who in funding campaigns are really purchasing candidates? We don’t have a democratic govt. We have a corporate owned and operated govt that let’s us pick which of their slaves will serve as mascot.

  111. leslieAnandez says:

    Check out my promo video on the importance of educating kids on climate change —>

  112. Valentino says:

    Monsanto is the incarnation of evil. Fruits and vegetables no more taste as well as they did a decade ago. Moreover, we don’t know how much chemicals we get as complimentary.

    Also add Qualcomm, which aims to control the world’s telecom industry, unethically.

  113. Good work here. Please would you add Coca Cola to the list. They are polluting the health of the worlds people with their toxic products, and their bottles are littering the planet .(You want to eliminate obesity in USA- ban Coke and all the other poisonous sodas!!!)

  114. Has anyone been following this?!?! “BP asks judge to toss Montana lawsuit over cleanup” ttp://

  115. BlueCollarCritic says:

    Its now “Global Climate Change” and “Susatinability”. They had to change the pitch because of the Global warming scam has been so openly exposed now as being fraudulent. The good news for those who still worship Climate Change is that the new angle, Sustainability, is picking up speed and finding many followers willing to buy into the line that we must off ourselves for the planet.

    How can you be so knowledgeable about Monsanto and these other evil corporations and still blindly follow the Climate Change scam, a con thats being lead by many of these same evil corporate giants?

  116. J. Anthony Carter says:

    And just where the F&#K is the “Government” in all of this? Fining these corporations millions of dollars for killing, maiming and mutilating people is like giving crack to junkies who show up for their court dates.
    The heads of these corporations need to go to prison or be sentenced to death for their greed and murderous operating policies!
    Where the F&#K is the “Government” in all of this?
    These corporations need to be fined crippling amounts of money, ordered to clean up any and all disasters, spills, and environmental destruction and STILL be sent to prison with the knowledge that the next time they’ll be dismantled… PERIOD!!!

  117. BlueCollarCritic says:

    “Where the F&#K is the “Government” in all of this” . The government is exactly where its paid to be, in the back pocket of GLOBAL CORP, the derogative name for any of the many global corproate entities that are on thislist as well as many not on teh list but deserving of the list.

    So long as corporations are legally allowed to pay off government officials ( allowed to pay politcians with bribes via lobbying) nothing will change save for the channel on that boob tube that so many zombies (like Tom who commentd above and called us all hippy morrons ) are glued to. I bet Tom couldtell us every winner from every season of dancing for the bob tube zombies but hasn;t the first clue who his elected representative is. Thats becasue Tom is a properly conditioned slave of the system.

  118. #1: Halliburton. Watch “Iraq for Sale.”

  119. I find it absurd and difficult to understand how you can write about these corporations and admit you are ‘fashion and beauty obsessed!’
    The cosmetic and fashion industry are very detrimental for the female on the planet. Not only do these industries suggest that ‘women’ need to focus on what they LOOK like in order to be ‘successful,’ in order to [hopefully] be loved and approved of, which btw we KNOW doesn’t even work, since violence against women is rampant and part of the status quo, but products out of these industries are also causing physical illnesses, because of the chemicals and you may THINK or say you are using natural products, for example, because of the way they are advertised to entice, but IF these products have more than a few ingredients and IF you can’t spell or understand the words in the ingredients, FORGET IT! Our clothing are poisoning us. I agree with the one comment that he just wants to live and be happy. Our world has turned into a MESS that obviously is SO compromised and ridiculous that not only do we NOT know who to fight or what to believe, but we don’t WANT to know or believe any of the dis-order because we would have to completely dismantle or lives, face our waste and consumptions and CHANGE. what a concept!

  120. It is depressing to see what these companies get away with and no one seems large enough to change anything. Is nothing valued or safe anymore? It is seriously time to make these large corporations pay for what they have done or close their doors. Remove government representatives that have worked for these corporations and replace them with people who will actually do something. We, as a people, need to stay informed and boycott these companies to whatever extent we possibly can.

  121. Dubbs 900 says:

    About Stephanie Rogers
    Stephanie Rogers is a fashion- and beauty-obsessed freelance writer with an abiding love for kale and organic wine, living in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Seriously! this qualifies her to copy and paste completely unsubstantiated information. I am not suggesting that there isn’t some truth in this information by if you simply read this and believe it based on her bio and having absolutely no information to back up anything she has in this article is just plain stupid. If you choose to believe this person then don’t wonder why other people believe what is written by scientists from these same companies. At least they might have some sort of education and research behind what they are saying instead of regurgitating drivel from other unscientific sources.

    Hey, if you are thirsty drink some tap water. The government spends billions of tax dollars to ensure it is clean to drink and yet so many of you have read “articles” that tell you that bottled water is safer. Most if the bottled water you drink comes from city taps so you are paying for it twice. Its like someone telling you to breathe air from a bottle that they just filled from the parcel of air you are standing in because it is better for you…and you believe it because you are incredibly gullible.

