Romping About in Samantha Pleet's Fall, 2009 Collection


Designing since 2005, Samantha Pleet was quickly recognized as an up-and-coming designer, earning her a collection with Urban Outfitters called Rapscallion.

Now, Samantha has gone ecofriendly, and her Fall, 2009 collection is locally made in New York City (Samantha lives in Brooklyn) and her factory is powered by wind! Fall collection pieces include organic cotton and organic wool and definitely has that hipster/piratey wenchy/magical thing going on.

Samantha Pleet’s Romper and Jumpsuit are available at Kaight, whose blog first alerted me to this fab designer.

Now I know what I’ve been missing my whole life! A gorgeous cape to wander through the woods in, with purple piping to delight. This one is made from organic wool.

The ruffle detail around the hips of this dress makes it sweetly sexy and very flattering by accentuating the waist and hiding the bum.

Perfect jumper for exploring the wilds of autumn, and could be worn with thick tights and high boots on mild winter days too. The military button detail is just exactly right.

Simple is as simple does.

All images by Jacqueline Di Milia from Samantha Pleet’s Fall, 2009 Collection.

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  1. That cape is marvelous! What an amazing color. It must be the wrap, but that last pic reminds me of Edie Bouvier Beale.

    I love the idea of a cape and long gloves, such as on this model:!.shtml

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