Leanne Marshall's New Eco Friendly Collection at BlueFly

That’s Leanne on the right!

Project Runway 5 (and Eco Chick fave) Leanne Marshall is debuting her eco friendly line for Bluefly today!

Check it out; gorgeous stuff with Leanne’s signature flair for color and drape. There are nine pieces in all, which range from $98-$990. The two tops, the skirt, and jacket are bamboo, organic linen, and tencel, and the dying method is earth-responsible too. The gown is not made from ecofriendly materials.

Check out a video interview I did with Leanne here.


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  1. We’re all gaining speed together, might as well enjoy the ride.
    Nice fashion find.

  2. Great to see fashion lines going green. I’ve found this new technology called AirDye that virtually eliminates all water use from the dyeing and printing process. Fashion designers have already started using it in their lines, such as JulieApple bags, Miss Peaches swimwear, A Lot To Say T-shirts, and more. They can all be found at blog.airdye.com. I’d love to see a feature on this.

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  4. @Jessica – Thanks for the mention!!!! I hope to see a feature too. I am working on new prints all the time.

  5. Check out my Etsy store at 4jan…You will see some really great eco-friendly fabric gift bags. Use them instead of your usual paper wrapping, for gifts. They are re-usable and pretty!!!

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