    Please don’t just listen to some uneducated nut job who copy and pastes poorly researched articles written by people who simply have an agenda.

  122. David Mayer Rod Scheild ” When the tower of London falls as the Tower Paris it will be all over with tyrants. All the people joining one nation, a brotherhood of man & the great architect (Gaia the all consciousness of the all the we are all a part of the collective of itself , As Plato. Aristotle, Rousse, Weishaupt, all new we are one to the universe and to the Earth that open her womb s to spread forth life . Life is a gift from the creator: We hold this gift which includes others. this gift is physical intellect, and moral life of he balance of all. Life cannot maintain itself alone . the creator entrusted us as the new watchers gifted with the responsibility to main balancing, preserving, perfecting and maintaining balance. What happened Weishoupt left this in your hands & all you have down & your bloodline is pervert the great idea of natural life. We never needed to use fossil fuel as the caveman after the deluge that first. knocked out all great knowledge. As Great minds that were not sheep! As Black Sabbath said( Generals gathered in their masses,
    just like witches at black masses.
    Evil minds that plot destruction,
    sorcerer of death’s construction.
    In the fields the bodies burning,
    as the war machine keeps turning.
    Death and hatred to mankind,
    poisoning their brainwashed minds…Oh lord yeah!

    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah!

    Now in darkness, world stops turning,
    ashes where the bodies burning.
    No more war pigs have the power,
    hand of god has struck the hour.
    Day of judgement, god is calling,
    on their knees the war pigs crawling.
    Begging mercy for their sins,
    Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…Oh lord, yeah)!

  123. Kalingag, Jeremaiah A. says:

    Well i don’t have much to say about this article, but ill try to make it as meaningful as possible. Well for starters i’m not gonna say that we should form a group and try to close the business, we cant because its a huge company with power and second some of the companies provide the basic need of people. So what should we do? in my opinion, we should at least convince the companies the Harm they to the environment and also to human rights, how you may ask? through social media. Though a companies purpose is to make a profit, but at least can we make profit and help contribute to the environment and to other people.

  124. Keem Erry Limutan says:

    It is not proper to risk lives and destroy nature for company’s own sake. As the quote says ” When all trees are cut down, when all the animals are dead, when all the waters are poisoned, when all the air is unsafe to breathe. Only then you will discover, you cannot eat money.” Everything we have in this earth is limited. Yes, we all need money for us to live, but we must learn to be responsible in everything we do. In every single thing we do, it will have a big impact around us. Let us all be responsible.

  125. Ma. Christine Pulgueras says:

    I took me 1 hour to read this article but i it was all worth it after i read this. I’m very disappointed and depressing about the 7 irresponsible companies that affect our environment. They are not aware on what is happening right now. That they are destroying our mother nature. They always want to earn profit and not concern for other people. Like Pfizer company we all know that they save lives. But in todays incident theyre the reason why in african there’s air and water pollution.

  126. Robin Hood I and II – Get Payback 5 and 25 times while
    in Last Stand. 0) are earned by earning certain Ribbons over and over a certain number of times.

    Anze Kopitar (1-0=1) scored his 21st goal of the season and has
    seven points (3-4=7) in the last six games.

  127. EM Fernandez says:

    Posts such as this always puts a tear in my eyes, when humanity is in the position of shaping this world to what it needs it is also capable of destroying it for what it wants.

    it is not just the companies that is at fault but the individuals that work within. living their lives and seeing only to what their hands can reach not going past the horizon of possibilities of what they can accomplish for the betterment of the world.

    as humanity only has been aware of its own existence in this planet we have consumed and still do so at an alarming rate, far more than one individual should in their lifetime.

    I do hope the individuals will soon become aware of the folly of its own seeming immortality of want and greed.

    keep up the good work and continue on creating awareness to individuals out there.

  128. It’ѕ realⅼy a cool and useful pіeϲe of
    information. І am happy that you just shared this useful info wіth us.

    Please stay us up to date like tһis. Thank уou for sharing.

  129. It’s nice that you are creating awareness and interested. Sadly the world simply does not care, and the authorities, and professionals, and regulatory bodies ate the very criminals themselves who are protected by lavishly paid lawyers and predators.

  130. Along with this list I also would like to add adani chemical and mining to this list. They put human and sea lives into danger for their benefit.

  131. Haѵe you ever thought ɑbout wгiting an e-book or guest authoring
    on othᥱr sites? I have a blog cеntered on the samе ideas you discuss and would love
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    to shoot me an e-mail.

  132. It’s nice to expose and talk about Multi-National Corporations like “Profits without Borders”, but no one has the Gall, Guts, or Chutzpah to EXPOSE and CRITICIZE the Military INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, their Executives and EXECUTORS, their WORKFORCE, their INVESTORS, their SHAREHOLDERS, their PROFITABILITY, and BONUSES, and PERKS, and the PILES and HEAPS of DEAD BODIES that they CREATE ! The Real VAMPIRES and CANNIBALS.

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