New York Fashion Week Greenshows: Gary Harvey's Literal Take on Recycled Fashion

Gary Harvey Recycled Fashion F/W 2010
Dress created from Weleda boxes. Image by Brian Clark Howard.

Gary Harvey’s show kicked off the Greenshows last week, and his extremely creative use of materials included recycling Weleda (Greenshows sponsor) boxes, t-shirts, baseball jackets, rugby shirts and more. Designer Harvey didn’t just reuse materials though; he really incorporated their former distinctive style elements in his new creations. The detailed beadwork in wedding dresses, the binding of the baseball jackets, the shape of the Weleda packaging all influenced what the new dresses looked like.

Fashion is about more than making a statement, and more than just putting clothes on in the morning. With these dresses Harvey makes a point about life cycle; that every object we come in contact with has a life before it gets to us and after we use it.

Gary Harvey Recycled Fashion F/W 2010
This dress is made from reused pieces of the Financial Times.

Gary Harvey Recycled Fashion F/W 2010

Gary Harvey Recycled Fashion F/W 2010
T-shirts clutter up our closets, Goodwill, and landfills, but here they are reused in a graphic dress.

Gary Harvey Recycled Fashion F/W 2010
These were once rugby shirts, and now they are a gorgeously colorful gown.

Gary Harvey Recycled Fashion F/W 2010
My favorite dress, made from old satiny baseball jackets.

All images by Starre Vartan except where noted.

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