Humor in Global Warming? Yes.


From the August 24, 2009 issue of The New Yorker

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  1. Sad but true! It kind of echoes what might be going on in more people’s minds too.. except instead of ice, we are lacking time. And all of this feeds back into the idea that we need to work more, so we can take time off, and in the end… the ice is still melting. Oy.

  2. It did make me chuckle. 🙂 The plight of the polar bears is not funny though. Anything that brings into peoples consciousness is fantastic and perhaps reminds them to do more for the environment.

  3. Agreed, but sometimes we all need a laugh, and if we can’t laugh, we really ARE doomed.

  4. I saw this thought provoking video-short this morning on Getty Images – “Living Green – Visionary” it’s a must see.


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