Hot Latin Calendar Draws Attention to Climate Change, Extinction, Conservation

Puerto Rican Alessandra Rampolla embodies global warming as the January image for the Ecological Footprint calendar.

As reported by Treehugger, the Ecological Footprint calendar is a collaboration between the Azara Foundation and fashion photog Gaby Herbstein to raise awareness of global environmental issues. Super-creative and totally gorgeous shots, all! Very 2010.

See the other 10 images on the calendar on Treehugger.

Carla Peterson is a famous Argentinian actress and here stylishly (or garishly? Either way it’s a fun image) represents water pollution.

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  1. Not garish at all!
    What a great picture!
    Seems to me she represents kind of a future person drinking a glass of water.
    Thats our destiniy, polluted water if we continue this way.

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