Nicole Bridger's Eco Fashion from the Heart: Autumn, 2009 Collection

Visceral White Shirt Lust: the perfectly overlong sleeves, the gently gathered neckline (oh-so-flattering) and the dropped armholes. It couldn’t be any better.

“I called this season ‘perspective,’ ” says Canadian eco fashion designer Nicole Bridger, of her Autumn, 2009 collection. This past year has shifted the lens for many of us, and it is a designer’s job to echo what’s happening both culturally and personally in her creations, which Nicole has done beautifully.

Calls to mind evenings by the fire, while reading A.S. Byatt’s “Possession” and drinking Earl Grey. Pairs wonderfully with a white button-down as shown here.

“I realised I’m all about neutrals, greys, creams, and browns [this year]. They just work and its what I like,” says the designer. These colors are also about sobriety and will stand the test of time; pairing them with a shock of color (a scarf or bold bracelet) will anchor them well in this Fall’s styles.

Leggings, an oversize shirt and biker boots. What could be more sublimely simple for Autumn dressing?

“The world is a beautiful place and I’m inspired by things around me, things I see when I travel, and nature,” Nicole explains about her latest collection. She’s not only inspired by the natural world, she keeps her impact on the planet in mind at all times. Her entire collection is made of sustainable organic fabrics and manufactured ethically.

This tunic would be gorgeous over skinny jeans and a slim-cut knit base layer in a bright color (red!) which would peek out from the oversize armholes, calling the attention of those who want to know what’s around the next corner.

“This year, the space [that inspires me] is in my heart. I get inspired by life lessons I’m learning,” she says.

Easy and sharp at the same time, this cardigan makes your day automatically more cozy on the inside while not looking a bit sloppy outside. Could you wear it with nothing underneath for conservative sexy? Definitely.

Nicole uses organic supima cottons and organic wools. The designer takes sustainable wool seriously; not only must the fabric not be treated with pesticides, but the humane treatment of sheep is also a consideration (sheep shearing is notoriously violent and bloody).

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  1. Simply cool designs. Loved the simple colours and designs!
    The pictures are awesome! Good work..

  2. beautiful!! Nicole never ceases to amaze me.

  3. looks so amazingly chic and comfortable!

  4. I love the clothes plus the fact that it is eco friendly is an added points.

  5. I like how Nicole’s designs express the simplicity of nature. It’s always nice to argue sustainability with a touch of elegance on your side!

  6. Maria Eugenio says:

    Absolutly adore this collection, very sophisticated but casual! Please tell me the collection’s on sale?!

  7. I absoloutly love this collection, gosh cant wait to get my hands on it, and with the accessories i have to go with it wow, it’s gonna look fantastic, let me know where there gonna be selling.

    Take care,

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